Survival Server Testing and TODO - 1.6.1 Update

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Survival Server Testing and TODO - 1.6.1 Update

Postby EagleRock » Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:09 am

Master 1.6.1 Survival Server TODO List

IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE TESTING PROCESS: To those of you who wish to help me with setting up the server, this is the big giant list of testing and configuration I have to do before the server will be ready for gameplay.

Please note that the server is located at All Staff Members are automatically whitelisted for testing help. If you want to get whitelisted to help out, please speak to me about it. Thanks!

NOTE TO TESTERS: I have provided links to pertinent websites/wikis/command references for every plugin. Click the name of the plugin for the site! I've also color coded stuff to make it easy to figure out the status:
  • RED: Waiting on me. Nothing you guys can do yet.
  • ORANGE: Partially waiting on me, but there's still some stuff you can test.
  • YELLOW: Waiting on the staff. Usually testing or confirmation of bugs.
  • GREEN: Tested and ready to go!

Completely Tested Apps/Plugins

Updated plugins that require testing

Partially Updated Plugins


Plugins Not Updated

Core Server:
  • The Minecraft server itself
  • Craftbukkit (on a Beta build, but it works)

  • Need to update - dev builds available

  • Need to update - dev builds available

Multiverse Core Mod:
  • Unsure if I need to update

  • Could be ok...need to verify if there are new versions

  • Need to check

  • Appears to be working, need to check

  • Broken. Needs new build.

LWC (Lightweight Chest Protection):
  • Might be ok...needs checking

  • Might be ok...need to check

Anti X-Ray
  • Might be ok...need to check

  • Broken, needs new items to work right

  • Needs update to not despawn horses.....

  • Appears to be ok...need to check

  • Appears to be ok...need to check

  • Appears to be ok...need to check

Dynmap (Dynamic Map including plugins for WorldGuard and Essentials)
  • Not updating until rollout is complete

Population Density
  • Appears to be ok...need to check

  • Appears to be ok..need to check

  • Appears to be ok, but n eeds update for new data values

ChestShop (formerly known as iConomyChestShop)
  • Appears to be ok, need to check.

  • Broken completely. Throws exceptions and Java errors. Needs update.

Tested or Fixed Bugs and Issues
    Bug Statuses:
    • OK - Not a bug, or the behavior is fine.
    • FIXED - Bug has been fixed and the fix is confirmed.
    • NOBUG - Reported bug is not confirmed and shows okay behavior.
    • NOFIX - There is no fix for this bug, but it is okay for rollout.
  • None yet!

Active Buglist
    Bug Statuses:
    • FIXTEST - A potential fix is in place and needs testing.
    • IRREPLICABLE - A reported bug that was unable to be reproduced. Needs steps to reproduce or will be closed.
    • FIXING - Being fixed by EagleRock.
    • CONFIRMED - Confirmed by EagleRock, requires work to fix.
    • UNCONFIRMED - Bug is reported, but not confirmed by more than one person.
  • None yet!

Other Required Testing and Setup

Master Changelist for Rollout (for Eagle's Reference)

Initial Test Environment Prep and Sanitizing:
  • rm -rf aquilia.test
  • cp -ar aquilia.test
  • mod to test params
  • Purged dl dir of old versions and all test files left around in main dir
  • Purged root dir of server.log files and backup map directories
  • Purged plugins dir of unused .jar files
  • Created sanitized versions of CoreProtect and FrameProtect dbs
  • Disabled dynmap completely (will update post-rollout)
  • Server runs fine on 1.5.2 as test environment - DONE

Master Changelist for Rollout:
  • ./minecraft_server.jar
  • ./craftbukkit.jar

Master Edit List for Rollout:
  • ./ - update version
  • ./plugins/Essentials/motd.txt - update blog date
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Re: Survival Server Testing and TODO - 1.6.1 Update

Postby Openminded » Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:36 pm

I have tested and confirmed the server is not on version 1.6.1.

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