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Aquilia and Technia Temporarily Down

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Just a quick update on the progress.  We are almost ready to go live!  I am presently generating the production map (which takes lots of time), which will minimize lag when people join and start playing.  Once I get a basic map ready, after a few simple checks from the staff, we will be ready to start playing!

As result, I've had to take down the Tekkit server (Technia) and lock down Aquilia (Survival Server) to allow Delorean to chug out the map.  I expect this to take the rest of the day and evening, so I do not know if we can finish up tonight, but I assure you we're going to be playing very soon!


Survival Server is Almost Done!

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Well, thanks to the hard-working staff and other members who have donated their time and effort to getting the Survival Server working, we are just about done with the server build!  At this point, I am prepping the website and the forums to handle an influx of new members, and all of the testing is pretty much done!

What's left to do at this point is really playtest the server, and I plan on doing that when the server is live.  However, I am going to be leaving on Wednesday for a wedding and won't be back until Monday, so I am going to have to minimize my work on the server during that time.  Thankfully, I should still get all the stupid documentation done in the meantime.

I am planning for a rollout next week, hopefully as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I invite all members to screw around on the test map for now.  Everything will get wiped before we go live, and I will make sure everyone knows when we are on the production map.

So, while we aren't quite ready for rollout, your hard work is done!  Just enjoy getting used to mcMMO and the new plugins, and let me know if you find any other issue as you go along.

Thanks again to everyone, and I hope everyone is looking forward to the rollout next week!  I sure am!


The Survival Server is happening!

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

The more astute members of Eagleworld have already noticed that I've done a ton of work in getting the new Survival server up and running.  I have a test server running on a beta build of Craftbukkit, and a ton of the configs are done.  However, there is a ridiculous amount of work left to do.

New Forums

First off, if you have not signed up for the forums yet at minecraft.eagleworld.net/forums, please do so! There is a TON of information about what will happen on the server once it is redone.  In particular, the Suggestion Box currently has a ton of threads showing just what will change in Eagleworld once we are ready.  When you sign up, I will need to approve you, but I am checking a few times a day to approve any members that want to get involved.

Survival Server Testing

Right now, the test Survival Server is running, and I need members to test it out.  Any former member of Eagleworld (that wasn't banned...) can help out, as there is plenty of stuff that doesn't require mod or admin rights to do!  Here are the links you need:

Make a post here to get whitelisted: Test Survival Server Whitelisting

Check the TODO for what needs to be done: Master 1.5 Survival Server TODO List

Thanks!  The more people that get involved, the faster the server will be ready!