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An Update Update Update (Update) Update

UPDATE 1:  Just a quick heads-up on the current status to keep everyone in the loop.  The test server is coming along nicely, with most major plugins updated fully.  I had a major bug with Towny which I believe is now resolved, but am still bugtesting.  I have finished configuring most of the plugins, but I am now going through permissions configuration (this is easily over 1,000 lines of permissions, so it'll take time).  I AM working on the server actively, and it WILL be updated.   I will be updating the Twitter feed constantly with the to-the-minute info, so check out @eagleworldnet for the latest!


Yes, yes, I'm still alive, folks (your comments crack me up, people...lol).

My sincere apologies for the massive delay in the update of the server.  I have been working on it since 1.2.5 came out, and thankfully, a LOT of issues I was having has been repaired.  For one, TownyMod, which was prior a serious thorn in my side due to not supporting MySQL (hence our  billions of town plots were written out in a billion files on my server), I am NOW able to migrate all of our Towny data to a real genuine database.  Thank GOD.

Additionally, other issues are not recurring (e.g. the issues I was having with LazyRoad), so my life is going to be a lot easier.  The majority of the major plugins are updated for 1.2.5, so things are definitely looking optimistic for me to get this done soon.  I don't want to make promises I can't keep, but I'm going to see how far I can get today on the test server.  Assuming the Towny migration to MySQL goes easily, everything else should just fall into place.
So far, the only troublemaker I can see right now is HawkEye, as that has not been updated for a while.  If anything, I might have to choose another plugin for monitoring server edits.  Something tells me this won't be the biggest deal in the universe if I have to pick another.

That's really all I can think of to say right now.  However, please feel free to ask questions with your comments, and I'll answer accordingly.

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  1. Heck yeah! Everything sounds good. Don’t have an issue with changing server edit monitor plugins. In all, sounds like everything is going well :)

    • Thankfully that may not even be necessary. It appears that HawkEye does in fact run on MC 1.2.5. We just need to test its effectiveness. I actually have gotten every plugin updated with the exception of dynmap (I can’t test it without breaking the prod dynmap, but there are current versions available). And dynamp appears as if it will work fine once I migrate.

      So, I think we are in good shape, assuming I can handle the configuration of all of these plugins in a timely manner…I know Towny and Essentials will kick my ass, but the rest shouldn’t.

  2. Sweet! See you on the test server (if mods can get on still)

    • I’m done updating it right now, as I’ve done all I can without actually logging into the server. I have to start configuring and testing when I have access to logging into Minecraft. So, I’ll keep the test server running for now. Mods have access to test if you like. Skype me if you find anything.

  3. Yay so by the sounds of it you should be done by Fri awesome I have the weekend off I am moving but should have time to log in and check things out.
    BTW to all iron forge citizens that are not already aware I have created a web blog for iron forge please visit eagleworldironforge.blogspot.com I had to use eagle world in front because apparently ironforge.blogspot.com was taken sorry Pete if I infringed on your server if it’s a problem I can look at moving it.

    Oh and BTW Pete I never lost faith that you would eventually get the server updated lol

  4. My bad it’s eagleworldironforge.blogspot.ca not .com

  5. Ok so what’s up is it done yet I’m still moving haven’t been able to log on to check

  6. soon as the servers live for everyone imma feel all like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlB9KnwCvvk

  7. I’m excited to get back to playing on Eagleworld every so often. :)

    • Same here, to be honest with you…now that the goddamn map ceiling is raised, I can actually build the stuff I wanted to. ALL of the Capitol City government buildings I was going to start off with near the spawn needed at least a 190-200 height. With a 256 height now…that’s sufficiently high to not stifle my creativity!

      Bottom line, once this guy is updated, we will actually have a proper spawn point!

  8. Good God so many permissions.

  9. I wasn’t aware essentials changed enough to need a complete redo of perms, Danny that’s gonna be a pain when ever I get to it lol

  10. I ment damn stupid auto correct

  11. i kinda like how EG is slowly melting but Eagleworld is still just chuggin along, i lost touch with most of them and lost interest

    • Eccentric Gamers. An old clan that was very popular for it’s TF2 server. Since it was taken down it has slowly been dying. As well as the Minecraft server they tried to get going.

  12. Ahh it that where your EG in your name comes from

    • i never put a clan name in my name cause i might not stay in it for too long. how long have i been on eagleworld? it feels like four years.

  13. The test server is not the server we will be playing on right? (Changes made won’t stick?)

  14. Ok so what’s happening?

  15. This time.. he’s dead.


  16. God I hope not I haven’t downloaded the world yet

  17. petes just busy waiting for all the shop assholes to get thier better shop stuff together

  18. I think he really is dead this time guys…

    • Nah…been very busy and still waiting for some plugin fixes. Between a lack of time and maintaining the sever being the hardest yet, it’s not easy. I’ll be cracking at it this week though…BetterShop still doesn’t look, well, “better,” but Towny and Bukkit do. So, let’s see what happens when I get time to plunk through it this week :-)

  19. Me tooooooooooooo and three and four if it helps lol

  20. Oh and also if anyone can help I need loading times for my servers website I got a new design company and they are telling me the previous guy used to much graphics or some such and it doesn’t load right i think its an excuse to start from scratch and charge more

    Note I do not want anyone to join my server right now and especially not from here I just need loading times not that I don’t like you guys but I don’t want to steal players besides I’m weeks from public release if that could be longer if I can’t find a new team anyway websites http://www.xterracraft.com thanks

  21. Uh, why would you advertise your server at all here?

  22. Ok you know what disregard that comment these guys are on crack they want 2500 to do my site that friggen outrageous plus I’m not advertising my server I was asking for help which is why I made it clear that I didn’t want anyone from here to join period I just needed help figuring out if I was on crack cause it loads up fine for me every time and these guys are saying it doesn’t but obviously there the ones on crack so never mind

  23. eagleworld is starting to get like minecraft heaven. im playing on other more earthly servers with lags and trolls and am hoping to get access to a better place with all the people i knew that i dont see anymore and theres perfect buildings and working machines.

  24. Lol good analogy lol may we all die and goto minecraft heaven soon lol

  25. Haven’t been on any other minecraft server for days.

  26. Hey Pete have you considered just switching to a diff shop plugin maybe chest shop it seems to stay current

  27. Has anyone been on at all lately? I haven’t seen anyone in quite a while.

  28. I got put off for a while by the Better Than Wolves mod, which just added so much cool stuff it made me less keen on going back to vanilla MC. If I came back, I think I’d want to tackle some kind of Mageproject with a group. My castle isn’t really inspiring me.

  29. we have all had enough time that our building styles will have changed

  30. Well, I believe it’s gone now..

  31. Ok so what version are we running here?

  32. petepetepetepetepetepetepetepetepetepetepete

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