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Server is now up using Bukkit.

Posted by EagleRock

Total hours clocked so far: 34 40.

UPDATE: I have updated a bunch of info in this post. Even if you have read this post, please check through for all stuff with "NEW" in front of it!

This will be a long post, and I expect everyone to read it. There is too much to know about the new server to NOT read this. I have very little patience right now with this server, and any questions easily answered by this post will not be answered nicely.

That being said, let's talk about what's working and what's not.

What is done so far:

  • Minecraft updated to 1.3 and map converted successfully.
  • Craftbukkit (The Bukkit API) is installed at Build 440.
  • Essentials plugin installed (provides all basic commands we like).
  • All warps we use converted to Essentials plugin format. (NEW: Use /warp to see the list of warps. Some have changed named and some have been deleted.)
  • Permissions plugin installed (provides group-based permissions).
  • TownyMod is installed and working. All data imported.
  • LWC (Lightweight Chest Protection) installed and working. Chest Database imported, so all chests are still protected.
  • BigBrother installed to log ALL changes to server. This will let me catch griefers as well as roll back their changes if necessary.
  • WorldEdit installed for Mods/Admins to perform Anti-Griefing as well.
  • WorldGuard installed to restrict Lava, TNT, and Flint and Steel.
  • iConomy is installed, but only the base plugin.
  • All scripts I made/use converted to Bukkit, so backups work fine.
  • NEW: Monsters enabled! Check upcoming post for details.
  • NEW: Bedrock Gap Insurance installed.
  • NEW: Dynamic Maps installed.

What still needs to be done:

  • Set everyone's Talons to their previous amount (could not import).
  • Set everyone's permissions to what they need to be (could not import).
  • Install a Global Shop plugin, as well as a player shop plugin.
  • Install a form of map plguin (preferrably better than the one we had).
  • Figure out what other plugins I need to fix/install.
  • Eventually get more worlds available (such as the nether-realms, a wilderness server, and a fallout server).


  • Warps are all f***ed up due to a 1.3 chunk reload bug. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Warps work, but you might die when you teleport to the new area, and it will take a while for everything to load. I WILL NOT respawn items if you lose them in this way for ANY REASON.
  • There is no global shop. No, it's not coming soon. The iConomy plugin updated to 4.0 as of last night, so the shop plugins need to update. Once they do, I will work on it.
  • I will not be doing member salaries right now. If you missed out on February, you will be given a chance to claim it when I am ready again.
  • Maps will not update. Be patient.
  • Monsters will not spawn yet. We are almost ready for them. They'll be here soon. And yes, they will only be outside towns. And yes, Creepers won't kill the land/buildings, but they can kill you. :-)

And most importantly...


  • Wait for me to grant you your proper permissions. Permissions will be given as follows:
    • People with no status stay as Guest.
    • People with member status become a Builder.
    • People with VIP status become an Artisan. This is NOT a demotion. You will have all the same privileges you had before, plus more.
  • NOTE: I will go into the new ranks in detail in another post.
  • Make sure you read /rules in-game again. Just to make sure everyone understands them.
  • Make sure you read all of the new commands that are available through the /help command (use /help 2, /help 3, etc. to see all the pages). I won't get time to do it for a while, as there is still so much to do on the server.
  • Be patient. It's going to be a while before this all works right.
  • If I am not online to give you your rights, don't bitch at me. I've been at this for days, and I need a break.
  • NEW: You will need to set your /home warp again with /sethome.

Anyway, the server is online. Give it a shot. If you have problems, feel free to ask me, but PLEASE double-check the blog first to make sure I didn't address it yet. I'll be updating this post often to make sure everyone is abreast with any server issues or to-dos left.

And if I sound a bit sort, I've just had a real exasperating time with this, so bear with me. Everything WILL work soon, and any bugs or whatever will get ironed out. Otherwise, there are quite a few suprises in store for you thanks to Bukkit, so make sure to check out the /help command and see them all!


Bukkit Migration Update #2

Posted by EagleRock

Still working on it, here.

There's a shit-ton to do left, and it is quite a bit of work, I have to say. The major problem with this is that plugins don't really support flatfile configurations (e.g. stuff plopped into a text file). Now, most plugins only suport SQLite or MySQL databases for their data, which means unless the plugin author provides a conversion tool (most didn't), I have to migrate all of the data by hand. That being said, I have a few updates:

  • iStick is not working at all. I need to look into other mods, such as WorldEdit to give me in-game degriefing tools.
  • GriefAlertr and SignLogger are failing. I am going to look into BigBrother for server data logging. The problem is this mod has bugs, too.
  • Towny is installed, but not tested. I can't get into the damn game because minecraft.net is down...again. However, it looks like all of our data is saved and instantly configured.
  • iConomy is going to cause a major problem. Not only do I need to manually convert all data to SQLite, but it also just updated to a new version. This means I can't even set up a Global Shop until the shop mods are all updated. So, I might get it installed, but it'd be basically useless for now.

Because I can't even launch the game to test my settings, I'm going to have to come back to this later today. Things are getting installed and working, but there are still dozens of hours of configurations to do even after I get the server back online. And I might not even be able to get the server online soon if I can't find some kind of plugin that will have anti-griefing logging. So, I'm really in a bind here. I'm working on it, though. I'll figure it out somehow.


Bukkit Migration Update #1

Posted by EagleRock

BIG POST ALERT - I know it's a large post, but it's in-depth info on what to expect from Bukkit and Eagleworld in the future. It's probably worth a read. :-)

Just wanted to give everyone a bit of an update regarding the migration to Bukkit mod (from hmod). As most of you have seen by the Anarchy Mode server I've plopped on Delorean, the game is basically unplayable compared to what have been used to. No economy, no townymod, and not even freakin' warp points, lol. So, I've been working hard on getting the real server at least to a point where we can play it with the following:

  • Basic core functions we all need (warps, home, etc.)
  • Administrative functions (kick/ban, grief alerts, etc.)
  • Theft protection (such as LWC)
  • Basic Economy Plugin (iConomy with the /money command)
  • A global shop we can buy/sell from

That being said, there are plenty more things we're going to want on top of these core functions:

  • Townymod working as it was before
  • Server mapping functionality, preferably with updated block types
  • Player Shops at least as they were before (if not less cryptic)
  • Town monster protections (so we can enable monsters again)
  • The Nether!

The good thing about these items is that they don't prevent us from playing on the server while I work on them. We'll have all of that in due time, even though it'll take a while.

Anyway, here's the quick synopsis on how far I've gotten on Bukkit:

  • Cleaned up Minecraft directory and prepped it for Bukkit
  • Converted server map directory to Beta 1.3 format (I also checked around to make sure we had no map issues)
  • Retrieved stable build of Bukkit and successfully installed it
  • Installed "Essentials" plugin, which provides the core functionality that hmod used to give us
  • Converted old hmod warps to Essentials
  • Installed "Permissions" pluing, which enables user groups and the ability to grant/restrict permissions to player grous
  • Started work on applying permissions to user groups

The Permissions plugin is going to take me a while to get just right. It's one of those plugins that doesn't actually do anything, but makes the other plugins possible. It also has inspired me to implement a new ranking system for the server.

Potential New Server Ranking System:

  • Guest: - White color - The old default. For new players that have joined. Restricts building rights and only gives access to the most basic commands.
  • Builder: - Cyan color - Same as the former member rank. Gives basic building rights, full member access to mods (Townymod, iConomy, etc.), as well as the ability to use other fun stuff, such as /home and /kit. Not allowed to use destructive items (TNT, Lava, Flint & Steel), nor water buckets. Builders can, however, use water purchased from the Global Shop.
    (NOTE: I'm restricting water to discourage massive usage of it on the server, as well as to discourage water griefing.)
  • Architect: - Yellow color - A new rank that is an extension off the old member rank. Gives full water access, access to better kits, more commands, and other perks.
  • Artisan: - Green color - Same as the former VIP rank. A trusted rank that gives full access to all block types (including destructive items). Also receives better kits, more commands, more stuff.
  • VIP: - Purple color - This VIP isn't the same as the old one! VIP status will truly restricted to only the top members. VIPs will get access to new fancy commands that Bukkit provides, as well as other fun perks such as teleportation powers.
  • Mod: - Blue Color - The same as before. Mods are responsible for maintaining the server and assisting the Administrator. Has access to anti-griefing tools, kick/ban privileges, as well as iStick, the all-in-one admin tool.
  • Admin: - Red Color - The same as before. Has all the mod powers, plus many admins powers as well, such as the ability to spawn items. While I am unsure I will need more admins by myself, the rank is there in case I do.
  • r00t: - Red Color - The same as admin, except that it has full op privileges right from the minecraft application itself (not just Bukkit) and it can basically override anything. Since a proper security scheme should have one admin that can override even other admins in case of some severe compromise, r00t will stay reserved for me.

I'm not 100% sure I'm going to go through with this ranking system, but I'm still thinking it over. I felt like the difference between member and VIP was too much and wanted to give people more opportunities to be able to do more on the server without giving too many rights away to those I didn't truly trust for the role. I also wanted to make the ranks something else to make the server more fun, but not make it too hierarchical to the point where it detracts from the game in any way. I'm open to suggestions if any of you have any good ideas.

Anyway, seeing as it's almost 5AM here in NJ, I'm calling it a night. I hopefully will get a lot more done tomorrow, as I have no pressing things to do besides get Minecraft and Bukkit running!



Posted by EagleRock

Since I have to wait for Bukkit to get updated anyway, there is absolutely nothing I can do to update the server. So, here's the plan:

  • We are now temporarily running Minecraft Vanilla on Beta 1.3.
  • The server has NO mods whatsoever.
  • The server will not be backed up.
  • The server will not be administrated.
  • The server has NO RULES.

Yep, you heard me. Pure anarchy. Destroy people's houses, destory their property, do whatever you will. Just one catch. Anything you do from now until when Bukkit is implemented on the server will be completely wiped out.

So, once Anarchy Mode is done on the server, the map will be reverted to pre-1.3-release status. So, your stuff is safe, but feel free to blow it up in the meantime. It's the least I can do to keep the server going for now.

Have fun! Heh heh heh....

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Minecraft Updated to Beta 1.3, hMod Broken Again

Posted by EagleRock

Well, I think we all knew this day would come. Good ol' Notch gave us many more new things in Beta 1.3, but naturally we can't use them right away.

If you'll remember the last time this happened, we were down for quite a bit since everything we use on the server (iConomy, TownyMod, etc.) depend on hMod. Finally someone decided to update hMod for us and we were back up and running, but it wasn't without pain and suffering to get to that point. Unfortunately, we're going to have to go through it again.

If you read this post on minecraftforum.net, you'll see the current maintainer of hMod isn't going to be around until the end of February, so we won't be able to get hMod back up and running until at least a few days into March.

However, there might be another answer besides hMod. While Bukkit (the new server mod being developed to replace hMod) is not officially released due to licensing issues with Mojang Specifications, it looks as though it is a quite bit more stable than when I last looked at it. Also, I have perused the list of supported mods. Here's the ones we care about:

  • iConomy - Vital to Eagleworld. Luckily, Bukkit has it!
  • iCShop - Vital to Eagleworld. Does NOT exist. However, there are plugins available that provide shop functionality to iConomy. It will be messy, but it can be done.
  • Towny - Vital to Eagleworld. And YES, Bukkit has it finally!
  • GriefAlert - Highly Important. While GriefAlert does not exist, someone developed "GriefAlertr" which is meant to work as the old one did. So, we're good!
  • BedrockGapInsurance - Not vital, but desired. But, Bukkit has it!
  • LWC - Not vital, but some form of chest protection is needed. Bukkit has it!
  • Cartographer - Important. Unfortunately, Beta 1.3 has changed the directory structure of the map so it won't work. But, fortunately, there ARE map programs for Bukkit, and it looks as though they will be an improvement, too!

So, thankfully, most if not all Eagleworld plugins are covered, or at least a viable alternative is in place. So, I think it's best we moved to Bukkit at this point. It will take a while to port Eagleworld over, and I have to convert all of iConomy to SQLLite as opposed to flatfile, which will take a while, too. Also, adopting some of the new plugins will be complete hell.

This WILL be difficult to peform and will take a while. But, if Bukkit is released soon, I can hopefully get the server running before I would have had it running waiting around for hMod. I think the cutover will be good for the server and will not only make it faster, but the plugins will be better.

And, if all else fails, I'll have a backup I can restore if hMod gets released and Bukkit turns out complete crap.

So, please please please be patient. It will easily take me days of work to complete this. I'll keep everyone updated on the blog.


Slow Minecraft Fix

Posted by EagleRock

Some people are complaining that Minecraft runs very slowly. I have noticed that this issue occurs over time and Minecraft will run slower and slower until it is unbearable. I have experienced the same issue myself, and I fix it with the following steps:

  1. Close Minecraft completely.
  2. Go to your Application Data Directory:
    On Windows XP - Start -> Run, type '%APPDATA%' and press Enter
    On Windows Vista/7 - Start, type '%APPDATA%' in the search and press Enter
  3. A Windows Explorer window will open up.
  4. Navigate to the ".minecraft" directory.
  5. Delete the "bin" and "resources" folders completely.
  6. Make sure NOT to delete anything else!
  7. Start up Minecraft again. You will re-download the latest Minecraft version from minecraft.net

After that, Minecraft should run significantly faster once again. It works for me every time, so hopefully it works for you!


Unofficial hMod updated to Build 134 Alpha 16!

Posted by EagleRock

UPDATE: Checked all bugs and updated the list!

Another standard update...slowly fixing all of the bugs related to the 1.2 Beta release. This one should make things far more interesting for those that wanted to see the new trees! Here's the quick list of changes:

Bugs that are fixed:

  1. Saplings will now generate multiple types of trees!
  2. The bug where you could place blocks where you were standing is fixed.
  3. Birch logs now place properly and do not transform back to standard wood.

Bugs that need fixing:

  1. Redstone works fine, but levers do not update their appearance.
  2. The HUD doesn't have the extra effect from the patch update where the items grow larger then shrink back to normal size to indicate you picked something up.

Let me know about these bugs, whether you see them or not. Hopefully this will be a close-to-complete update!

Also, please don't forget to check my earlier post about monthly salaries if you have not yet done so! You'll miss out!

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Login Issues

Posted by EagleRock

Hey everyone!

I know there are some pains with logging into the Minecraft server lately, but there is unfortunately little I can do to fix it. This is due to, you guessed it..., minecraft.net's authorization server. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

However, I do have some troubleshooting steps for you guys to try if you run into this:

  • Close Minecraft completely, wait 10 seconds (to ensure it's completely out of system memory), and restart Minecraft.
  • If that fails (you can't connect to minecraft.net), try flushing your DNS cache:
    1. Close Minecraft completely.
    2. Open up Command Prompt
      On Windows XP - Start -> Run, type 'cmd' and press Enter
      On Windows Vista/7 - Start, type 'cmd' in the search and press Enter
    3. Type 'ipconfig /flushdns' (without quotes) and press Enter
    4. Make sure it says "Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache."
    5. Start up Minecraft and try again.

  • If that fails, try restarting your computer entirely.
  • If that fails, just keep trying again...you'll connect eventually.

Hopefully this helps. It's not much, but it's the best I can do to help.


Introducting: Monthly Salaries

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Since the majority of the players can't seem to keep a balance of Talons, I've decided to institute a monthly salary, starting with February. Since iConomy does not yet have a way of automatically performing this, I'll be handling it manually myself. Getting your monthly Talons is as simple as asking me for it while on the server any time during the month, whether I am on console or in-game. That way, you need to log on at least once per month to get your Talons.

Here's how the monthly salaries will pan out:

  • Standard Members - 500 Talons
  • VIP Members - 750 Talons
  • Moderators - 1000 Talons
  • Administrators - 2500 Talons

Note that I won't be giving myself a monthly salary. I simply list Administrations in case I appoint others to the server.

As far as promotions go (e.g. Standard Member to VIP Member), I'll give you the additional Talons your new status gets. I haven't figured out whether I want to do bonuses for special roles (like Town Mayors or stuff like that), so I'm leaving that be for now. In the meantime, enjoy your Talons!

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