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Promotions and New SSD

Hey, everyone!

Just two quick announcements, here... First one is about the new solid-state drive I've installed in Delorean to handle Minecraft's heavy disk load. This should GREATLY increase performance on the server. While I have only noticed lagging or performance issues during peak hours (when about 15 people are playing at once) and when massive amounts of items are on the ground, this should help with both issues.

However, please note that the item drops also take up CPU, so please do not litter. It WILL lag the server.

Also, let me formally annonce the player promotions that took place recently! While most of you know about all the promotions, I might as well put it out there formally:

  • KRazedgameR42 - VIP
  • SilentCobra - Artisan
  • Melany23 - Architect
  • Nephylim - Architect
  • SafetyMoose - Architect
  • tim3bandit57 - Architect
  • ugonalose - Architect

If you didn't get promoted, don't worry. I have more promotions down the pipeline. Stay tuned next weekend for more promotions!

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