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The Survival Server is happening!

Hey, everyone!

The more astute members of Eagleworld have already noticed that I've done a ton of work in getting the new Survival server up and running.  I have a test server running on a beta build of Craftbukkit, and a ton of the configs are done.  However, there is a ridiculous amount of work left to do.

New Forums

First off, if you have not signed up for the forums yet at minecraft.eagleworld.net/forums, please do so! There is a TON of information about what will happen on the server once it is redone.  In particular, the Suggestion Box currently has a ton of threads showing just what will change in Eagleworld once we are ready.  When you sign up, I will need to approve you, but I am checking a few times a day to approve any members that want to get involved.

Survival Server Testing

Right now, the test Survival Server is running, and I need members to test it out.  Any former member of Eagleworld (that wasn't banned...) can help out, as there is plenty of stuff that doesn't require mod or admin rights to do!  Here are the links you need:

Make a post here to get whitelisted: Test Survival Server Whitelisting

Check the TODO for what needs to be done: Master 1.5 Survival Server TODO List

Thanks!  The more people that get involved, the faster the server will be ready!

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  1. I don’t think I have permissions to post in the survival server form, but I’d be glad to help test if you whitelist me :)

  2. Its not letting me post on that forum either though I would like to play and test things as well.

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