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Aquilia and Technia Temporarily Down

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Just a quick update on the progress.  We are almost ready to go live!  I am presently generating the production map (which takes lots of time), which will minimize lag when people join and start playing.  Once I get a basic map ready, after a few simple checks from the staff, we will be ready to start playing!

As result, I've had to take down the Tekkit server (Technia) and lock down Aquilia (Survival Server) to allow Delorean to chug out the map.  I expect this to take the rest of the day and evening, so I do not know if we can finish up tonight, but I assure you we're going to be playing very soon!


New forums are live, and a new server soon!

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

So, I've been working my butt off the past few days, and I think there's plenty to show for it so far.  I've overhauled the web server on Delorean, getting rid of the messy port 8000 stuff, preparing for the forums, and preparing for more things in the future, such as multiple Dynmaps, and other possible features in the future.

New Forums are Live!

I'm happy to say the forums are just about complete!  While there are tweaks to be made here and there, I think we are ready to go:


Please head over there and sign up.  I'll active your accounts and give you full access right away.

New Server On Its Way...Need Ideas!

The other great news is that since the forums are pretty much complete, I can start work on the new server!  I have some ideas that I've compiled already from all of the suggestions I've received thus far, but it's too much to put in a blog post.  So, I've compiled them all in the Suggestion Box Forum on the new forums.  I encourage everyone to register on the forums, vote on my ideas, comment on them, and submit your own threads for discussion as well!

Like I've said before, this is your server too, and I want everyone to enjoy it.  So, I'm open for ideas.  The ideas I've compiled so far are an amalgamation from your feedback so far, but they are by no means concrete.  So, I want your ideas on how to make Eagleworld better!

Anyway, I'm going to keep tweaking the forums as they need it (e.g. I didn't put up a logo picture yet), but I'm also going to be working on the new server.  Please please please post your feedback on the forums, and let's work on this together!


Good news…

Posted by EagleRock

I'm happy to say that the website has been completely cleaned up and I have laid all the groundwork for the minecraft site to have its own forums!  I am working really hard on the server so I hope I have stuff for you soon!  I still want your ideas for the server, so please please please make comments and tell me what it is YOU want from Eagleworld! If you need info on what I need, please check the last post for all the details.

Anyway, as I work my ass off on getting the forums ready, I welcome your input, and I hope to have a forum update for you soon!

EDIT: We have a forum ready to go...I just need to configure it.  It's going to be at minecraft.eagleworld.net/forums.  While I won't allow registrations until it's ready, you can at least see the progress!


Migrating to Tekkit Lite…Suggestions Wanted!

Posted by EagleRock

Okay, folks, I kinda opened up a Pandora's Box when I made my last post.  Going from "Tekkit Classic" (as the old Tekkit is now known) to "Tekkit Lite" (the latest version) was basically going to be an evolutionary change, with nothing really crazy going on.  In other words, it'd be as simple as updating the old server from one version of Minecraft to the other.  Most of the stuff would work as expected, with some slight changes here and there.

However, a lot of people seem to indicate they want change.  So, I want to know what you as the members of Eagleworld want.  Please give me all the input you want.  I'm gonna throw out some ideas in this post, and I'd like  you to comment on it.  Note that my original plan for Eagleworld was going to be the following:

  1. Move from Tekkit Classic to Tekkit Lite
  2. Update the Bukkit plugins we use now or substitute any outdated ones
  3. Keep pretty much everything as it is, except allow all the new stuff
  4. Everything would be as it was before, just shinier and newer

However, here are some ideas I heard (and I thought of), and I want to know what you people want to do:

A Fresh Start

Some people want a new server completely...again.  Maybe it's to refresh ore and introduce the new stuff, but maybe it's for other reasons.  I know some of you have put some time into the new structures we have on the server (like the towers in Capitol City or ljdarten's settlement), but it seems like we'd lose a lot by killing off all the new stuff and starting totally fresh again.   Anyway, I want to hear why you are for or against this.

A (Sorta) Fresh Start

One thing I think people are complaining about was the whole Equivalent Exchange exploitation that was going on.  Some people don't like that some people are so far ahead from using EE while others have comparatively nothing.  I can understand this.  The same people hate the idea of losing their structures, too.  I can understand this as well.  Maybe we kill off all the chests and player items, so that people only have the equipment they have build and structures they made?  Give me some ideas, folks.  I'd appreciate them.

New, New Rules

Obviously I cleaned up the rules we were using in the past, which got very crazy and relatively stupid.  I have streamlined the rules to make them simple and common-sense.  Melany mentioned a fresh start with "new new rules."  So I ask you, the members of Eagleworld: what new rules does Eagleworld need, and why?  There are no wrong answers, folks.  I really want to know what you think.

To Tekkit, or not to Tekkit?

Maybe some of you are just bored of Tekkit?  I know some of you love the complex machines and factories you can make (I'm looking at you, Chris).  Others seem to be apprehensive.  Maybe we should go back to an "enhanced Vanilla Minecraft" like we had before.  Let me know what you people think.

TownyMod, do we need it?

Another thing that has been missing since Eagleworld went to Tekkit are towns.  Granted, I was getting a bit crazy with the town idea, but maybe it should be reintroduced in some way?  Not a required thing like on the second map we had, but as an optional thing, to give people who band together to make a town extra benefits (like monster protection and all that crap).  Many people thought Towny was more trouble than it was worth, but I want your opinions.

Some Form of Advertising

This is obviously something we need to do to keep Eagleworld alive.  We need new blood.  MCServerList served its purpose pretty well, but it introduced a lot of chaff with the wheat, so to speak.  Anyway, let me know what forms of advertising we should take.  Obviously I want to do it once Eagleworld is situated again, but I'd appreciate ideas.  My idea was a Minecraft Forums post for advertisement, but maybe there are other, better ways for this?

New Recruitment Procedures, and a Whitelist?

Maybe I should change how people are recruited, too...should I make Eagleworld a whitelisted server where people have to request to join?  At first I disliked this idea because I figured more people actually joining the server would encourage membership, but does it attract the right people?  Whitelisted servers seem to give off the air of a more mature group of players, which is obviously what we want.  Ideas?

More Features, and maybe a Forum

Maybe there are other in-game features we need.  Let me know what they are.  I'm thinking maybe an Eagleworld Minecraft Forum is in place here to encourage players to chat about together and to handle membership applications.  I'm really trying to figure out the best way to do this folks, so please give me your ideas.

Please Comment!

I really need your help on this one, folks.  I can tell people want more out of this server, but I don't know what to do.  I need your voices to let me know the direction to take.  I feel like maybe going to Tekkit was doing good, but missed the mark somewhat.  So be completely critical of Eagleworld...tell me what sucks about it, and what you'd do to fix it.  Together we can make it a better place!


So yeah…

Posted by EagleRock

EDIT: I realize I was ambiguous in my post, but Tekkit Lite is an evolutionary progression from Tekkit Classic, so all of the stuff we got used to and our current map should work.  I can't guarantee 100%, but I can say about 95% certain that we can keep the map, and that maybe only a small portion of the items (if any) might not work.  Just give me time to work it all out though :-)

Hey, everyone!

So yeah...

If you are anything like me, you have been getting SNS Syndrome* over the new stuff in Minecraft that's come out since the build used in Tekkit.  Well, I hate to say it, but I was getting ridiculously impatient!  I've even been checking week-by-week for updates, but nothing that gets us new crap (just bug updates).

Then I come across something called "Voltz" that they're putting out.  It's basically the "next version" of Tekkit that has a whole different set of plugins that work off of a common electricity standard.  However, that would mean we have to start from scratch completely with a new map and everything...not an enticing option.

Just as I was abandoning hope and was ready to back to vanilla + Bukkit, I found out about Tekkit Lite today.  I initially thought it was a pared down version with less plugins, etc, but it turns out it is the next version of Tekkit!  The "lite" part is that it does not rely on Bukkit in order to work.  Good news is I think it will work with all the stuff we are used to.

So, it will take me some effort to port this over, but I believe we can have all of the Tekkit plugins we were used to, combined with our Bukkit plugins (such as grief protection, etc.), AND have the latest Minecraft build!  So, I didn't forget you people...I want to get on the latest-and-greatest, and will get it out as soon as I can.  In the meantime, the "Tekkit Classic" server is working, and should be available for your use.  If you're having problems, let me know and I'll help you out!  Have fun!

*SNS Syndrome: A serious disorder.  Read about it here.


New Server Ranks, EE Finalization, Mods and Admins

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

So, I was up late last night figuring all of this out, and I think I came to something that everyone can hopefully be happy with.  I almost banned EE completely, so I think this is a good alternative.  It also gives everyone incentive to rank up!  So, without further ado, here are the new server ranks and their benefits:

The New Eagleworld Server Ranks

NOTE: the player salaries are the ones you will receive when the economy is set up.


  • The replacement for Builder
  • A limited rank for people first joining the server
  • Has access to the same basic Essentials commands
  • Can set a home
  • No access to the Nether
  • No access to griefing tools (flint and steel, TNT, etc.)
  • Full access to all Tekkit plugins, except for EE, Quarries, and banned items (e.g. Nukes)
  • Monthly Salary: 25,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 3 diamonds)


  • The replacement for Architect
  • A rank for players that have passed the trial membership status as Apprentice
  • Has all abilities of the Apprentice, including the following:
  • Has the ability to use teleportation to players (/tpa and /tpahere)
  • Can set two homes
  • Allowed to go to the Nether
  • Ability to use Covalence Dust, Divining Rods, Talismans of Repair, and Alchemical Chests
  • Monthly Salary: 50,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 6 diamonds)


  • The replacement for Artisan
  • A rank for players who have proven themselves trustworthy players
  • Has all abilities of the Journeyman, including the following:
  • Allowed to go to The End
  • Can set three homes
  • Will keep experience upon death
  • Allowed to use vanilla destructive items (TNT, flint and steel, etc.)
  • Ability to use Transmutation Tablets, Philosopher's Stones, Alchemy Bags, and Klein Stars Ein, Zwei, and Drei
  • Now has access to EE fuels, materials, and armors (except for Gem Armor)
  • Monthly Salary: 75,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 9 diamonds)


  • The replacement for VIP
  • A rank for long-standing members who have shown to be extremely trustworthy
  • Has all abilities of the Technician, including the following:
  • Can join the server even if it is full
  • Can use /hat, /ext, /heal, and full teleportation powers (/tp and /tphere)
  • Can set five homes, and can teleport to other players' homes
  • Allowed to use Quarries, Turtles, and Tesla Coils
  • Ability to use Handheld Transmutation Tablets, Gems of Eternal Density, Black Hole Bands, Swiftwolf's Rending Gale, and Klein Stars Vier and Sphere
  • Monthly Salary: 100,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 12 diamonds)


  • A new rank above Engineer/Former VIP
  • A rank only for players I can trust not to wreck the economy with EE
  • Has all abilities of the Engineer, including the following:
  • Can set eight homes
  • Ability to use Energy Collectors (MKI), Klein Star Omegas, Void Rings, and Dark Matter Tools
  • Monthly Salary: 100,000 Talons (no need for a raise with those collectors!)


  • A special rank ONLY for former Mods/Admins
  • Has all abilities of the Alchemist, including the following:
  • Can use twelve homes
  • Can use /jump, /top, /god, /nick, /tppos. /tpo, and /tpohere
  • Ability to use Energy Condensers
  • Monthly Salary: 150,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 18 diamonds)


  • Member who has been asked to assist in running the server
  • Has the responsibility of helping new members and dealing with server issues
  • Screens new members for eligibility to join
  • Full powers to kick, ban, mute, jail, and otherwise manage players
  • Ability to fully manage players' chests and inventories
  • Full teleportaion powers
  • God mode ability (invincibility)
  • Abilities to see what other players are doing via alerts and CoreProtect
  • Gets to choose the color of their username in chat
  • Allowed to use the entire EE plugin
  • Monthly Salary: 200,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 24 diamonds)


  • Full administrator of the server
  • Operator Status for the Minecraft Server itself
  • Full administration ability over all mods (EssentialEco, etc.)
  • Permission to approve new members to the server
  • Gets a custom title in front of their username in chat
  • Can set unlimited home locations
  • Monthly Salary: 500,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 60 diamonds)

My rank stays the same, basically.  I do everything, and don't give myself a salary.

A bit about Mods and Admins

You might have noticed the Veteran Rank for former mods and admins, that's because I am going to prune out the moderators and administrators that don't play on the server anymore, to make way for new members to have a chance to do so.  After all, after about 2 years of gameplay, most people don't have time to play anymore.  So, I've given them a special rank just for them, but now have room for more Mods and Admins that can assist on the server when I am not around.  I will be going over this soon, so stay posted!

Promotions Soon

A lot of you have been asking what EE items you are allowed to use.  You can refer to this above based on your current rank, but I am planning on doing promotions this weekend, so you may not need to dump as much as you think you need to .  In the meantime, feel free to use what you can, but don't incinerate the rest just yet!

I appreciate everyone's understanding and patience with all of these changes, but I feel it's important to nip all of the issues in the bud, especially before the server economy rolls out.  Otherwise, you know some people will have ridiculous wealth, while others have basically nothing.  I'm trying to prevent that and not let someone who managed to use exploits (basically, all of EE) to turn the economy to the haves and have nots.

I'll keep posting and give you all more updates soon!


New Policies, Restrictions and Additions

Posted by EagleRock

EDIT 2: I am done reconfiguring the groups and the EE access.  I will provide a detailed update tomorrow morning about all of the changes, but I'm too tired to do it tonight, considering it's almost 5AM here.  Expect a nice detailed post tomorrow morning detailing everything.  Good night!

EDIT: I am performing major changes to what blocks are allowed and restricted right now.  Please not do complain about missing items.  I will provide updates later on what is going on and why.


Okay, folks...things are getting out of hand.

It's quite obvious that Equivalent Exchange is way too overpowered.  It is basically Creative Mode on a 2-day delay.  It completely kills any aspect of item generation from the game.  The powers that the items can give are also way too overpowered.  Even in good hands it causes great amounts of damage to the server.  So, a massive restriction is being done.

Items Being Banned from Equivalent Exchange

I'm now banning all of the following items in EE effective immediately:

  • Any and all destruction items (this includes Novas, Catalysts, and everything remotely similar)
  • Disruptive items like Mercurial Eyes, Lenses, Watch of Time, etc.
  • Gem Armor
  • ALL rings (with the exception of Swiftwolf's Rending Gale)
  • Antimatter Relays
  • Energy Condensers

The last two items are being banned, because you can generate way too much energy in a ridiculously short amount of time.  I am going to continue to allow Energy Collectors, so that you have some methods of generating free EMC.  However, you must use Klein Stars to transmit power to your Transmutation Table.  No free mass-generation of items anymore.  You CAN, however, with manual labor, still create plenty of EMC for use.

Depending on how much ramp that still allows, Energy Collectors might be banned as well.  It produces way too much power in very short time, and basically lets you play creative mode whenever you want.  This completely takes away from the gameplay.

What's still allowed in EE:

  • Energy Collectors (as above...you can still charge your klein stars and have some free items)
  • Divining Rods
  • Item Repairing
  • Alchemical Chests/Bags
  • Furnaces (Dark and Red Matter)
  • All Stones
  • Swiftwolf's Rending Gale
  • Pedestals (to work with the stones)
  • All Dark and Red Matter Tools
  • All Dark and Red Matter Armor (Except Gem Armor)
  • Klein Stars

Cleaning Up Banned Items

All of the items that are banned will need to be incinerated.  Also, to regain the balance of the game, I am going to be killing items that people have made using the incredible ramp of EE.  You know who you are.  If you have a warehouse of MKIII's going into chests full of diamonds, expect to lose some of your items.  This is the ONLY way I am going to stop short of a complete server reset.  Otherwise, any form of a server economy is completely broken.

You can elect to purge your own banned items and excessively spawned items if you wish.  If you do so, I'll probably be more lenient on what you get to keep.  Also, I am NOT removing people's structures (except for the banned items).  I'll handle everyone's items on a case-by-case basis.


I know that as soon as this gets taken into effect, quarries will be popping up everyone.  This is another item that must be addressed.  Quarries are very destructive to a server map.  Using a quarry on the surface is ridiculously irresponsible and destroys the server.  So, if you want to use a quarry, it is best to do so below the surface.  Also, it is best to fill in your quarry when you're done by using a Filler.  Simple dirt or stone is perfectly fine.  Quarries in active use are okay to be on the map, but when you are done, fill in the area.  Better yet, use the IndustrialCraft Miner, which does not destroy the landscape.  Instead, it simply pulls the ore out of the ground without getting all the dirt.

So, it is easy to be responsible with quarries.  Please ensure you do so from now on.  Using quarries irresponsibly will now be considered map griefing, and is subject to the griefing policy.


Since items will be more restricted from now on, the economy will probably be in much higher demand.  As such, I will work to push out the economy in shorter time.  I will allow Talons per month as I did before, and I will also allow accounts to generate interest to act as a boost to your items.  I will create a central bank that trades the core items (ores, redstone, etc). in exchange for talons.  The exchange rate back and forth between the bank will only make you incur small charges for depositing/withdrawing.

LWC Additions

Now for some good news...I've finally added additional protections for the new chests in LWC!  That includes all of the special chest mods (e.g. Iron Chests, Diamond Chests, Crystal Chests, etc.), and your Alchemical Chests.  You can also now protect all of your advanced appliances from IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft!  I'm going to want feedback on this, folks.  All of your stuff will default to private.  If you think it should not be, please let me know.  Also, if you want to protect your stuff that you already placed, you can pick it up and place it down again, or use /cprivate (to make a private chest/machine) or /cpublic (for a public machine).


I'll be working with everyone over the next couple of days to ensure everyone gets to a reasonable level and we can move forward.  Note that ALL other plugins are still 100% allowed (except for IC2 Nukes).  I still want everyone to have fun, but I also want the game to be somewhat fair and not just creative mode...thanks to everyone for their understanding!



Completed Spawn, New Reactor, More Plans!

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

It's been just over two weeks since we went live with Tekkit, and I'm very happy to say that everything has been going well so far.  We have had a few small hiccups, but no dealbreakers.  I just wanted to give some updates on my plans for Eagleworld going forward, just to answer some of the questions/concerns that you might have.

Before I get into it, though, I'd like to just take a second to note that today is September 11th. I'm typing this from Jersey City, just across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center, and yes, it's rather somber over here.  We had a minute of silence here at 9:25AM, so I'd suggest to take a moment to remember the lives lost that day.

Tekkit Plugin Plans

So far, I'm rather glad with how everything is going.  I had major concerns about the viability of running a multiplayer server with some of the plugins (most notably, Equivalent Exchange and Dimensional Anchors), but so far, I see no need to disable any of the plugins as yet.  The only item I've banned so far are Nukes (there's no need for for it), and I don't believe I will ban any other items for now.  As long as people play nice like they have been already, we can keep as much of Tekkit open to the players as possible.

Only one thing I request from everyone: please be careful with Equivalent Exchange.  EE gives players OP-like abilities with some of the items.  While I'd like to let people be able to earn these powers and have fun, use them wisely.  I've had the server crash once or twice and even had to do a rollback related to EE.  I will have to disable EE if it becomes a constant problem with the server, and I'd rather not do that.  So, if everyone is a bit responsible, we can all have more fun!

Server Map Progress

As most players know already, I've created a nice spawn tower known as the Petros Tower.  New players will spawn on top of it and get a good view of Capitol City.  As they spiral down the stairs, they will get acquainted with the rules and policies, and will be given good tour spots and the like.  New players like to judge a server by its spawn, so I tried to make it a damn good one.

I have also completed the Eagle Point nuclear reactor located in the industrial district of Capitol City.  Eagle Point will provide free power to all citizens of Capitol City in their structures.  Everyone will get a LV Transformer to themselves, meaning every player will get a 32EU/tick feed (640EU/second).  You are free to do with it as you like, as long as you only use your allocated 32EU/tick.

Eagle Point can output as much as 2048EU/tick across the power infrastructure, meaning it can support 64 users at a time running power non-stop.  So, there's plenty of power to go around.  Note this isn't meant to fulfill all of your power needs...just get you started or augment your primary power sources.

On another note, I'm still laying out a lot of the city's structure so far.  I haven't really started with highways yet (there's nothing to go to out there....let's get working on some other towns, folks!).  The residential district is starting to flesh out nicely, and there is plenty more room left.  If you want to build in the city, just let me know what you want to build (residence, factory, office building, etc.), and I'll show you where it goes.  I can either point out an available plot to you, or make new ones if needed.

Economy Updates

Especially with Equivalent Exchange enabled, a server economy seems largely irrelevant on the server, but I would like one...eventually.  For now, I'm not actively preparing an economy plugin.  However, my plans are simple, and augment EE very well.

Item prices should now correlate to the EMC value of the item.  If an item does not have an EMC value, players can barter for the price.  If you want to upcharge or downcharge on the EMC value, that's all up to the trade per player.  I like the look of BOSEconomy, and will probably implement that.  I'll let player save their talons in a national bank, which will gain interest.  Trading with the bank will be done via ChestShops in a bank in Capitol City.  Trading will be done via core commodities (diamond, iron, gold, redstone, etc.).  Everything else can be made via Equivalent Exchange.

Simple enough, right?

Player Rank Updates

Due to Tekkit providing so much power to the players, a lot of the old perks from pre-Tekkit Eagleworld don't really apply much anymore.  So, I'm giving considerations to change around the perks for higher-ranked players.  One thing I would like to do, for example, is let higher-ranked players use more dimensional anchors.  However, getting that to work with the GroupManager plugin might be tricky.  I'll be considering these over the upcoming days and try to make things a bit more interesting for everybody.  As always, I'm glad to listen to suggestions you might have.

New Blood

I've heard players clamoring that the server needs new blood.  While I would be inclined to agree, ensuring that we get nothing but good players on Eagleworld becomes even more essential due to the powers of Tekkit.  The griefing potential is very high, so a great amount of trust is required from prospective members.  As such, I highly recommend referrals.  I'll consider advertising on certain sites in the near future (such as Minecraft Forums of the Tekkit site), but only after things are a bit more settled down, and once I have the change to explore more ways to lock down plugins to newer members.  I'll figure something out, though.


One last thing: if something goes wrong on the server, it's important to let me know.  We're still ironing out kinks, so if the server crashes or something, I'm not on it 24/7.  A blog comment, tweet, e-mail, whatever will do.  Just let me know and I can look into it.  And in the meantime, have fun!


Eagleworld is now on Tekkit.

Posted by EagleRock

It's about time, right?  The whitelist is off, the server is updated, time to par-tay!

I'm going to keep this post as short as possible, so we can all get to playing:

Here's the mods I went with:

  • Tekkit (ALL mods enabled!)
  • Essentials (for all the warps and stuff we're used to)
  • LWC (protect your chests)
  • CoreProtect (rollbacks and anti-griefing)
  • Dynmap (yes, we still have Dynmap! and this time, no chat spamming!)
  • EssentialsEco (not yet configured, but it's installed)
  • ChestShops (coming soon!)

Updates to the Rules/Policies

  • The rules are chopped down and simplified
  • The policies of the server are DRASTICALLY reduced and relaxed in the interest of fun
  • Server ranks still offer prestige and status, but now most features are available, even to Builders
  • There are no longer restriction on only building in towns, and TownyMod is no longer around.  We can do towns on our own without the plugin!

Changes to the Server Economy

  • iConomy is substituted for the more stable and updated EssentialsEco
  • Annoying commands are gone, in favor of ChestShops
  • The Global Shop no longer trades everything in favor of Equivalent Exchange
  • There will be a National Bank in Capitol City that trades metals, gems, etc.
  • Trading with the National Bank will only give you a slight penalty in value as opposed to before
  • Your Talons (basically your bank account) will now generate interest!
  • The economy plugins are NOT SET UP YET, but will be soon once the server is in full swing!

What you need to do to join:

  • Download and run the Technic Launcher at www.technicpack.net
  • Select "Tekkit" from the drop down, log in, and connect to the server at delorean.eagleworld.net
  • Get re-added by an admin (I will be on as much as I can, at least on the console)
  • Find a place to build (preferably away from spawn, as Capitol City will go there)
  • Use "/dynmap webregister" if you wish to be able to use the dynamic map
  • Have FUN!  There is a lot to do with Tekkit, so enjoy!

Latest Tekkit trial updates

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Just another quick update to keep everyone in the loop.  I've been working on the server the last few days, trying out the various mods and plugins that are part of the Tekkit mod.  So far, I really like what I see.  I think this adds so much to the game that it really can't be ignored at this point.  So far, reception has been extremely positive.  However, I still need people to help test! The map we're using right now is not going to be saved, so there is no harm in playing around with the mods and seeing what's good and what is not.  If you want to join and have not been whitelisted yet, all you have to do is ask me!  You can do it however you like (AIM, Twitter, Facebook, a blog comment, etc.).

Latest Decisions

So I've decided what plugins we were used to have been staying/going so far:

Installed Plugins

  • Tekkit Mod Bundle (includes IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, ComputerCraft, RedPower, and more)
  • Esssentials (for warps, kits, protections, and all that fun stuff)
  • GroupManager (for permissions)
  • CoreProtect (for anti-griefing protection ala BigBrother or HawkEye)
  • LWC (for chest protection)

Plugins that will NOT be installed

  • TownyMod (no need for it anymore, really...if mobs become a huge issue I can use WorldGuard or just disable them entirely)
  • CreativeStick (new plugins and Creative Mode supercede its abilities)
  • MultiWorld (I'm sticking to one world for simplicity and lack of worry about updating)
  • WorldEdit (hell, with all this Tekkit crap, who needs it?)
  • iConomy (I am trying to avoid an economy this time, but Essentials has its own economy if needed)
  • BetterShop (Essentials provides chest shops if needed)
  • LocalShops (Essentials provides chest shops if needed)

Plugins I have not made judgement calls on yet:

  • Dynmap (I'd like to do this, but only if it's not too much of a pain in the ass...a Dynmap-free server is better than no server at all)
  • EssentialsEco (Essentials' Economy program - includes all we need for the economy, but I feel like the Tekkit mods provide what's needed for this...IndustrialCraft even has a recipe for coins!)

Things we need to test

The big thing I'm concerned about is the ability for the big four Tekkit plugins to work, now that I have GroupManager installed and locking down the server.  I do not know if I have configured it correctly to bypass the no-guest-build security.  Please test the following:

  • IndustrialCraft automining
  • ComputerCraft automining (especially the turtles)
  • BuildCraft's ability to move stuff around (especially with pipes)
  • RedPower

If there are problems, please let me know.  I may have to make these plugins have OP privileges to the server, which I would really like to avoid.  But, if necessary, I'll do it.

Anyway, keep up with the suggestion and comments...looking forward to what you have to offer to Eagleworld!