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Migrating to Tekkit Lite…Suggestions Wanted!

Posted by EagleRock

Okay, folks, I kinda opened up a Pandora's Box when I made my last post.  Going from "Tekkit Classic" (as the old Tekkit is now known) to "Tekkit Lite" (the latest version) was basically going to be an evolutionary change, with nothing really crazy going on.  In other words, it'd be as simple as updating the old server from one version of Minecraft to the other.  Most of the stuff would work as expected, with some slight changes here and there.

However, a lot of people seem to indicate they want change.  So, I want to know what you as the members of Eagleworld want.  Please give me all the input you want.  I'm gonna throw out some ideas in this post, and I'd like  you to comment on it.  Note that my original plan for Eagleworld was going to be the following:

  1. Move from Tekkit Classic to Tekkit Lite
  2. Update the Bukkit plugins we use now or substitute any outdated ones
  3. Keep pretty much everything as it is, except allow all the new stuff
  4. Everything would be as it was before, just shinier and newer

However, here are some ideas I heard (and I thought of), and I want to know what you people want to do:

A Fresh Start

Some people want a new server completely...again.  Maybe it's to refresh ore and introduce the new stuff, but maybe it's for other reasons.  I know some of you have put some time into the new structures we have on the server (like the towers in Capitol City or ljdarten's settlement), but it seems like we'd lose a lot by killing off all the new stuff and starting totally fresh again.   Anyway, I want to hear why you are for or against this.

A (Sorta) Fresh Start

One thing I think people are complaining about was the whole Equivalent Exchange exploitation that was going on.  Some people don't like that some people are so far ahead from using EE while others have comparatively nothing.  I can understand this.  The same people hate the idea of losing their structures, too.  I can understand this as well.  Maybe we kill off all the chests and player items, so that people only have the equipment they have build and structures they made?  Give me some ideas, folks.  I'd appreciate them.

New, New Rules

Obviously I cleaned up the rules we were using in the past, which got very crazy and relatively stupid.  I have streamlined the rules to make them simple and common-sense.  Melany mentioned a fresh start with "new new rules."  So I ask you, the members of Eagleworld: what new rules does Eagleworld need, and why?  There are no wrong answers, folks.  I really want to know what you think.

To Tekkit, or not to Tekkit?

Maybe some of you are just bored of Tekkit?  I know some of you love the complex machines and factories you can make (I'm looking at you, Chris).  Others seem to be apprehensive.  Maybe we should go back to an "enhanced Vanilla Minecraft" like we had before.  Let me know what you people think.

TownyMod, do we need it?

Another thing that has been missing since Eagleworld went to Tekkit are towns.  Granted, I was getting a bit crazy with the town idea, but maybe it should be reintroduced in some way?  Not a required thing like on the second map we had, but as an optional thing, to give people who band together to make a town extra benefits (like monster protection and all that crap).  Many people thought Towny was more trouble than it was worth, but I want your opinions.

Some Form of Advertising

This is obviously something we need to do to keep Eagleworld alive.  We need new blood.  MCServerList served its purpose pretty well, but it introduced a lot of chaff with the wheat, so to speak.  Anyway, let me know what forms of advertising we should take.  Obviously I want to do it once Eagleworld is situated again, but I'd appreciate ideas.  My idea was a Minecraft Forums post for advertisement, but maybe there are other, better ways for this?

New Recruitment Procedures, and a Whitelist?

Maybe I should change how people are recruited, too...should I make Eagleworld a whitelisted server where people have to request to join?  At first I disliked this idea because I figured more people actually joining the server would encourage membership, but does it attract the right people?  Whitelisted servers seem to give off the air of a more mature group of players, which is obviously what we want.  Ideas?

More Features, and maybe a Forum

Maybe there are other in-game features we need.  Let me know what they are.  I'm thinking maybe an Eagleworld Minecraft Forum is in place here to encourage players to chat about together and to handle membership applications.  I'm really trying to figure out the best way to do this folks, so please give me your ideas.

Please Comment!

I really need your help on this one, folks.  I can tell people want more out of this server, but I don't know what to do.  I need your voices to let me know the direction to take.  I feel like maybe going to Tekkit was doing good, but missed the mark somewhat.  So be completely critical of Eagleworld...tell me what sucks about it, and what you'd do to fix it.  Together we can make it a better place!


So yeah…

Posted by EagleRock

EDIT: I realize I was ambiguous in my post, but Tekkit Lite is an evolutionary progression from Tekkit Classic, so all of the stuff we got used to and our current map should work.  I can't guarantee 100%, but I can say about 95% certain that we can keep the map, and that maybe only a small portion of the items (if any) might not work.  Just give me time to work it all out though :-)

Hey, everyone!

So yeah...

If you are anything like me, you have been getting SNS Syndrome* over the new stuff in Minecraft that's come out since the build used in Tekkit.  Well, I hate to say it, but I was getting ridiculously impatient!  I've even been checking week-by-week for updates, but nothing that gets us new crap (just bug updates).

Then I come across something called "Voltz" that they're putting out.  It's basically the "next version" of Tekkit that has a whole different set of plugins that work off of a common electricity standard.  However, that would mean we have to start from scratch completely with a new map and everything...not an enticing option.

Just as I was abandoning hope and was ready to back to vanilla + Bukkit, I found out about Tekkit Lite today.  I initially thought it was a pared down version with less plugins, etc, but it turns out it is the next version of Tekkit!  The "lite" part is that it does not rely on Bukkit in order to work.  Good news is I think it will work with all the stuff we are used to.

So, it will take me some effort to port this over, but I believe we can have all of the Tekkit plugins we were used to, combined with our Bukkit plugins (such as grief protection, etc.), AND have the latest Minecraft build!  So, I didn't forget you people...I want to get on the latest-and-greatest, and will get it out as soon as I can.  In the meantime, the "Tekkit Classic" server is working, and should be available for your use.  If you're having problems, let me know and I'll help you out!  Have fun!

*SNS Syndrome: A serious disorder.  Read about it here.