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The Economy

Eagleworld.net has a fully-featured server economy, ready for the users to take advantage of.  Here are some basic stats about the server economy:

  • Core Economy Plugin: BOSEconomy
  • Global Shop Plugin: ChestShops
  • Player Shop Plugin: ChestShops
  • Major currency unit: The Talon
  • Minor currency unit: The Feather (1/100th of a Talon)
  • Values of choice items:
    • 1 Diamond - 100-200 Talons
    • 1 Emerald - 200-300 Talons
    • 1 Gold Ingot - 10-20 Talons
    • 1 Iron Ingot - 1.50-3.00 Talons

Player Abilities

As you increase in rank in Eagleworld, you are allowed to participate more and more in the economy.  Here is what you get to do at what rank:

  • Apprentice: Allowed basic economy access to trade with users, Player Shops, and the Global Shop
  • Builder: Start to receive a salary while online
  • Architect: Able to create Player Shops
  • Artisan: Able to manage a town and a town bank account

Player Salaries

Salaries start at Builder and increase with rank.  You receive Talons for every hour you are online.  Note that donators that choose the Double Talon perk will get twice the Talons of their rank:

  • Builder - 5.00 Talons/hour online
  • Architect - 7.50 Talons/hour online
  • Artisan - 10.00 Talons/hour online
  • Master - 12.50 Talons/hour online
  • VIP - 15.00 Talons/hour online
  • Veteran - 20.00 Talons/hour online
  • Moderator - 25.00 Talons/hour online
  • Administrator - 35.00 Talons/hour online

Command Guide

Here is a quick guide on the basic economy commands:

  • /econ - show your current Talons
  • /econ income - show your current income level
  • /pay or /econ pay - pay Talons to another player or bank account
  • /econ info - show information about another player or bank account
  • /econ stats - show basic info about the server's economy
  • /econ top5 - display the top 5 wealthiest players on the server
  • /econ bracket info - show the different income or tax brackets on the server
  • /econ bank list - list all of the bank accounts on the server
  • /econ mastery - show the income/tax brackets you are in charge of (for Town Mayors/assistants)
  • /econ help - get further help about BOSEconomy commands

ChestShop Guide

Buying from/Selling to Chests

ChestShop signs are laid out as follows:

Line 1 - Username
Line 2 - Amount
Line 3 - Buy Price:Sell Price
Line 4 - Item Name

  • Right-click - Buy the listed amount of items from the shop for the Buy Price
  • Left-click - Sells the listed amount of items from the shop for the Sell Price (if listed)
  • Shift + Right-click - Buy a whole stack of items from the shop
  • Shift + Left-click - Sell a whole stack of items from the shop (if listed)

Creating your own ChestShops

Once you reach the rank of Architect, you can create as many ChestShops as you like.  Follow the steps below to make your shop:

  1. Place a chest down and fill it with the item you wish to sell
  2. Place a sign 1 block away from the chest (e.g. above or beside it)
  3. Fill out the sign as follows:
    • Line 1 - Leave blank
    • Line 2 - The amount you wish to sell per transaction (default is 1)
    • Line 3 - Buy and sell amounts
    • Line 4 - Name of the item you're selling
  4. Here's an example selling 1 Diamond for 175 Talons and buying back for 125 Talons:
    1. <Blank>
    2. 1
    3. B 175:125 S
    4. Diamond
  5. Here's an example selling 10 Gold Ingots for 150 Talons, but not buying from other players:
    1. <Blank>
    2. 10
    3. B 150
    4. Gold Ingot
  6. If you have done it correctly, you will see your username fill in on the first line and get a notification in chat.
  7. If you did something wrong, the sign will not place correctly and you will get an error.  The most common error is an unrecognized item name.  In that case, try using the data value of the item you're selling.

Capitol City Marketplace

The prime location for people to make their own ChestShops is the Capitol City Marketplace, located just East of the Spawn point.  The Marketplace gives players a chance to compare prices all at once and get the best deal!  The Marketplace also features the Global Shop, which has an unlimited stock of items sell and unlimited funds to buy your items!

To make a shop in Capitol City, talk to EagleRock and he will set you up.  Prices are reasonable, and are discounted if it is your first shop.  Prices are as follows:

Your First Shop

  • Middle Store (two adjoining walls) - Free!
  • Corner Store (only one adjoining wall) - 500 Talons
  • Premium Plot (extra-large plots and special areas) - 1,500 Talons

Additional Shops

  • Middle Shop (two adjoining walls) - 500 Talons
  • Corner Store (only one adjoining wall) - 1,000 Talons
  • Premium Plot (extra-large plots and special areas) - 2,000 Talons

Global Shop

The Global Shop, located on 2nd and 3rd Street in Capitol City, is a group of stores selling items from the server and buying up your items for Talons.  The shop does not have good prices, so it is always better to buy from another player.  However, if there are no alternatives, the Global Shop will always have an unlimited stock of items and Talons for trade.

There are Twelve Global Shops all on one city block:

  • Garden Center - 2 East 2nd Street - Farming and Landscape accessories
  • Nursery - 4 East 2nd Street - Seeds, Grass, and Plants
  • Lumber - 6 East 2nd Street - Wood Logs, Leaves, and Saplings
  • Grocer - 8 East 2nd Street - General Food Supplies
  • Butcher 10 East 2nd Street - Meat, Fish, and Poultry products
  • Bank - 12 East 2nd Street - Precious Metals and Ores
  • Specialty Shop - 1 East 3rd Street - Items from adventuring
  • Craft Shop - 3 East 3rd Street - Wool and dyes for pixel art
  • Prospector - 5 East 3rd Street - Ores from Vitalia and Infernia
  • Masonry - 7 East 3rd Street - Stone and other Building Materials
  • Hardware - 11 East 3rd Street - Dirt, Sand, and other Building accessories
  • Apothecary - 13 East 3rd Street - Potionmaking materials and otherworldly goods

There is also a Black Market shop selling contraband and restricted items somewhere on Aquilia.  However expect to pay a pretty penny for their wares!

To see the full list of what is bought and sold at these stores, check out the Global Shop page:

Global Shop