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An Update Update

Posted by EagleRock

It's time to update you on the update.  Update.

So, 1.2 is now released, and it's as awesome as we wanted it to be!  Bukkit does not yet have a recommended build for 1.2 yet, unfortunately, but they do have a "beta build" which is one that is between their normal upstream builds and a stable recommended build.  It'll have to work for now.

Only issue...a lot of our plugins do not yet support 1.2.  Supposedly, a great amount of change has happened on the back end of craftbukkit to support 1.2, which breaks a lot of plugin functionality.  Nevertheless, I am going to start migrating to the latest build, using the new Beta Build of craftbukkit for now.  This will allow me to get a jump on the process.  If all of the important plugins support the Beta Build, we'll roll out with that.  I'm done waiting.  How about you?  :-)