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An Update Update Update (Update) Update

Posted by EagleRock

UPDATE 1:  Just a quick heads-up on the current status to keep everyone in the loop.  The test server is coming along nicely, with most major plugins updated fully.  I had a major bug with Towny which I believe is now resolved, but am still bugtesting.  I have finished configuring most of the plugins, but I am now going through permissions configuration (this is easily over 1,000 lines of permissions, so it'll take time).  I AM working on the server actively, and it WILL be updated.   I will be updating the Twitter feed constantly with the to-the-minute info, so check out @eagleworldnet for the latest!


Yes, yes, I'm still alive, folks (your comments crack me up, people...lol).

My sincere apologies for the massive delay in the update of the server.  I have been working on it since 1.2.5 came out, and thankfully, a LOT of issues I was having has been repaired.  For one, TownyMod, which was prior a serious thorn in my side due to not supporting MySQL (hence our  billions of town plots were written out in a billion files on my server), I am NOW able to migrate all of our Towny data to a real genuine database.  Thank GOD.

Additionally, other issues are not recurring (e.g. the issues I was having with LazyRoad), so my life is going to be a lot easier.  The majority of the major plugins are updated for 1.2.5, so things are definitely looking optimistic for me to get this done soon.  I don't want to make promises I can't keep, but I'm going to see how far I can get today on the test server.  Assuming the Towny migration to MySQL goes easily, everything else should just fall into place.
So far, the only troublemaker I can see right now is HawkEye, as that has not been updated for a while.  If anything, I might have to choose another plugin for monitoring server edits.  Something tells me this won't be the biggest deal in the universe if I have to pick another.

That's really all I can think of to say right now.  However, please feel free to ask questions with your comments, and I'll answer accordingly.