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Yes, I am aware Minecraft is now on 1.7

Posted by EagleRock

Before you even start, I'll stop you right there.  I go through this every update, and nothing is going to change about how I do things, so don't bother trying to convince me otherwise:

I am not updating Eagleworld to version 1.7 until it is damn good and ready.  It will stay on 1.6.6 until most or all plugins are running nice and stable on the latest version.

If you're not sure what to do about it, please read this post regarding backing up your files.  If you already updated your Minecraft installation, then there is nothing I can do to help you.  I also recommend reading this post I made a while back regarding this exact situation.

And if you have no clue why it is so elaborate and takes so long to upgrade the server when it is "just updating it," expand the spoiler below and read what I have to do every update:

Spoiler Inside: Minecraft Beta 1.7 Upgrade Plan

And yes, all that crap is really necessary, at least if you want a server that runs properly and all the time (otherwise it doesn't matter).

So, needless to say, bugging me about updates will only piss me off and possibly slow me down.  Otherwise, you are doing no good by complaining that the server is outdated.  I have to not only wait for Bukkit to get up to speed, but every plugin we depend on as well.  So, it is going to take time.  This is why I mention to everyone that joins this server that patience is a requirement for playing on Eagleworld.

In exchange for that patience you will get a server that hardly ever goes down (usually only 1-2 minutes a day for nightly maintenance), a well-backed-up map, and a multi-level anti-griefing system that has not failed to perform yet.  So, continue to enjoy 1.6.6 until 1.7 is ready!


Late June Promotions

Posted by EagleRock

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know who got promoted today.  These were actually supposed to be given out last weekend, but I kinda dropped the ball thanks to multiple personal issues:

Architect to Artisan:

  • XmetroidfanX
  • pfleegore
  • SittingTurtl3

Builder to Architect:

  • xchrisbeftwx
  • Thunder__Child
  • ljdarten
  • yorhodes

As is standard procedure, you need to claim your promotion if you weren't online during the promotions.  Even if I'm offline, just mention it at some point on the server and I'll see to your promotion.

And yes, you can expect more promotions soon!

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Griefing Report: Trevor’s Warp Point

Posted by EagleRock

And so continues the endless cycle of griefers.  Just when I thought I had done enough "user weeding" to separate the proverbial wheat from the proverbial chaff (yes, it's a proverb...read Matthew 3 if you're so inclined), I am introduced to yet another individual devoid of intellect that believes he can pull the wool over my eyes.  Said individual received said wool up said person's ass.  And yes, it was painful.

The Case: Trevor's Warp Point, magicaltrevor

A particularly warm Spring Friday gave birth to this story, as I was signing online for an evening of Minecraft.  I was delightfully pleased to see many players online, despite the fact that Minecraft was already up to 1.6.4 and Eagleworld was still on 1.5_02.  To me, it was a sign that the general intelligence level of the human populace was going up.  Oh, but was I ever mistaken.  It was just fate taking a stab at me and reminding me at how stupid some people could be.

One of the server veterans, SilentCobra, was finally in a state where he was able to use his computer again for gaming, thanks to some brief instruction on how to clean out dirt and pet hair properly.  He was preparing to sign on the Minecraft server after a long haitus while I was conversing with in-game players.  While conversing with players as such, I generally "hop around" aimlessly and don't really play as much as I wander.  My wanderings took me to an unwelcomed sight.

I had seen Cobra's unfinished Link statue in the distance, but it looked like it was covered in water.  One of my moderators, SpaceNinja, recognized it as well.  I warped over to there immediately to inspect the situation.

While one block of water on the statue would not have bothered me as much, the fact that there was 10-15 blocks placed did.  The whole statue was coated, and this was beyond the usual playful behavior on behalf of the server players.  Naturally, my trusty bbstick would tell me who caused the issue.  I quickly found out it was deathsbones.

I figured this may have been an extreme version of playing around up to this point, until I found out Cobra's TriForce was also griefed, as well as his shore house.  His shore house was the worst.  Blocks broken, water poured all over inside...the works.  It was griefing, through and through.  Malicious intent was apparent.

I knew immediately that our community's favorite griefer would not sign on soon, because he was too inflicted with SNS Syndrome to bother staying on Beta 1.5.  So, without fear of him logging on soon, I would wait until I update for him to sign on.

The Confrontation

Here's the point where I would make you laugh your ass off.  He hasn't signed on since, though, so I can't do that though.  But I have not executed the ban yet.  I'm hoping I can still squeak a pwn out of this guy.  :-P

The Verdict and Aftermath

I think the verdict speaks for itself: deathsbones was permabanned.  Guilty as charged, and an idiot to boot.

And for my usual Jerry Springer "Final Thoughts" moment, I leave you all thinking of this: if you honestly and genuinely think you can get away with griefing on my server, please do yourself a favor and resign now.  It'll save you a whole lot of trouble.  I'll just undo everything you did (and I mean EVERYTHING...not just the griefing) with one command, and I will ridicule you in front of everyone.  You will be pissed off, you will hate me, and you will be reminded that it is not smart to screw around with someone smarter than you.

By the way, that's not a compliment to myself.  By me saying that I'm smarter than the griefers, that's like me saying I'm smarter than, oh, a papaya.  Not much of a compliment, is it?

Also, to those of you that like to screw around with other players: let's remember something.  There IS a limit of what I will tolerate, even if it's just for fun.  Placing a sign or two on someone's house, as described in the rules IS okay.  Using 20+ buckets of water and breaking glass all over...not so much.

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Eagleworld updated to Minecraft 1.6!

Posted by EagleRock

Hi, everyone!

This update was a long time coming.  My apologies to everyone that it took so long.  The Bukkit team recently released an excellent recommended build that works with 1.6.6 that solved a LOT of the bugs I was coming across in trying to update.  Either way, 1.6 is here, and it's stable!  You should find the server to be in a far better state than it was when I rolled out 1.5.

I am also very happy to say that very little functionality has been lost between 1.5 and 1.6, and that we have a bunch of new great stuff thanks to Essentials.  Things HAVE changed, though, so please make sure to familiarize yourself with the following:

1. The Global Shop is now a Local Shop

Unfortunately, for now, this is the best solution.  The person that took over SimpleShop has stripped many of the features that are compulsory for Eagleworld.  There IS another plugin I can use called BetterShop, but it doesn't have the full functionality, either.  So, LocalShops is our savior.  Here's what you need to know:

  1. SimpleShop is no more, so you can't use the Global Shop everywhere.
  2. The Global Shop is located at the Walmart in Capitol city.  There are two warps you can use to get to the Walmart: walmart and globalshop.  The second one plops you directly into the shop.
  3. Use the Global Shop as you would any local shop.
  4. Now, /lshop and /shop work with LocalShops.  Using either one is fine.
  5. ALL Eagleworld members now have access to /back to make using the new Global Shop easier.  However, only Artisans or better can use /back to teleport to their death location.

2. Bug fixes and new bugs

I believe the mass-majority of issues we had on the server are now good.  Here are things I know are fixed now that were previously problematic:

  • The area around the spawn point with performance issues is now okay.
  • Any nether issues as a result of the 1.6 upgrade are resolved.  Nether works as before.
  • The dynmap site issues are fixed and the dynmap works normally again
  • The CreativeStick server crash is now fixed, as well as other cstick bugs
  • Residual iConomy database bugs (that caused performance issues) are now cleaned up

There are plenty of other bugfixes I'm sure, but I am unsure what else occurred.

Here are some new bugs that I am aware of:

  • Possible TNT detonation issue...investigating
  • Possible spawn point lag issue...investigating

Also, please let me know if you do see any new bugs..I will update the blog accordingly.

3. Dynmap is back...and bad!

The Dynmap plugin was long overdue for an update, and it is finally fixed.  There are some new features to look out for, such as seeing player health/armor bars, and general performance improvements.  Also, the isometric view works again, and it is available for both the normal world and for the nether.  Please note that right now, it is not fully re-rendered, so that will be done during the early morning.

4. Promotions all around, and I'm listening to you on them!

Promotions are LONG overdue on the server.  And yes, I will be doing more this weekend.  I am sorry it's been so long, so I have automatically promoted a bunch of you.  I will give you your salaries/raises tonight:

Builder to Architect:

  • xcaboose22
  • jbkarate9

Architect to Artisan:

  • Archer665
  • Nonagrrl
  • ugonalose

Artisan to VIP:

  • MrKindLife
  • ZackBlaze164

VIP to Moderator:

  • openminded

Please note that if you are not promoted, DO NOT FRET.  I am still evaluating users.  These are just those that I knew were long overdue.  If you wish to plead a case for a promotion for yourself or someone else, I will welcome your opinions. I will not hold it against you if you ask for a promotion at this time (for yourself or someone else).  The server has been in a rough state for a while (as have I been), so I am not 100% in touch with every user.  That will slowly be rectified over the next week or two, but in the meantime, I am counting on you to speak up if you feel you deserve a promotion.


There's still plenty for me to do.  The blog will be updated with all the new commands and stuff over the next few days.  Feel free to let me know about promotions for you or someone else, as well as any bug information.  Tell me in-server or make a comment below!


Almost There

Posted by EagleRock

Well, after battling with the global shop plugin forever, I can't get it to work, SO, the solution is that in terms of the global shop, you will have to visit a store to do so.  I will make the Walmart in Capitol City the Global Shop, so you can buy all the items there for the same price as before.  I will also make a warp to it so you can get to it very easily.  I am also going to give /back access to everyone, to make your lives easier in the transition.  Sorry for those of you that earned /back, but I believe this is a fair exchange.

The latest Craftbukkit stable release is working VERY well on Eagleworld, and has solved many of the issues.  I am working on the Global Shop now on the test server, and I am also working on redoing the permissions for the latest plugins.  After that, I will be just about ready to roll out.  The only caveat here is that I will have to work on the dynmap plugin AFTER the upgrade, but at least you will be able to play in the meantime.  Dynmap isn't working well now anyway.

So, hang in there.  I am hoping to get the server up and running tonight, but just in case I cannot, you can expect it up Tuesday or Wednesday the latest!


Another 1.6 Update

Posted by EagleRock

It's been a while since 1.6 is out, but I see no easy solution for this one.  I'm going to try to hack my way to a solution this weekend.  I have had a rough time the last week or so and haven't had the full brain power to devote to the server.  I will get this done, though, and either with a LocalShop prescribed for the Global Shop or with another plugin, I'll roll this out this weekend.

I also owe a bunch of players promotions, so hang in there.


More 1.6 News

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone.

Unfortunately, I have hit a bit of a road block here, and fear there is no easy solution.  Right now, for the version of Craftbukkit that supports 1.6.6 (version 818), there is no working plugin that will give us a Global Shop.  Basically, all plugins that exist don't give even close to the functionality we want/need, and the ones that do are all out of date and not updated.  They won't work at all on the latest version.

Unfortunately, I don't see an easy fix to this.  We will need to wait a bit longer until I can find some kind of fix.  It might involve me creating a Local Shop in Capitol City with an unlimited supply, but I'll find some kind of fix.  In the meantime, be patient until we can get past this showstopping lack of functionality.


Update Updates and Monthly Salaries

Posted by EagleRock

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note that the Bukkit team has finally been able to create a semi-stable build for the new 1.6.6 release.  I will be starting to roll out the changes to 1.6.6 to the test server today.

However, please note that this Bukkit release is a mere 10 hours old as of this post.  Most plugin developers have not yet updated their plugins to work with the latest version of craftbukkit.  Therefore, until the plugins catch up and work with Bukkit, I will NOT be updating the server.  I will, however, update what I can, so that by the time all the plugins are up-to-date and working swimmingly, I'll be ready to roll out 1.6.

And, to the idiots that keep connecting to the server in the blind hope that I might have magically updated it to 1.6 (you know who you are), it's not going to help.  Rather than wasting your time and looking like an idiot by connecting to a 1.5_02 server with a 1.6.x client, just take three seconds to view the blog first.  If it's updated, trust me, this blog will be the first place notified.

In other news: It is now the first of June, so June salaries will be taking effect!  Make sure to claim your salary the next time you see an admin online.  And, to those of you that have been sticking with 1.5, avoiding SNS Syndrome, and not asking me stupid "When are we updating?" questions, I am giving you a 1,000 Talon bonus on top of your normal salary!  Many of you have stuck with 1.5 and have made my life a lot easier in dealing with this last Beta update, so consider the bonus a small thank you out of appreciation for your efforts.

You will get your bonus as long as you have logged onto Eagleworld any time between May 26th (after the update) and May 31st, and you haven't asked me when I plan to update.  Just make sure to ask for it when you ask for your salary!

I hope I will be able to post to the blog again soon regarding 1.6 updates.  Until then, have fun!