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The Initiation

Congratulations on being accepted as an initiate on Eagleworld!  Soon you will be enjoying Eagleworld to the fullest!  However, you must complete your three trials first!

If you haven't already been accepted as an Initiate, be sure to read the New Players page first and get approved.

Starting Out

First off, you might have noticed you don't yet have build rights, even if you are an Initiate member.  That's because you are only allowed to build on a specific map.  The maps in Eagleworld are as follows:

  • Aquilia - The main overworld map for building
  • Vitalia - The mining overworld map
  • Infernia - The nether realms map
  • Finia - The end map

As an Initiate, you can only access Vitalia until you complete you trial.  To get there, you can use the command /warp vitalia to go to the starting lodge there if you like.  However, to start gathering resources, you'll want to use /homeregion to be teleported to your assigned wilderness plot in Vitalia.

You've been automatically assigned this plot by a plugin called Population Density which ensures you'll start out with all the basic resources, such as trees, coal, and iron.  Feel free to start gathering materials and enjoying the company of the server!

The Three Trials

The trial consists of three parts, which are all very easy to complete, but test for different things.  They are as follows:

  • Trial of Survival
  • Trial of Multiplayer
  • Trial of the Website

Each of the three trials is explained in detail below:

The Trial of Survival

This is the easiest trial of the three, as it tests your basic ability to play Minecraft and to survive in the wild.  You will need to do the following:

1. Build a Starter House

The requirements are very simple:

  • It must be in your home region (found by typing /homeregion)
  • It must be at least 5x5 in size (with a 3x3 interior)
  • It must have 4 walls and a roof, at at least one door
  • It can't be made of dirt or other weak blocks (something such as cobblestone or wood planks is fine)
  • It must have torches on the inside and outside
  • It must be properly labeled with a sign by your front door
  • It must contain at least one bed, one workbench, one chest, and one furnace

2. Start a Mine

These requirements are simple as well:

  • It must be near your starter home
  • It must be properly labeled as yours
  • It must be properly lit with torches to protect from monsters
  • It must be safe to enter and leave (e.g. no 1x1 vertical shafts)
  • It must go down to diamond levels (e.g. level 16 or below)

And that's all for the first trial!

The Trial of Multiplayer

Once you've performed the first trial, you should already have a good starter base going and be ready to gather up some resources!  Now it's time to prove you are well equipped to play on a Survival Multiplayer (SMP) Server:

1. Set your home point

You need to use the /sethome command to set your home point in or near your starter home and pick a name for it.  Using the name "mine" his highly recommended, as you will most likely use your starter home as a base of operations for mining in the future.

2. Set LWC protections

You can use the powerful LWC (Lightweight Chest Protection) plugin to protect your chests, furnaces, signs, doors, and more!  Type /lwc for information on the command.  Make sure the following is done in your home:

  • Create a private protection for your door (or doors if you have multiple)
  • Create a public protection for your furnace
  • Add a user to your private protection for your chest

Note: If you do not want to add anyone else to be able to access your chest, choose a staff member, as it won't make a difference in your protection.  Check out the Staff Page for the list of Staff Members!

Also note that your chest and furnace will be automatically set up with private protections by LWC.  You'll need to modify the protections on those two in order to complete the trial.

Once you do those two things, you're done with the second trial already!  One more to go!

The Trial of the Website

Now that you're fully set up in the game itself, it's time to explore Eagleworld's website and learn about enjoying the website that goes with your server!

1. Sign up for and explore the Blog

If you haven't already registered for the blog, be sure to do so!  Make sure your username is similar to your Minecraft name so we can easily identify you.  It doesn't have to be exact...just close enough for people to know who you are.  While  you're here, make sure to check out the valuable info on the page, such as the Server Info page and the Server Maps page!

2. Sign up for the Eagleworld Minecraft Forums

The forums located at minecraft.eagleworld.net/forums are great for getting to know the other players, asking for help, or just goofing around when you're not on the game.  Make sure to sign up for an account!

3. Complete your Full Membership application

The last step of your trial is to head to the New User Applications forum and fill out your application.  The application is simple enough...it basically points out where you completed your trial so the staff can ensure you completed your initiation.

Note that if you have any questions or need clarifications to the rules, now is the time to do it.  You will be expected to agree to and follow the rules, so understanding them now is important.  You can post questions you have about the rules in your application before you agree to them.

You're Done!

Not so bad, right?  Once a Staff Member checks out your stuff, you'll be promoted to Apprentice!  If there is an issue with your application or your initiation, the staff member will let you know what you need before you're promoted.  After becoming an Apprentice, you will have access to build on Aquilia as well and start your actual builds!

As far as your stuff on the mining map, feel free to use it as a mining outpost.  However, if you don't want it, it's fine.  The map will be cleaned up periodically anyway, so there's no worries there.

Getting to Builder 

Once you become an Apprentice, you will have access to a bunch of stuff, but there is a lot more you can experience!  For example, if you want to use mcMMO, access Infernia (the Nether Realms), and get access to more commands and kits, it's time to look towards Builder Rank!

Getting promoted requires only two things, really:

1. Be Active and a Good Player

It's simple: obey the rules and behave, and you get promoted.  To get to builder, you just need to be active and keep out of trouble for about 4-7 days.  The time is based on how active you are.  If after a week you haven't been promoted, feel free to ask a Staff Member in-game or in the forums.  We'll let you know what you need to do.

2. Read the Blog and Stay Updated

It's important to know how to donate, how to start a town, and how to use certain plugins.  The pages at the top of the blog all help you with this, so give them a read.  You'll be asked some basic questions before getting promoted to Builder.

Also, as a member, you will be expected to read up on the latest blog posts, as that is the primary way new information is given out to the players.  However, there are many ways available to find out when the blog is updated:

  • Sign up for the blog (click the Registration link on the right side of the page)
  • Follow @eagleworldnet on Twitter
  • Look at the MOTD when you first log on (it'll have the date of the latest post)

Pick whichever method you like to keep updated.  There are multiple methods available so you can choose the best one for you!

After Builder

Once you make it to Builder, you are considered a full member of Eagleworld!  However, there are plenty of opportunities to rank up and get even more abilities!  Make sure to check out the Server Ranks next to see where to go!

Player Ranks and Commands