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The Rules, Explained

While Eagleworld's rules are fairly self-explanatory, I've explained the rules in detail for those of you that are looking for clarifications.  The short form of the rules are as follows:

Server Rules

NOTE: You must speak to an Admin or Mod first to obtain building rights.

  1. All players must be 16 years of age or older, with certain exceptions.
  2. No Griefing nor Hacking.  This is a strict zero-tolerance policy.
  3. Cheating is not allowed, nor is using exploits found on the server.
  4. Theft is not allowed, even from unprotected chests and furnaces.
  5. Respect fellow players and their creations, and keep the game friendly.
  6. No whining or begging.  This is a survival server.
  7. Cursing is fucking allowed.

Lastly, HAVE FUN! The server is meant for you to enjoy, so please make sure you do so!

The Note - Build Rights

NOTE: You must speak to an Admin or Mod first to obtain building rights.

The reason for this is to protect the server from griefers and transient players.  The requirements to gain building rights on Eagleworld is not high.  A quick chat with any staff member will get you building rights on the mining map so you can get started right away.  This protection ensures that griefing rollbacks aren't a frequently required occurrence.

Rule 1 - Age Restriction

All players must be 16 years of age or older.

The reason for this rule is that this server is primarily focused towards older and more mature players.  Experience running the server has shown that most players under the age of 16 do not fit in and are not suitable for Eagleworld.  Additionally, Eagleworld is a place where adult conversations and themes are permitted, so young players are not desired on the server for their protection.

There are three exceptions to the age restriction:

  1. You were playing on the server before the restriction was put in place.  Member status is grandfathered for players if they joined before the age limit was instituted.
  2. You have a referral from a current member of Artisan rank or higher.  We will accept members 14 and above in this case.
  3. The Head Administrator can allow players in special cases.  For example, if a player under 16 appears mature enough to play on the server, he or she might be permitted in those circumstances.

Rule 2 - Griefing and Hacking

No Griefing nor Hacking.  This is a strict zero-tolerance policy.

Eagleworld was founded on the principle that players on the server would be safe from griefers and would have a safe and fun place to play.   As such, people who destroy other people's creations and hack the game to gain an advantage on people playing fairly are strictly forbidden.

If you are caught doing either of these things once, you will be permabanned.  Players have a chance to defend themselves, and they can request an appeal after a certain time, but ban appeals to these offenses are not granted lightly.

Griefing is considered the act of altering or otherwise damaging a player's creation without their permission and with the intent to annoy or otherwise frustrate the player.  Accidentally damaging someone's house is not necessarily be considered griefing.  Instances will be handled case-by-case by the Eagleworld Staff to determine if the offense is considered griefing or not.

Hacking is the use of a third-party plugin to gain an advantage over other players.  A good example of this is the Nodus Minecraft Client, which gives players many abilities over players playing fairly.  Another example is the use of an X-Ray mod or an X-Ray texture pack to find ore quickly.  Being caught with one of these clients is a permaban.

Rule 3 - Cheating and Using Exploits

Cheating is not allowed, nor is using exploits found on the server.

This is a lesser version of Rule 2.  While the previous rule absolutely forbids the use of third-party clients to cheat in the game, the use of cheats in the stock version of Minecraft is not allowed as well.  If there is a cheat discovered by players in the game to gain something, that does not make it okay on the server.  For example, if there is a way for you to see underground using a glitch in the game, that does not make it okay.  It is still a form of x-ray hacking and will be punished.

The other form of cheating followed by this rule pertains to exploits found on Eagleworld itself.  This specifically pertains to the server economy.  If you find a loophole that allows you to make infinite Talons, that does not make it okay.  Using it for gain will not only get your gains reverted, but you will probably pay a large fine as well.  However, if you report such an exploit to the server, you can count on being rewarded.  Again, the rules are all about fair gameplay, and not about gaining the system.

Rule 4 - Theft

Theft is not allowed, even from unprotected chests and furnaces.

This rule is relatively straightforward.  Don't take other players' items!  This includes if they die, if they leave their chest unlocked, or if you come into possession of their items in some other way.

The only exception to this rule is in Infernia (The Nether), where PVP is enabled, and you are fully allowed to attack other players and take their items.  PVP arenas on the main world are acceptable as well, such as in an arena.

Rule 5 - Respect

Respect fellow players and their creations, and keep the game friendly.

This is another common-sense rule.  This server is meant to be a fun place to play, and not a place where you have strife and angst.  If you have an issue with a player, you can take it up with the Eagleworld Staff.  We are here to help mediate issues and ensure your gameplay on Eagleworld is fun and enjoyable.  We expect all players to extend the same respect back to the other players.

Additionally, if a Staff Member asks you to do something, we expect you to comply.  We are not tyrants and are not out to boss you around.  If we ask something of you, it is generally of serious nature and should be respected.  If you are concerned or offended by a Staff Member, you can always approach the Head Administrator for a final say on the matter.

Rule 6 - Whining and Begging

No whining or begging.  This is a survival server.

This rule stems from some of the most common questions in Minecraft:

  1. Admin, can you spawn me some items?
  2. I'm poor.  Can someone give me some extra items?
  3. I just lost all my items in lava!  Admin, please give them back!

All of these questions have a simple response: no.  We do not spawn items in this game...this is a survival server.  If you die holding valuable items and are unable to save them, that's part of the game.  If you don't want to mine or otherwise obtain items, buy them in a player shop or the Global Marketplace.  If you don't have enough Talons to buy what you want, do something to earn Talons on the server.

Even the Head Admin does not spawn items for himself.  Getting all the items you want or need makes the game boring and meaningless.  Therefore, don't annoy other players or the Staff by begging for items.

Rule 7 - Cursing

Cursing is fucking allowed.

A simple rule, but an important one.  This server is intended for older and more mature players.  Therefore, the use of expletives is allowed in the interest of uncensored fun.  As such, adult themes do pop up on the server and are to be expected from time to time.  If you are sensitive and unable to handle these kinds of conversations, the server might not be for you.

However, this does not make hateful words acceptable on the server.  Racial slurs, insults, and the like are still not permitted as per Rule 5 (Respect other players).  The simple rule here is that words are not hurtful, but the intent behind it can be.

The Afterthought

Lastly, HAVE FUN! The server is meant for you to enjoy, so please make sure you do so!

This is important.  Eagleworld is not here to make you miserable.  If there is something you dislike about the server, please voice it to the Staff.  We are open to suggestions, assuming it works with the server's goals.

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