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Migrating to Tekkit Lite…Suggestions Wanted!

Okay, folks, I kinda opened up a Pandora's Box when I made my last post.  Going from "Tekkit Classic" (as the old Tekkit is now known) to "Tekkit Lite" (the latest version) was basically going to be an evolutionary change, with nothing really crazy going on.  In other words, it'd be as simple as updating the old server from one version of Minecraft to the other.  Most of the stuff would work as expected, with some slight changes here and there.

However, a lot of people seem to indicate they want change.  So, I want to know what you as the members of Eagleworld want.  Please give me all the input you want.  I'm gonna throw out some ideas in this post, and I'd like  you to comment on it.  Note that my original plan for Eagleworld was going to be the following:

  1. Move from Tekkit Classic to Tekkit Lite
  2. Update the Bukkit plugins we use now or substitute any outdated ones
  3. Keep pretty much everything as it is, except allow all the new stuff
  4. Everything would be as it was before, just shinier and newer

However, here are some ideas I heard (and I thought of), and I want to know what you people want to do:

A Fresh Start

Some people want a new server completely...again.  Maybe it's to refresh ore and introduce the new stuff, but maybe it's for other reasons.  I know some of you have put some time into the new structures we have on the server (like the towers in Capitol City or ljdarten's settlement), but it seems like we'd lose a lot by killing off all the new stuff and starting totally fresh again.   Anyway, I want to hear why you are for or against this.

A (Sorta) Fresh Start

One thing I think people are complaining about was the whole Equivalent Exchange exploitation that was going on.  Some people don't like that some people are so far ahead from using EE while others have comparatively nothing.  I can understand this.  The same people hate the idea of losing their structures, too.  I can understand this as well.  Maybe we kill off all the chests and player items, so that people only have the equipment they have build and structures they made?  Give me some ideas, folks.  I'd appreciate them.

New, New Rules

Obviously I cleaned up the rules we were using in the past, which got very crazy and relatively stupid.  I have streamlined the rules to make them simple and common-sense.  Melany mentioned a fresh start with "new new rules."  So I ask you, the members of Eagleworld: what new rules does Eagleworld need, and why?  There are no wrong answers, folks.  I really want to know what you think.

To Tekkit, or not to Tekkit?

Maybe some of you are just bored of Tekkit?  I know some of you love the complex machines and factories you can make (I'm looking at you, Chris).  Others seem to be apprehensive.  Maybe we should go back to an "enhanced Vanilla Minecraft" like we had before.  Let me know what you people think.

TownyMod, do we need it?

Another thing that has been missing since Eagleworld went to Tekkit are towns.  Granted, I was getting a bit crazy with the town idea, but maybe it should be reintroduced in some way?  Not a required thing like on the second map we had, but as an optional thing, to give people who band together to make a town extra benefits (like monster protection and all that crap).  Many people thought Towny was more trouble than it was worth, but I want your opinions.

Some Form of Advertising

This is obviously something we need to do to keep Eagleworld alive.  We need new blood.  MCServerList served its purpose pretty well, but it introduced a lot of chaff with the wheat, so to speak.  Anyway, let me know what forms of advertising we should take.  Obviously I want to do it once Eagleworld is situated again, but I'd appreciate ideas.  My idea was a Minecraft Forums post for advertisement, but maybe there are other, better ways for this?

New Recruitment Procedures, and a Whitelist?

Maybe I should change how people are recruited, too...should I make Eagleworld a whitelisted server where people have to request to join?  At first I disliked this idea because I figured more people actually joining the server would encourage membership, but does it attract the right people?  Whitelisted servers seem to give off the air of a more mature group of players, which is obviously what we want.  Ideas?

More Features, and maybe a Forum

Maybe there are other in-game features we need.  Let me know what they are.  I'm thinking maybe an Eagleworld Minecraft Forum is in place here to encourage players to chat about together and to handle membership applications.  I'm really trying to figure out the best way to do this folks, so please give me your ideas.

Please Comment!

I really need your help on this one, folks.  I can tell people want more out of this server, but I don't know what to do.  I need your voices to let me know the direction to take.  I feel like maybe going to Tekkit was doing good, but missed the mark somewhat.  So be completely critical of Eagleworld...tell me what sucks about it, and what you'd do to fix it.  Together we can make it a better place!

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  1. I like the lite, looked it over some, as for server revamp… maybe we can move 1 item or 1 area, and just move everything but the chests. just structures. Maybe world edit to move them, and draw out some landmarks or roads

    i say stay with tekkit, and set up a university. with signs. this is how you make this, do this a whole set of rooms showing off the advanced stuff
    make 3 of these, put them together, have a running reactor, have a solar setup and make it reachable and clear. let there be a suggestion wall in each room, anyone can put up a sign and give a tip or warning on some aspect of that creation.

  2. So I dont care if its mc or tikket. Do as you please.

    What I do care about:

    We went into a new type of game. Some people are way ahead of others because of the stuff they used before they were banned from the server. I dont think this is fair to new people coming in. Some people think they are smart hiding red matter under ground rooms and so on. I think a fresh start with set rules in place and people following them will make it easier to bring new players in on the same level.
    If people are upset that have committed to the server offer them something extra. Like a little more power or the right to a tool or something.

    Like we talked over before. An idea of a black market still pleases me.

    As we talked about wayyy back when I am willing to commit to helping recruit because im awesome and people love me?

    • First off, you and Nephy were my primary sources of advertising once we get this thing going… :-)

      I think the whole “haves and have nots” in Tekkit will be addressed in due time. Keep in mind the new version of Equivalent Exchange is SEVERELY nerfed, since the version on Tekkit Classic is basically Creative Mode on a time-delay.

      As far as compensating the older users on the server, I think it’s safe to say that anyone still sticking around after all of this will get a nice chunk of Talons when we get the new server working, complete with economy. :-D

  3. No Tekkit, Townymod, like the good old days.

  4. I like Tekkit; it gives a bit more “oomph” to Minecraft, I think. It was getting boring, and Tekkit offered a bit more.
    Townymod in the old server was a nuisance for me. I had no intentions of living next to people; I like free space to build and wonder. So I can’t really say I’d be excited if it came back, unless some of the rules concerning it were to be lowered. And a “fresh start” (deleting chest and player items) would entirely render dug mines useless. Little more than half of a year of digging and clearing out mines, and nothing to show for it? However, that being said, if we moved into a new map, our resource problem would be replenished. And as for the buildings, worldedit maybe? Also, I see the rules fit, although the ban on EE is absolutely astonishing, and to be honest I still don’t exactly know what happened lol. Additionally, I love the idea of having a forum. My suggestion is Enjin, if you’re going to consider it.

    • Well, keep in mind that when I say Towny coming back, I mean the old days of Towny. Basically, IF you want to start a town, you will get all of these benefits such as monster protection, etc. If you do not and wish to strictly build in the wilderness, that’s fine. The rules won’t affect what you do at all in the wilderness. The rules would still be that you can’t build on top of other people’s crap, and that doesn’t change whether it’s another wilderness or it’s a town. So, for your purposes, having Towny won’t be a bad thing. I’d recommend joining a town in particular so you can grab the benefits of being part of that town (e.g. communal resources, such as an enchanting room, etc.), but it is by no means necessary.

      As far as the forums, I’ve decided to do it. I’ve had long-time experience with PHPBB, so I’ll probably use those. Enjin is great, but I cannot host an Enjin site on Delorean. Enjin is also not free. I don’t mind running the server for free, but I’m not going to pay money to run the server, either.

      I’m also going to change up the WordPress site a bit to add the server status and have a better splash page which isn’t just blog posts, but also has more info for new players.

  5. sooo i did alot of careful thinking before deciding to comment there are some real complex issues facing us and so i didnt want to respond in haste

    oh and before i begin i apologize in advance for my lack of grammar i will do my best to break things up for those who have trouble reading without a dot or slash telling them when to breath

    first off on the question of to tekkit or not to tekkit i think there is one other possibility that should be considered which may also allow us to better address the ee problems
    in the new launcher we now have the ability to create custom mod packs so i assume with some moderate work on petes part we could pick and choose the mods that are good and add to the game while eliminating the ones that really dont offer much imo ee and buildcraft would fall into this section
    however if that was the direction we went in im sure a vote from of us could decide which to keep and which to scrap i might add that i believe this direction too would allow us to update to the newer mc ver

    now onto the recruitment and advertising

    it is my feeling that a whitelist would not only dramatically improve the ease at which new players can get build rights it imo does add a more sophisticated atmosphere to our server setting the president of maturity that has and should continue to be the mitigating factor in choosing our server over others
    that combined with a forum would allow the addition of one more rank and responsibility that of forum moderator and whitelister a person who would read and verify applications and then whitelist them on the server much in the same way it is done on other though much larger servers i believe it is a step in the right direction

    oh yeah and advertisement there are quite a few server listing sites out there now not to mention a plethora of minecraft and tekkit sites i think with the work that pete already puts into the server a committee could be set up with in the player ranks to tackle advertising thus alleviating that burden from pete

    now this post is getting quite long so im going to stop here and letcha all breathe and probably continue tomorrow plus its after midnight here lol and it was my birthday yay me 35 ouch im fricken old lol

    night all

    • First off, I greatly appreciate you taking the time and taking this so seriously. As far as grammar, let’s leave that to the Grammar Nazis.

      The problem with Tekkit isn’t so much the new version. Tekkit Lite actually answers a large portion of the issues with the balances of Tekkit, including the OP Equivalent Exchange. That’s not the issue. Picking and choosing 4 dozen mods by myself would take much longer than running a new Tekkit server and isn’t viable. It took the Tekkit team six months to update their server…how long do you think it’d take me? lol…

      Anyway, I have my own ideas about how to proceed from here. The biggest thing is to get up a forum and revamp the site. I have work on the back-end to do, so I’m going to start that straight way.

      As far as advertising, I know that Melany and Nephy have their ideas on advertising, and I can ultimately employ the staff for assistance on this. That’s one that that doesn’t take a Linux admin to do, and ultimately people can help me with… :-)

      We’ll talk more about this later, hopefully on a new forum. And Happy Birthday!

  6. The way I see it, the frustrations that came out of the server when I was a frequent player were people exploiting for money so they could basically play creative mode, and the best times were when we all got together and screwed around. I feel like a lot of what people want to do is just go off on there own and build somewhere where no one will bother them, so I ask this, why be on a server then? I felt like towny kind of banded us together (most of us) and even though we don’t need a mod for that for some reason (for me) it is just a whole lot more fulfilling with ranks and stats that you can check in game to make each town more excited to be competitive. I haven’t really played tekkit too much but my impression is that it makes the game a little to complex and removes all of the adventure of finding good stuff as opposed to just “crafting” it.

    • I agree…I think the simplicity of a no-Tekkit server is a great idea. That’s why I’m getting the idea that we should have multiple servers running off Delorean.

      The primary server would be the one people use to join Eagleworld and that people can build towns on. The server would host several maps, including the main overworld (where towns and structures will be), a mining/testbed world (where people can build random shit and mine whatever, and I’ll simply kill off the world occasionally), The Nether (which may or may not be full PVP, stealing and all), and hopefully a working End level with a respawning dragon.

      I’d also run a separate Tekkit server which would run off a separate port. The map would be the same as the map we have now, and would eventually migrate to Tekkit Lite. I’d merge the chats of the two servers and make it that could transport between the two servers with ease. Naturally, the inventories between the regular and Tekkit world would be separate. Note that to get on the Tekkit server, you’d have to reach a certain trusted rank (like the old Artisan rank).

      And hey, if the idea takes off, I might run a Creative server in the same fashion.

  7. I like the idea of keeping the tekkit server+nerf, losing the chests maybe, and having a separate towny server so we can jump back and forth as the urge hits. I dont know how I feel about a whitelist, I used to avoid whitelisted servers due to impatience. I’m sure people would still apply, Mel talked me into applying for a few before she found Eagleworld. The only reason I never really got into towny was the lack of fresh blood, and it sounds like that wont be an issue for much longer :)

  8. While I really like the new stuff in tekkit I feel like you eventually end up at a point where you feel like you are playing creative mode, even if you follow the rules. As far as that goes I’ve found it hard to tell when I was following the rules, I think that came from tekkit being new to most of us and rules being changed often.

    But once you get the niftiest armor, the rings you can get, etc it gets a little boring. I think if we kept tekkit it would require some very strict well spelled out nerfing rules/restrictions.

    That being said there has been a lot of frequent SNS in the vanilla area and I wouldn’t mind having an only slightly modified server so we can get the new stuff faster as it comes out. seems they are really hammering that stuff out and doesn’t seem to be slowing down to me.

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