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Server Voting

Posted by melany23

Hello friends,

With the server stable and spawn complete we have started posting on server list for new members. Servers rank up by people voting for them, the more votes the more the server is seen. Please take a minute out to vote for Eagleworld daily. You can find the links on the forums here.







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Dynmap, Economy, and Donations!

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

I have three quick announcements:

Dynmap Issues

I'm aware that the Dynmap is having trouble, and players are unable to log in.  It's actually a bug I ran across previously, but I had fixed it easily before.  Now, nothing I seem to do is getting it to work.  I am aware of the issue and still working on it, so bear with me!

Economy Trends Page

I've been able to add a page to the blog which details all of the recent price trends on the economy!  This should tremendously help shop owners or other traders determine a market to sell.  Remember, it always benefits you to buy from another player, as it will always be cheaper than the Global Shop.  Also, you'll be helping someone else get more Talons for their goods.  It's a simple win-win!

Anyways, check out the Current Price Trends page. It is very Spartan right now, but I will spruce it up soon.

Donations are Available!

Well, I know several of you were asking, and I'm happy to say that I've gotten the donations page up and ready!  You should see the links above under the Donations column.  Here are the new pages:

Donations - Donate to the server here, and see what donation perks are available!

Hall of Donors - A page where all donors will be recognized and thanked for their support of Eagleworld

New Server Fund - What the donations are all about.  See how we're doing and how far we have until we have a new server to play on!



Partial Server Outage

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

So we had a storm here in Northern New Jersey, and it has managed to damage my Internet connection.  The circuit, while stable and still with very low latency, is now showing 20% packet loss both upstream and downstream.  In other words, 1 out of every 5 packets sent to or from the server doesn't arrive.  As you can imagine, that's bad for gaming.

The good news is you can connect and play, but it might take a couple of tries to connect, and you might experience lag, and might get disconnected.  However, the circuit should be repaired tomorrow between 12PM-8PM EDT.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post at this thread on the forums devoted to the outage.

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks.  I did all I could do tonight!


Global Shop and other Economy Updates!

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Just a quick note that the server economy is in full swing!  You can see details about The Economy and The Global Shop now.

Price Adjustments

I had to adjust some of the prices, due to potential exploitation and unfairness.  Effective immediately, the prices are as follows:

  • Nether Wart - Sell price - 0.10 Talons
  • Nether Quartz - Purchase Price - 1.00 Talons
  • Nether Star - Purchase Price - 15,000 Talons
  • Snowball - Sell price - 0.05 Talons
  • Pumpkin Seeds - Purchase Price - 1.50 Talons
  • Melon Seeds - Purchase Price - 1.50 Talons
  • Mycelium - Purchase Price - 10 Talons
  • Soul Sand - Sell price - 0.25 Talons

Capitol City Marketplace Plots

You can now buy plots in the Capitol City Marketplace!  There are multiple options for your store, varying in price and desirability.  You get a 500 Talon discount on your first store!  Check the list below:

Your First Shop

  • Middle Store (two adjoining walls) - Free!
  • Corner Store (only one adjoining wall) - 500 Talons
  • Premium Plot (extra-large plots and special areas) - 1,500 Talons

Additional Shops

  • Middle Shop (two adjoining walls) - 500 Talons
  • Corner Store (only one adjoining wall) - 1,000 Talons
  • Premium Plot (extra-large plots and special areas) - 2,000 Talons

Speak to me if you want to buy a plot in the marketplace.  Enjoy!

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OS Upgrade Downtime and Promotions!

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Just two quick notes:

First off, I had to take down Delorean today to upgraded to the latest version of Debian Linux.  Debian updated about 1 month ago from version 6.0 ("Squeeze") to 7.0 ("Wheezy").  As such, it is high time that Delorean followed suit and got an upgrade to the latest and greatest.

The downtime was about two hours, from 4PM-6PM EDT.  While the upgrade took place while the system was live, the reboot took a very long time due to the fact that Delorean hasn't been rebooted for about 220 days.  As such, it took some time to scan all the disks to ensure there were no errors or other issues.

The upgrade is now complete, though, which should help the system run smoother, especially as most of its web services (phpBB, WordPress, Apache Web Server, etc.) have gotten a long overdue upgrade.


And now, time for promotions and new user announcements!

  • EG_SpaceNinJA has decided to step down as Moderator, and has such been given the venerable Veteran rank
  • pfleegore has been promoted as our first new VIP, for his extended help during the server setup
  • WayneTheGoblin, my friend in-real-life, has joined and been given the rank of Master
  • ZackBlaze164 has earned the rank of Master
  • Revith has recently joined and been granted the rank of Apprentice so far

Congratulations to everyone!


The new Minecraft Server is live!

Posted by EagleRock

Well, after enough testing and hard work, the server is finally ready to go!  As is custom, here is some random rock song to kick off the event:

I figure "TNT" couldn't be a more appropriate song for Minecraft, actually...

Anyway, Please feel free to join and play on the new Survival Server!  The hostname is the same as always, delorean.eagleworld.net with the default port (25565).  Note that the Tekkit Server is still down for now as I am currently doing a lot of stuff and need the extra horsepower on Delorean.

If you are looking for what to do, here's a cheat-sheet for different types of members:

If you have played on the Tekkit Server

Your membership is considered current.  You can instantly start to play, no initiation required.  Here is how the ranks convert from the Tekkit Ranks to the new ranks:

Veterans will stay as Veterans on the new server.

Alchemist and Engineer will become Master Rank on the new server.

All other ranks will become Artisan Rank on the new server.  If you played at all on the Tekkit Server, you are considered fully trusted and will enjoy the benefits of it!

If you have played on the older Survival Server

Your membership is considered inactive.  You will be able to play and will retain your old rank, but must first go through the new initiation process, which is detailed here.

Once you complete your initiation, though, you will immediately retain your old rank.  Ranks convert from the old server to the new as follows:

VIP will become Master Rank on the new server (they are equivalents in abilities).

Artisan, Architect, and Builder will stay the same rank.

If you were banned from Eagleworld

You now have a chance to appeal your ban!  Head to the Ban Appeals section of the Eagleworld Minecraft Forums, sign up for an account, and follow the sticky there to complete your application.  We would like to give people a chance to make amends and have another chance to play on Eagleworld, so please feel free to submit an appeal, which the staff will carefully consider.  Please take your time with your appeal, though, as you only get one shot!

Stuff that isn't ready

While the Survival Server (Aquilia) is ready-to-go, I am not quite ready with some other aspects of the server.  Here are a few things I didn't finish yet, so keep patient with those and we'll get those going ASAP:

  • The Global Shop (The plugin works, but I am still building the stores themselves)
  • The Donation Page (I will get this going soon for those of you that want donation perks)
  • All of the Blog pages (I will update everything with hints, staff members, and all that fun stuff)
  • The Tekkit Server is offline for now until I am done with the server heavy-lifting
Give me a bit of time and we'll get everything going quickly.  Thanks!