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Promotions and Player Shops

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Well, I've got some fun updates for all...I'll do this in order.


I promoted a good amount of people tonight...just to recognize those that have shown that they can be trusted to have a good time and not screw around with others... :-) Here's the list:

  • ZackBlaze164 - Architect
  • Thel337Spy - Architect
  • XmetroidfanX - Architect
  • MrKindLife - Architect
  • _Nod_ - Architect
  • Peturd - Architect
  • SittingTurtl3 - Architect
  • Jon_Lupen - Artisan
  • Darkseeker - Artisan
  • SanctusTerra - VIP
  • EG_SpaceNinJA - Moderator
  • Runninghobo - Administrator

Yes, we finally have a second Admin! He can approve new members, rollback griefing problems, and do all the big stuff like me. Now we have two admins and three mods, here to help you on Eagleworld!

Player Shops

Player Shops are finally back! Thankfully, the commands are simpler than they were before, so it should be nice and easy for all! Please check the Help Page for the basic list of commands. There ARE more commands, though, so visit the LocalShops plugin page ( here for more info.

Note that the Capitol City Marketplace is designed specifically to work nicely with the LocalShops plugin. All citizens of Eagleworld are allowed to have a shop in Capitol City. You will find 12x12 plots outlined in red torches all throughout the marketplace. Find an empty plot and build your store. Just stay inside the torches!

Once your store is built, see an admin to create your store. Once your shop is opened, you can start adding stock and selling your goods!

I hope everyone is pleased with the new player shops and promotions. I'm always trying to make Eagleworld a better place! Enjoy!


EagleWorld gets back iConomy!

Posted by EagleRock

Hello, everyone!

Well, I'm proud to announce that we now have iConomy available for use in Eagleworld! It required some server tweaking, but I got it done easily enough. We're now on the latest updates of both iConomy and SimpleShop, and the economy is ready to go!

Please note, however, there is one hitch: ITEM NAMES DO NOT WORK IN THE STORE. You will need to use the item's data value to purchase the item. For convenience, I have placed the item's data value next to its name in the Global Shop page. Use that as a handy reference for the data value you need. Please no complaining. There is nothing I can do about it until Niji patches it. I and others have made her aware and she will take care of it in due time.

Basic Commands

For all of the command information that you need, please refer to the Help Page. Check out the iConomy section and you will get all of the info you need. Also note there are no player shops yet. So, the Proprieter Commands do not work.

New Player Salaries

As I stated earlier, I will be giving players monthly salaries for playing on the server. The new montly salaries for players are as follows:

  • Builder - 500 Talons
  • Architect - 600 Talons
  • Artisan - 750 Talons
  • VIP - 1000 Talons
  • Mod - 1500 Talons
  • Admin - 2500 Talons

As I said before, I don't give myself a salary. I have the Admin salary listed in case I appoint Admins in the future.

To obtain your salary, you simply ask me for it while you are logged on the server. This way you need to play at least once per month to get your Talons. Also note that if you have just joined the server as of March, you will not get Talons this month. Your starting balance reflects your monthly salary.

February Salaries

If you were unable to get your February salary because of the server downtime, I am giving a 1 week extension to those that had not yet received it. Just ask me for it and you shall receive. Note that February salaries will be based on the old salaries (500Tl for Member, 750 for VIP).

Lastly, player Talons

I might not have time to import all player net worths before you have a chance to log in. If you log in and your Talons are the default (500), just chill. I'll fix it soon. I'd prefer you not buy or sell stuff beforehand just to make my life easier.

Otherwise, enjoy iConomy's long-awaited return!

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Craftbukkit, Towny, BigBrother, and iConomy Updated!

Posted by EagleRock

Hi, everyone!

Well, it's been a few days since I've updated, as I haven't really had any updates to give you. Nothing really changed as far as improvements or bugfixes go, but I have a recent update which I'm glad to announce:

Craftbukkit has been updated from Build 440 to Build 493! This may not sound exciting, but it has certain improvements that come with it:

  • More stability overall
  • Better chunk loading during warps
  • Better support for certain plugins

The last bulletpoint is a good one...we have some new mods installed:

  • iStick is now installed for Mods/Admins
  • WorldEdit is now removed to increase server speed
  • BigBrother is now updated for better undo support
  • iConomy 4.3.3 is now installed
  • TownyMod is now upgraded as well.

iConomy is running and the /money command works, but everyone's net worth is not 100% yet. I still have to install SimpleShop to get the Global Shop back up and running. Once that is ready, you will be able to buy and sell goods from the server once again!

Player Shops still do not have a viable method for me to install. I am still looking.

One last thing...this is important for Town Mayors/Assistants to read: Towny now supports citizen plots. Originally, all of the land you claimed for your town was considered owned by you. Now, all of the plots are unowned. You will need to work out town plots between you and your citizens. Unfortunately, since we weren't following this from the start, people's property might not cleanly fall into town blocks. So, there's really not much we can do about that.

To get more info about TownyMod's new commands, check out the master command list on their webpage: LINK. It'll show the info about how to work with plots and the like.

In the meantime, we are one step closer to having iConomy back! I will work on it more tomorrow once I get the time to do so. I would have had it done tonight, but I got derailed too many times by user requests. So, I'll try for tomorrow!


A Ghastly Update

Posted by EagleRock

Hey everyone!

I've worked a few more hours on the server (brings me up to 45 in total for this Bukkit migration...), and brought you a few new updates:

Mod Adjustments

I was using WorldGuard in order to restrict TNT, Flint and Steel, and Lava for non-Artisan/VIP members. It is a huge plugin, and I was using it for a very minute purpose. As such, I migrated the item protection over to EssentialsProtect, which is a subset of the comprehensive Essentials plugin.

This has streamlined the server quite a bit and reduced the load on it. Unfortunately, this has removed two useful commands from our arsenal, /stack and /locate. I like the functionality of /stack, though, and plan on bringing it back sometime in the future. Stay tuned.

In regards to iStick, I have found a potential successor to the plugin, called CreativeStick. Hopefully it will become stable and let me get rid of WorldEdit. WorldEdit is huge and bloaty, and getting rid of it will streamline the server even more.

Blog/Help Page Updates

I've tweaked the Help Page a bit more to reflect some changes and make sure people don't get confused. I still have to work on all of the plugin sections, so stay tuned for those.

iConomy Updates

Everyone has their mind on iConomy, so let me give you an update on what's going on. First off, I have updated iConomy on the server to version 4.2, which is rather stable and seems to have all the basic money commands (like /money pay and /money top) running quite smoothly. I have updated a lot of player net worths, so /money at least looks sort of what it used to look like. I still have to do importing work, though.

As far as a Global Shop, the solution is evident: SimpleShop. It works similarly to the old iConomy iCShop plugin, but only for the Global Store. It will at least let people buy/sell their items. As far as installing it goes, I will need to wait for it to get updated. There are preliminary versions that are compatible with iConomy 4.2, so it's just a matter of waiting for a stable release. Be patient, and it'll be back soon!

One more thing...

Oh yeah. Since I can't placate your iConomy needs tonight, I've implemented one little change which might please a bunch of you...

The Nether-realms have come to Eagleworld.

It's really easy to get to...just use /world to switch from Eagleworld to the Nether. Portals won't work for it, as they screw things up and spawn additional portals everywhere...really annoying and stupid. Rather, just use /world to get to the Nether, and /world to get back to Eagleworld. When you use the command, it'll bring you to either map's spawn point. In the Nether, I have created a safehouse made of adminium that'll protect you from Ghasts and Pig Zombies. However, the second you venture outside of it...beware.

And before I get a million complaints, there ARE a few bugs with the Nether. For example, your nice name color (and rank prefix) will disappear when you use the /world command. You will either have to live with it or log out and log back in every time you switch worlds. Also, the Ghast missiles do not display on-screen. You'll just see the explosion around you once it's already happened. I can't do anything about it, so don't ask me to, please.

So, have fun with the Nether! You'll be able to see the map of the Nether from the dynmap page as well (just like you can with Eagleworld). Enjoy!


Introducting: Monthly Salaries

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Since the majority of the players can't seem to keep a balance of Talons, I've decided to institute a monthly salary, starting with February. Since iConomy does not yet have a way of automatically performing this, I'll be handling it manually myself. Getting your monthly Talons is as simple as asking me for it while on the server any time during the month, whether I am on console or in-game. That way, you need to log on at least once per month to get your Talons.

Here's how the monthly salaries will pan out:

  • Standard Members - 500 Talons
  • VIP Members - 750 Talons
  • Moderators - 1000 Talons
  • Administrators - 2500 Talons

Note that I won't be giving myself a monthly salary. I simply list Administrations in case I appoint others to the server.

As far as promotions go (e.g. Standard Member to VIP Member), I'll give you the additional Talons your new status gets. I haven't figured out whether I want to do bonuses for special roles (like Town Mayors or stuff like that), so I'm leaving that be for now. In the meantime, enjoy your Talons!

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Global Shop prices updated!

Posted by EagleRock

Well, I hope you people took advantage of the Wool and Dye price drops, beacuse the prices are back to normal! You can now sell those items you stocked up on for over twice you bought it for!

Also, I have tweaked the price of several of the basic goods. Dirt, Cobblestone, Sand, and Gravel will now yield you more Talons than before. Hopefully this will help those miners that can't seem to keep their coffers full of Talons. :-) Enjoy!

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Posted by EagleRock

Hi, I'm Eagle. From the only and only Eagle's Pixel Art! With new locations in Homeless Hill and The Badlands!

Those of you not getting the reference will find this helpful...

Anyway, in light of pixel art going FRIGGIN RAMPANT on Eaglewold, I'm doing my part to keep the fun rolling. I am temporarily making all wool and wool dye supplies 75% OFF!! Enjoy your pixel art, folks!

Only one catch: Catcuses are NOT discounted. Why? There are plenty of cactus farmers out there. Give them your business, not the global shop!

Feel the discount is too late? Don't worry...stock up now! Why? The price will go back up eventually. You'll eventually be able to sell items to the global shop for more than you can buy it right now. STOCK UP!!! IT IS A GUARANTEED TALONMAKER!!!

Anyway, everything else is status quo on the server. Minecraft.net is still rocky, but Eagleworld is staying rather stable. Enjoy!

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New Items Added to Global Shop

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Just a quick note that since new blocks are working as of the latest kMod update, I have updated iConomy to include all the new item names. Also, the Global Shop now sells all new raw goods, such as Lapis Lazuli and Ink Sacks. I have also added the old items that now have a purpose for dyeing, such as Red Roses and Yellow Flowers.

If you wish to take a look at the new Global Shop listings and prices, I have created a page on the blog for it. Just click on "Global Shop" in the menu above or click here to access it.

Please note I am still in need of confirmation for the bug fixes in the previous post. If you have updates for me, please let me know in-game and I will update the post accordingly. Thanks!

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