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Woah, hold on there, killer!

Posted by EagleRock

Well, we knew this time would come...Minecraft 1.1 has been released!  Frankly, the changelog is not very impressive, but it's nice that they are concentrating on bugfixes now and making the game more stable.  What is NOT nice is that Mojang still doesn't seem to give a rat's ass about breaking functionality with Bukkit, so naturally, we have to wait for Bukkit to get updated.

If you're interested in what the Bukkit team is doing about this, visit this blog post and take a look.

So, let's go over the usual questions everyone has for me after Minecraft gets updated:

Why isn't Eagleworld updated?

Because it isn't.  Eagleworld cannot run without Bukkit...it depends on too many plugins for everything to work.  If I were to update Minecraft, all Bukkit plugins would be lost, and we'd have about 10% of the functionality you're used to.

When is it going to get updated?

When it does.  I can't give a definite time, because I have to not only wait for Bukkit to get updated, but I also have to wait for all the plugins to get updated, and I also have to test them all and get it all to fit together nicely.  Granted, I do all the configuration work on a test server as the plugins get updated to minimize the time it takes, but it's still a lot of work on my part, the plugin developer's parts, and the Bukkit team's part.  I wish I could make it easier and faster, but I can't.

Well, can you give me the old minecraft jar?

No.  Trust me...I wish I could, but it is illegal for me to distribute Mojang's work.  They very explicitly state that nobody is allowed to distribute their work in the game's Terms of Service (which you can read here).

If you read the TOS, you can see that my hands are tied.  I wish I could help you all out for when you forget not to update, but I cannot.  If you DO manage to get the old version somehow, I will not ask questions, but please don't ask me to do something illegal.

This sucks.  How can you run a server like this?

The reason my server rarely goes down is because I've spent years learning how to maintain a server properly.  It's a lot more than just installing packages and copying files.  It takes hours to configure the Minecraft server just right, and I roll out all of the upgrades in 10 minutes or less once they're ready.  The only reason we come across this issue in the first place is because people are too infected with SNS Syndrome to realize that the key to a stable server is carefully prepared and executed upgrades.  Trust me on this one, guys: ten minutes of downtime is very short for a major application upgrade, and it's because I do it the right way.

So, to sum this whole thing up, please don't ask me to change the way I run my server.  Everyone expects the server to be running 23 hours and 59 minutes a day (one minute being the time it takes for the nightly refresh), and I can deliver that to you because of how I run it.  The only thing I ask you to do in return is remember NOT to upgrade immediately, and don't go insane when a new update comes along, especially when the changes are quite boring and are mostly bugfixes.  Thanks.

So what now?

What now?  It's time for the Wall of Shame!  I shall prepare for you a list of the geniuses that just can't fight that urge update and still try to log on my server:

The Wall Of Shame

  • SanctusTerra
  • Stained_Brown
  • EhonisAzn
  • Prometheis
  • radio998
  • Battle_Toads
  • LilBatesperu
  • Peturd
  • XmetroidfanX
  • Darkseeker
  • Toxictaco25

Yes, I'll keep updating this.  Why?  Because.  :-P

Anyway, I'll make sure to keep you all posted.  Happy mining!