Making a Ban Appeal

If you were banned on Eagleworld, you can appeal it here.

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Making a Ban Appeal

Postby EagleRock » Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:19 am

Eagleworld Ban Appeals

First off, if you are considering coming back to Eagleworld, we have instituted this Ban Appeal process to give people a second chance to prove they should be allowed back to the server. I'd like to thank you for showing interest in getting unbanned. Follow the steps below and you will be on your way!

To start the Ban Appeal process, make a new thread in this forum entited "Ban Appeal - Username," using your username of the Minecraft account that was banned (e.g. "Ban Appeal - EagleRock1337"). Copy and paste the snippet below and fill it in. Fill in approximate dates if you don't have exact ones. Note that if you were banned before the latest Survival Server iteration, you do not have a waiting period to make your appeal and can do so right away:

Code: Select all
Date when I joined Eagleworld:
Date when banned:
Appeal waiting period (if given):
Rank when banned:
Reason for ban (as given by staff):
Reason for ban (in my own description):
My explanation for the behavior (as lengthy as needed):

Why I should be allowed back to Eagleworld (as lengthy as needed):

Best ways to contact me (Skype, AIM, etc.):

There is no minimum amount you need to write for your appeal, but longer is better. Remember you only get one shot at this, and taking the time to voice your reasoning will look better than only writing a sentence or two.

Once your appeal is submitted

Once your appeal is done, a staff member will overlook your application and let you know if something is missing. If everything is in good order, a staff member will let you know that we have accepted your application and that it is under consideration. Please be patient, as it might take us some time to fully look over your appeal.

If we have questions, we will post them in your ban appeal thread or contact you via the methods you gave us. Once a decision is made, you will be notified in your appeal thread.

If your appeal is accepted

You will be allowed back in the server and will be given a clean slate. However, you must start from the beginning. If you have not yet played on the latest Survival Server, you must go through the Initiation and start ranking up again. If you have already gone through an initiation, you can bypass that and start again as Apprentice. You will get to keep any structures still on the server, but will need to regain any Talons you have earned. Depending on the case, you might have items taken away from you as well.

Thanks again for showing your continued interest in Eagleworld, and good luck on your appeal!
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