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Another 1.6 Update

Posted by EagleRock

It's been a while since 1.6 is out, but I see no easy solution for this one.  I'm going to try to hack my way to a solution this weekend.  I have had a rough time the last week or so and haven't had the full brain power to devote to the server.  I will get this done, though, and either with a LocalShop prescribed for the Global Shop or with another plugin, I'll roll this out this weekend.

I also owe a bunch of players promotions, so hang in there.


New Promotions

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone.

Here's the latest list of server promotions.  This one was predominantly for Builders:

Builder to Architect:

  • jcox26
  • Dunkelseele
  • Archer665
  • Nonagrrl
  • xcaboose22

Artisan to VIP

  • SilentCobra


As before, everyone needs to log in at least once between now and next Sunday (the 22nd, not the 15th) to claim their promotion.  One person did not claim their promotion last time (Karaktar).  I'll allow him to claim his promotion by next Sunday if he comes online before then.
I plan on making another post soon regarding making money on Eagleworld, so stay tuned!


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Promotions and New Salaries

Posted by EagleRock

Hi everyone!

Well, here's a quick post to let you know who got promoted on 4/30:

Builder to Architect:

  • XnostradamusX
  • deathsbones
  • Karaktar
  • stealth238

Architect to Artisan

  • ZackBlaze164
  • Battle_Toads
  • SnarlyCharly44
  • barneyrubble

Artisan to VIP

  • Melany23
  • Nephylim
  • _Nod_
  • openminded

Note that all of these people earned their promotions due to following the rules, being good, and having the time on the server to show their trustworthiness.  If you were not promoted, it is probably because you have not played on the server enough yet, or have been inactive recently.

I am concerned about a few people being inactive in the list above, so they will only be promoted if they play on the server within the current week.  By next Sunday, if they have not claimed their promotions, they won't get it.

Oh yeah, this is now the first day of May, so it's time for new salaries!  Remember to claim your salary sometime this month, or you will not get it!

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Plugins and Promotions

Posted by EagleRock

Plugin Updates

Well, I fixed a few plugins and restored most of the server functionality.  The dynamic map is working again.  Before you start whining at me that it's not fixed, it only supports newer browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox 4.  If your browser is not supported, bother the plugin maintainer, not me.  I am not in the mood.

Shops are working again at this point.  LocalShops was conflicting briefly with SimpleShop, as they were using the same command (/shop).  That was fixed early on, so shops are working 100%.  There are still the back-end bugs the server spits out, but it is not causing any gameplay issues.

EDIT: Page 6 of the Global Shop does not appear on the server for some reason.  Again, this is the plugin developer, not me.  Glowstone, Sponge, and Soul Sand do not appear in the list, but they are for sale.  For prices in-game, use /shop check <item>.  For example, "/shop check glowstone" will show the sale price of Glowstone (10tl).  Also, the Global Shop page shows the list of everything.  If it's on the blog, it is for sale.


It's that time of the week, again.  I promoted a bunch of players last night.  This batch of promotions was all for the Architects.  Six Architects were promoted to Artisan.  These are the first batch of the "mcserverlist" people I've promoted past Architect.  I have already adjusted everyone's rank and awarded them their raises.  If you have not gotten your monthly salary yet, I gave your full new monthly salary.  Here's the list:

  • MirageSci - Architect
  • ZeronFX - Architect
  • Melany23 - Artisan
  • Nephylim - Artisan
  • _Nod_ - Artisan
  • tim3bandit57 - Artisan
  • MrKindLife - Artisan
  • openminded - Artisan
  • PoastToasties - VIP
  • Jon_Lupen - VIP

Congrats to everyone that got promoted!  Like I said, you should already have your new salaries and rankings.  If you do not, please let me know so I can make adjustments accordingly.

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Builder Promotions

Posted by EagleRock

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note of some promotions I've done on the server tonight.  Four Builders have been promoted to Architect this week:

  • Tcmc77
  • openminded
  • pfleegore
  • MGlisson

All four have been given their raise (100 Talons each), but only two have actually gotten their promotion, open and pflee.  Tcmc and MGlisson need to be online when an admin is on to get their promotion.  Next time they log on they will get their new ranks immediately.

I'm sure the new comment feature will provide these users with many accolades from their fellow players.  Assist me in congratulating these players!

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Promotions and Player Shops

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Well, I've got some fun updates for all...I'll do this in order.


I promoted a good amount of people tonight...just to recognize those that have shown that they can be trusted to have a good time and not screw around with others... :-) Here's the list:

  • ZackBlaze164 - Architect
  • Thel337Spy - Architect
  • XmetroidfanX - Architect
  • MrKindLife - Architect
  • _Nod_ - Architect
  • Peturd - Architect
  • SittingTurtl3 - Architect
  • Jon_Lupen - Artisan
  • Darkseeker - Artisan
  • SanctusTerra - VIP
  • EG_SpaceNinJA - Moderator
  • Runninghobo - Administrator

Yes, we finally have a second Admin! He can approve new members, rollback griefing problems, and do all the big stuff like me. Now we have two admins and three mods, here to help you on Eagleworld!

Player Shops

Player Shops are finally back! Thankfully, the commands are simpler than they were before, so it should be nice and easy for all! Please check the Help Page for the basic list of commands. There ARE more commands, though, so visit the LocalShops plugin page ( here for more info.

Note that the Capitol City Marketplace is designed specifically to work nicely with the LocalShops plugin. All citizens of Eagleworld are allowed to have a shop in Capitol City. You will find 12x12 plots outlined in red torches all throughout the marketplace. Find an empty plot and build your store. Just stay inside the torches!

Once your store is built, see an admin to create your store. Once your shop is opened, you can start adding stock and selling your goods!

I hope everyone is pleased with the new player shops and promotions. I'm always trying to make Eagleworld a better place! Enjoy!


Promotions and New SSD

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Just two quick announcements, here... First one is about the new solid-state drive I've installed in Delorean to handle Minecraft's heavy disk load. This should GREATLY increase performance on the server. While I have only noticed lagging or performance issues during peak hours (when about 15 people are playing at once) and when massive amounts of items are on the ground, this should help with both issues.

However, please note that the item drops also take up CPU, so please do not litter. It WILL lag the server.

Also, let me formally annonce the player promotions that took place recently! While most of you know about all the promotions, I might as well put it out there formally:

  • KRazedgameR42 - VIP
  • SilentCobra - Artisan
  • Melany23 - Architect
  • Nephylim - Architect
  • SafetyMoose - Architect
  • tim3bandit57 - Architect
  • ugonalose - Architect

If you didn't get promoted, don't worry. I have more promotions down the pipeline. Stay tuned next weekend for more promotions!