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The Staff

Meet your Eagleworld Staff

Head Administrator


Peter is the Head Administrator of Eagleworld and owner of the server.  He runs Eagleworld.net out of his home in Northern New Jersey.  Being a systems administrator by trade, he has almost 10 years experience running servers and working with Linux.  As such, his abilities are excellently fitted towards engineering and running a Minecraft server.  He runs the server not only to keep his skillset up, but also so he can enjoy the game and share his love of the game with other players.  He is often working on Capitol City while in-game, with the long-term goal of making a full-fledged city in-game.  His Computer Science background has made him the server expert with redstone, and he is usually playing with it when not building skyscrapers.



Rich is the longest active Administrator on Eagleworld besides Peter.  He is a remote tech support specialist working out of Colorado.  His experience in the military and with the tech world give him a strong command of the various tools and plugins on the server, which serves him well as a capable admin of the server.  His extreme personality give him a keen sense of humor and expert command over the awkward moment.  While on the server, you can usually see him working on his very different creations and playing with WorldEdit, in which he is the server expert.


Melany, hailing from Ontario, came to Eagleworld back in 2011 along with her friend in-real-life, Nephyim, looking for a Minecraft server she can call home.  Since then, she has been one of the most active members of the server and quickly found herself in the Eagleworld Staff.  Her excellent people skills and community-minded thinking makes her especially good at dealing with new members and with promoting the server.  You'll often find her making highly detailed homes with an overdose of pink.


Stephanie, also hailing from Ontario, came to the server at the same time as Melany.  She quickly proved herself to be a valuable member of the server and fit and willing to take up the responsibility as an Admin.  Her level-headedness and in-depth knowledge of Minecraft not only makes her an ideal candidate for dealing with server issues and complaints, but also makes her a go-to person for asking questions about how the game works.  She often comes on the server at odd hours due to her working a night shift, which helps with ensuring Admin coverage throughout the day and night.  Her server creations reveal her penchant for modern architecture with attention to detail.



Chris, Peter's friend in-real-life, has been with the server since the second day the server was up, back in November of 2010.  An engineer by trade working in Northern New Jersey, his specialty on the server is big-scale creations with attention to functionality.  He is an expert on making large-scale operations to make a significant dent in the server economy.  While not well spoken in in-game chat, he is an extremely brilliant person and then man to ask when it comes to making money on Eagleworld.  You'll usually see him tending to his "Church of Satan" and his plans for economic domination.


Kane, one of the many Canadians on Eagleworld, is another player who quickly proved himself worthy of a staff position on Eagleworld.  Having run a small-scale Minecraft server himself for a while, he is skilled with moderator commands and plugins, and is quick and readily available to assist the player base.  He pays special attention to dealing with the intricacies of Minecraft, especially redstone and automation.  He generally spends his time on the server playing around with redstone and building his "square box" warehouses of fun contraptions.

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