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Hurricane Irene Update

Posted by EagleRock

Update 1 (8/28/11, 4PM EST) - Just a quick update: Obviously, power is still on.  The eye of the (now) Tropical Storm Irene is north of us, but we are still in the windy Southern half of the storm.  This part of the storm has only lighter winds and no rain.  Therefore, I do not believe we will lose power at this point.  However, since the river near me is continuing to rise and won't crest until tomorrow, we aren't 100% out of the woods.  So, Delorean stays alive for now, but I'll keep giving you updates regarding the server status.

Hi, Everyone!

Just a brief heads-up regarding the status of Delorean and the upcoming hurricane that will be hitting the Tri-State Area.  Hurricane Irene is expected to hit New Jersey between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.  While I do not live in a flood-prone area and do not expect any form of major damage to occur to my home (or the server hardware within), loss of power is definitely expected due to the storm.  Therefore, it is possible that Delorean will be down for a period of time during and after the storm until power is reliably returned to the area.

Note that this will NOT affect the safety of the server data at all, but will most likely affect server uptime.  If the power does in fact go out in my house, my server's backup battery has enough juice to keep it alive for about 25 minutes.  When the battery has about 5 minutes of power left, it will initiate a graceful shutdown of the server.  Therefore, the server will shut down gracefully and safely even if the power goes out abruptly.  If this occurs, I will be unplugging the power supplies for all server hardware, keeping them safe from power surges and the like, and will not restore power until I am convinced it is safe to do so.

Please note that if the power DOES go out, it could be for several days.  As far as knowing whether or not Delorean is back up and running and if the server is alive, the best way to check is to visit this blog.  If the blog is up, the Minecraft server will quickly follow.

Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread pertaining to the potential downtime.  Cheers!


A big update: Referral Bonuses, Back Salaries, and Lots ‘o’ Promotions!

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Yes, it's been a while, and while I realize the bulk of you might appreciate that as to not have to read through my walls of text (lol), this is a post you'll definitely want to read!  I got a few things to talk about today, and they all involve things you will really want to hear!

Lots 'o' Promotions!

Let's face it...promotions were overdue.  Way overdue.  So, without further ado, here's the list of people getting bumped up!

Builder to Architect

  • LilBatesperu
  • Batesperu
  • Ikgrid

Architect to Artisan

  • Peturd
  • xcaboose22
  • yorhodes
  • adamant454
  • pillsbaryjoeboy
  • justynsm

Artisan to VIP

  • jbkarate9
  • Thunder__Child
  • ljdarten

VIP to Moderator

  • EG_SpaceNinja

Again, as of right now, there's nobody on the active or semi-active side on this server that I am not really willing to promote.  So, if you didn't make the cut, just make sure I see your face a bit more.  Promotions only go to active players!

Back Promotions

Besides the latest promotions above, there are a bunch of you that never claimed promotions, some from a long time ago.  At this point, I'd like everyone to make sure you have all the promotions you earned.  Please take a quick look at the newly updated Player List at the bottom of the Server Info page.  Find your name in the list, and see if you indeed have the rank you should have.  If you are, say, a Builder and it lists you as an Architect, check all of the Promotions Posts and find when you got promoted.  Then, come see an admin and get promoted!

Back Salaries

I lament the fact that a lot of the old regulars don't really play on here anymore.  I'd love to see you guys come back for a while.  Some players (such as Peturd, Runninghobo, etc.) have come back recently, but I'd like to see more!  So, for the month of August, I'm going to allow players to claim back salaries!  This means that in addition to August's salary, I will let you retroactively claim up to three additional months of salaries!  I do have a record of who did and did not claim salaries, so if you haven't been around for a while, and were thinking about it, this is the perfect time to come back!

Introducing: Player Referrals

Since Minecraft Server List (or MCSL) has greatly downgraded my server in terms of rating for a whole 4-5 hours of downtime (sigh), we haven't really been getting new members.  However, honestly, my best source of new players has always been player referrals.  So, I have decided that it is time to start rewarding people for good player referrals, and give everyone a bit of incentive to get your friends on Eagleworld!

Here's how the system will work:

  • When the person joins, they will list you as their referral, pretty much how it has always been.
  • The new player will go through the recruitment process as usual.
  • If the person qualifies for membership and becomes a Builder, the referring player will receive 250 Talons.
  • If the person stays on Eagleworld and is ranked up to Architect, the referring player will receive an additional 2,250 Talons.

Since new, good players are valuable to the server, I consider 2,500 Talons a fair bonus for referrals.  If there are players that wish to share the Referral Bonus, I can work those out on a case-to-case basis.

In Conclusion...

I hope all of these updates and improvements will give everyone an incentive to come back and enjoy Eagleworld once again.  I do have plans for additional improvements down the road, so this won't be the end of it.  Stay tuned for even more updates!