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Okay, NOW it’s time for SNS Syndrome…

Posted by EagleRock

Yeah, I'll admit it...I can't wait for damn Bukkit to come out.  :-P  I do promise you all that I'm going to work as hard as I can to get this pushed out to production as soon as Bukkit is stable.  A lot of the plugins we need are current as of the latest stable Bukkit...so I'm hoping there will be a fast push for all of our new plugins.

As far as making final decisions on the towns, I will definitely approve some of them once the server goes live again, but I won't deny any town applications right away.  I wish to give everyone a fair chance and let some new blood come on the server to see if they are on-board with the ideas too (for those of you having trouble finding citizens).

So, keep patient, and I promise it'll pay off.  I am closely paying attention to www.bukkit.org, and will get you back to the old (and new) Eagleworld as soon as I can!

Oh yeah, one other little note: Delorean has hit a milestone!  The server has finally hit an uptime of over 1 year.  It's my first home server to do so, and it's still running just fine!

eaglerock@delorean:501:~$ uptime
 07:56:37 up 376 days, 16:05,  4 users,  load average: 0.10, 0.05, 0.01

Is it any wonder I love Linux?  :-)


About Damn Time

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Well, looks like we might actually kinda sorta maybe might have an actual update to this damn game...and maybe the universe can move on with life!

So, let me inform you quickly at what's going to happen with Eagleworld as Minecraft is officially released:

  • I have updated our test server to 1.0 in the interim
  • As soon as Bukkit releases a RB to Minecraft, I will start frantically updating the server as per our previous plans
  • When we migrate over, you will come back to the old server map, but we will have the new Eagleworld map at the ready
  • I will ensure that towns are approved as soon as we cut over so everyone can start building right away
  • I will start advertising the server on the Minecraft Forums once we are in full swing again to get new blood

I know this is long in waiting, so I will do what I can to expedite my part of this.  I've been itching to play again myself, so don't worry...I feel your pain as well.  Any questions, just ask away.  Note that the migration plans are the same, and the prior posts pretty much outline them.  I'm just a bit too tired to bother posting them here right now, but the plans aren't changing from before.