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New Server Fund

As I had said previously, I did not originally want to take donations, but have elected to do so as the cost of a replacement server for Delorean is so high.  Here's how we're doing:

Donation Status in a Nutshell

Total Donations to Date: $255.00

PayPal Fees to Date: $8.91

Net Donations to Date: $246.09

Estimated Server Cost: $2,000.00

New Server Specs

I know people are going to want to see what the new server is going to look like.  I originally had detailed specs picked out for a replacement, but I will need to redo them as the hardware is now out-of-date.  However, here's a broad overview of what the new server will have:

  • Server-grade CPU(s), either Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron
  • One or two chips comprising of 6-12 cores, based on cost
  • Server-grade motherboard that can handle ECC RAM, SATA 6.0GB/s, and remote management (IPMI)
  • 32-48GB ECC (Error Correction Code) Memory, either double or triple-channel
  • 2 250GB Solid-State Drives (SSDs) in a mirror (RAID 1) - System Drives (and databases and Minecraft)
  • 2-4 7200RPM Hard-Disk Drives (HDDs) in either RAID 1 or RAID 10 format - Data Drives
  • 2-4 5900RPM Hard-Disk Drives (HDDs) in RAID 1 or RAID 10 format - Backup Drives (in drive enclosure)
  • Server-grade case with hot-swappable drive bays
  • APC Smart-UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) - Smart-UPS 1500UV or better
  • Expected Cost: $2,000-2,500 USD

Donation History

Here is detailed accounting of every donation ever made to Eagleworld.net, so you can see exactly where your money is going:

Per Donation
Date Donator Gross Amt PayPal Fee Net Amt Gross Amt PayPal Fees Net Amt
6/22/13 Revith $45.00 $1.61 $43.39 $45.00 $1.61 $43.39
6/22/13 pfleegore $45.00 $1.61 $43.39 $90.00 $3.22 $86.78
6/23/13 PoastToasties $30.00 $1.17 $28.83 $120.00 $4.39 $115.61
6/25/13 SpaceNinja $90.00 $2.91 $87.09 $210.00 $7.30 $202.70
7/8/13 Revith $45.00 $1.61 $43.39 $255.00 $8.91 $246.09


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