New Town Policies

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New Town Policies

Postby EagleRock » Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:49 am

New Town Policies

The idea of official towns and Townymod is one that has caused differentiating opinions. Some people like the camaraderie that towns provide (Sanctus), while others prefer to play on their own in the wilderness (Radio). Most people seem to lie on one side of the fence or the other.

Good news is I think my proposed town policies will answer both sides of this argument and make both groups happy. I'll talk through it from people who have no interest in towns to building up a town on Eagleworld:

Wilderness Builds

First off, if you do not want to deal with towns at all, you're in luck. There's no penalty for staying away from towns, and building in the wilderness is welcomed. Be a hermit, design your own secluded castle, you name it. At a certain rank (Artisan or above), you'll even be able to protect a wilderness plot using WorldGuard. Loners have never had it better on Eagleworld, so have fun!

Town Perks

However, if you like the idea of a town, you're in luck as well. While there's no penalty for building in the wilderness, here are the perks available to you if you found a town:

  • Protection against unfriendly mobs in town
  • Automatic health regeneration while in town limits
  • Granular control over who gets to build in your town
  • Individual plots for your citizens
  • Citizens have control over who can build on their plot as well
  • A town spawn point that all of Eagleworld can use
  • Highways built next to or through the town
  • Town connected to the subway system
  • A special forum on the Minecraft Forums specifically for your town

As you can see, a lot of the old perks from the old-school Eagleworld are back, but plenty of new ones are around too!

Founding a town is a lot easier as well, as you no longer need to get pre-approval to do so. Since building in the wilderness is open and free, you can easily build your own unofficial town as well. Unofficial towns will be called Settlements, and Settlements are eligible to become official towns on Eagleworld once they fulfill certain requirement. Here are the different town ranks and how to get them:


Building a settlement is easy as picking a spot and getting started. You can team up with other members of Eagleworld to start designing and planning your town. Once you fulfill the requirements, you can apply for official town status on the Help Desk Forum. Here are the requirements for official status:

  • Mayor is Artisan rank or higher
  • A minimum of three members pledging to join the town (that are not currently in a town)
  • A town name, town theme, and one paragraph worth of ideas for the town's future
  • A selected area to start the town, with plenty of space for improvement
  • A home for every citizen, and plots for future citizens planned/ready
  • A decently sized town hall (16x32) with clearly posted town rules

Once these requirements are fulfilled and an application is filed, an Administrator will evaluate your application and approve it if ready. If not ready, the Admin will advise you on what you need to do to qualify.


When the application is approved, you gain Village status. Villages get the following benefits:

  • Official Towny status
  • All Townymod privileges
  • A server-wide warp to a location (either in or near town) of the Mayor's choosing
  • A connection to the Eagleworld highway system

The village can now start claiming Towny plots and developing the town, in preparation for qualifying for Township. The requirements for Township are as follows:

  • A minimum of five citizens, all with completed homes
  • A road system of the Mayor's choosing, which connects in some way to the highway system
  • A public workshop, which includes furnaces, workbenches, chests, and an incinerator
  • Some form of renewable food source for the citizens, such as a farm, animal pen, etc.
  • One additional public building of the Mayor's choosing
  • Enough town plots to accomodate new citizens
  • An allocated plot for a subway station in or next to town, adjacent to the highway
  • More detailed plans on the future of the town

Once the requirements are fulfilled, another application can be created on the Help Desk Forum for consideration for promotion to Township.


Once promoted to Township, the town will get the following perks:

  • A forum dedicated specifically to the town
  • A subway station in or near town connected to the rail network
  • Bonus plots for additional town allocation/expansion

Townships are considered "Full Towns" on the server, and get full town rights. However, a town can rank up again in similar fashion to City if the fulfill the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 8 citizens, all with completed homes
  • At least one assistant of Artisan rank or higher
  • Public enchanting resources, including an enchanting table (with bookshelves), anvil, brewing stands, cauldrons, and a water source.
  • Two additional public buildings of the town's choosing, besides the ones previously mentioned


Once the town is considered a Borough, it is eligible for the following benefits:

  • Additional bonus plots for further growth
  • An optional second subway station in or near town

Beyond Districts (Borough, City, Metropolis, Megacity)

After becoming a District, the town can rank up further (City, Metropolis, etc.) Every subsequent rank-up requires four new citizens (with built homes) and two new public buildings. Every rankup grants more bonus plots (besides the ones given by the citizens), and an additional available subway station.

Let me know what you think of this idea, and whether or not it works for everyone. Please let me know what you think and why you think it. Also, if you think something doesn't work, let me know what would work better. Thanks!
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Re: New Town Policies

Postby Radio » Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:10 pm

Is good!
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