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Update Updates and Monthly Salaries

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note that the Bukkit team has finally been able to create a semi-stable build for the new 1.6.6 release.  I will be starting to roll out the changes to 1.6.6 to the test server today.

However, please note that this Bukkit release is a mere 10 hours old as of this post.  Most plugin developers have not yet updated their plugins to work with the latest version of craftbukkit.  Therefore, until the plugins catch up and work with Bukkit, I will NOT be updating the server.  I will, however, update what I can, so that by the time all the plugins are up-to-date and working swimmingly, I'll be ready to roll out 1.6.

And, to the idiots that keep connecting to the server in the blind hope that I might have magically updated it to 1.6 (you know who you are), it's not going to help.  Rather than wasting your time and looking like an idiot by connecting to a 1.5_02 server with a 1.6.x client, just take three seconds to view the blog first.  If it's updated, trust me, this blog will be the first place notified.

In other news: It is now the first of June, so June salaries will be taking effect!  Make sure to claim your salary the next time you see an admin online.  And, to those of you that have been sticking with 1.5, avoiding SNS Syndrome, and not asking me stupid "When are we updating?" questions, I am giving you a 1,000 Talon bonus on top of your normal salary!  Many of you have stuck with 1.5 and have made my life a lot easier in dealing with this last Beta update, so consider the bonus a small thank you out of appreciation for your efforts.

You will get your bonus as long as you have logged onto Eagleworld any time between May 26th (after the update) and May 31st, and you haven't asked me when I plan to update.  Just make sure to ask for it when you ask for your salary!

I hope I will be able to post to the blog again soon regarding 1.6 updates.  Until then, have fun!

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  1. i sometimes do that just cause i hit the wrong buttons really fast. instead of going from singleplayer to selecting my world in a few clicks it goes multiplayer then tries to connect. being fast and uncoordinated kind of sucks.

  2. Cool, so I can look forward to a 2,000 tl “paycheck” this month. Sweet. Also, you’re welcome for not having to deal with me asking stupid shit. ^_^ I’ve been doing my best to make your life easier.

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