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Server and Blog Updates

Hey, everyone!

Well, I am proud to announce that I had a few hours between Sunday and tonight (bringing me up to 40 hours of work total so far on the Bukkit migration) to bring a few new features to the server! This is all part of an ongoing effort to make Eagleworld the best Minecraft server possible that can handle all of your Minecraft needs! Here's what I've done:


Monsters are now enabled on the server! Also, since toggling this variable has taken the server out of peaceful mode, auto health regeneration is now disabled. So, all of a sudden, food and armor are no longer useless on the server. :-)

However, those of you that like the peace, don't worry. I've disabled creeper block damage, so land and buildings are safe (you can die from creepers though). Also, TownyMod will clean up monsters that are inside towns, so you are guaranteed monster-free inside a town. Lastly, TownyMod will regenerate your health inside a town, just like peaceful mode did.

Long story short, the survival aspect of Minecraft is back, but it is only in the Wilderness. You city-dwellers are safe. :-)

Blog Updates

The plethora of new features that Bukkit has brought to us can be daunting and complicated. However, I have taken the time to update the Help Page that provides a list of all of the new commands. They are organized by rank, so everyone will know what commands they have access to. I have not yet updated the LWC, Towny, and iConomy sections, but I will eventually.

So, click the Help Page link in the header above (or the last paragraph) to get a detailed list of all basic commands you now have access to!

and lastly...

A New Dynamic Server Map!

Since Minecraft Beta 1.3 changed the map format, we have lost the ability to use Cartograph for our daily map snapshots. However, Dynmap, a Bukkit plugin, takes server mapping to a new level. I have provided a link to the dynamic map on the right hand side of the page (you can also click here).

When you load the page, you will see an up-to-date server map that updates dynamically as users change it. You can navigate the map by clicking and dragging just like you would on Google Maps. You can zoom in or out with the zoom bar on the top left of the page, or by using your mouse's scroll wheel.

The server also shows who is online with the popup menu on the right. You will see the users' locations on the map as well, their locations updating in realtime. The popup menu on the right also lets you see underground locations on the map, as well as hone in on specific users.

Lastly, the dynamic map lets you see the active in-game chat, as well as participate in it! This way, even if you can't play Minecraft, you can keep in touch with your buddies in-game.

I hope these new update provide more fun gameplay for everyone. Creatures in-game will definitely bring new life to gameplay and make hard to obtain items (such as gunpowder) more accessible to the adventurous. Also, Towny has made it possible for you pacificts to still have fun without the dangers of monsters.

The only thing I ask is that if you have not read the previous post yet, PLEASE DO SO. There are TONS of server updates that you will need to know to prepare yourself for the Bukkit version of Eagleworld.net. It's a long read, but I promise you will find the information helpful.

Anyway, have fun with the new features, and let me know if you have any issues. I know the server's been rocky for a while, so spread the word and get players back to Eagleworld, so we can all have fun again!

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