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Eagleworld updated to Minecraft 1.4

Hey everyone.

Well, it took me staying up until 4AM and about 15 hours of scouring code repositories for plugins, testing, migration, updating, and other crap, but Eagleworld is now stable on Minecraft SMP verion 1.4.  I'll just quickly bulletpoint the changes made:

Latest Server Build

  • Craftbukkit is now on the latest recommended build, 617.
  • Essentials 2.1.11 is successfully installed and all configurations are updated.
  • iConomy is now on 4.6.5 and works fine on 1.4.
  • Townymod is on an unofficial build at version 0.61, updated for 1.4.
  • LWC is up to version 2.11, updated for 1.4.
  • BigBrother is on a snapshot build of 1.7.2, but is working fine.
  • SimpleShop was not updated as of 1.3, but works on 1.4.
  • LocalShops was updated to 2.2.0 and works fine.
  • CreativeStick is updated to 0.6.0, which despite being a 1.3 plugin, works fine.
  • FlatEarth is on version 0.6, and works great with 1.4.

As you can see, I had to update almost every plugin.  There were tons of config changes, and some added functionality.  I have not had time to update the help page yet, though, so you'll have to find the extra stuff on your own for now.

Current Server Bugs

And now, let's go over the bugs that the server has right now.  They are not severe, but could cause minor issues:

  • Townymod's latest version has a problem with usernames preceding with an underscore (like "_Nod_").  I don't know if this is going to prevent Nod from being part of Towny or not yet.
  • iConomy is throwing database errors upon startup, which in my opinion aren't a problem, but I'll probably want to eventually fix.
  • BigBrother attempts to update the database every time I start the server, despite the database being fully updated.  I'm not sure what impact this will have, but the bug is there.
  • SimpleShop, since it's not updated, is throwing warnings due to it using deprecated craftbukkit function calls.  While this won't affect anything now, this could mean the plugin will no longer be supported if it is not updated soon.
  • The dynmap plugin does not work yet.  I have to wait for an update.   Period.
  • I am not 100% sure wolves will follow you throughout warping.  If you lose a wolf because you were warp-happy, I'm not going to do anything about it.  You were duly warned.

Time for a rant

I got the server up faster than I expected, thankfully, but you people didn't make it easy.  Nothing but nagging left and right, and people actually explicitly logging on to tell me that they are updating and "won't wait around for this server."  Frankly, it royally pissed me off.

When Minecraft got updated to Beta 1.2, it broke hMod completely.  The server was down for three days.  I got nothing but bitching and moaning that the server was down for three days.  Never mind the fact that I was working my ass off during that.  The server was down.  You people couldn't play.

Come Beta 1.3, I got smarter.  I thought it would be smart to allow you people to play on the server in "anarchy mode" with no mods and no rules until I could get the server up with mods and revert.  People did nothing but bitch and complain about it, still complaining that the server was not right and they didn't have iConomy.

Come this last update, I said it would make more sense to keep the server in a stable environment and keep it on Beta 1.3 until I could get the server stable on 1.4.  This way, you lose NOTHING and everything stays as it was.  I got nothing but bitching from people that they couldn't play with wolves and that I wasn't "just updating it already."

Minecraft is a BETA PRODUCT.  INCOMPLETE.  Survival Multiplayer is NOT STABLE SOFTWARE.  IT BREAKS.  I am doing as best of a job as possible as a system administrator by delivering you a stable experience with unstable software and unofficial mods that bring the server into a playable state.  It takes a good deal of effort to turn the mess of plugins into something that actually works, and works all the time.

If you think it's just a matter of "updating a file," go try it yourself.  Sure, you might get it working, but try getting it working so your server stays up and doesn't lose data.  My server only goes down for two reasons: the nightly reboot (which gives you roughly 10 seconds of downtime the most), and for server upgrades.  Since Beta 1.2, the longest my server has been down for upgrades has been about 5 minutes.

If you calculate my uptime percentage, I'm hitting about 99.9%, folks.  Also, as far as data loss goes, I haven't lost any.  Ever. There is not much more I can do to make the server better.  Especially considering the fact that I DO THIS FOR FREE. This is not something you pay for.  If you had to, I can guarantee that you could not afford my rates.

So, enjoy your damn update.  It may be the last one I do for this server.  Go have fun with the stupid wolves.  I won't.  I need a break from Minecraft.

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. All bitching aside I appreciate you and your great server and would much rather stable then poo.


  2. I could live without wolves any day, take your time Pete. If people piss you off, tell them, or maybe kick them, idk.
    Just keep doing what your doing and ignore those bothering you and bitching.

  3. I also forgot, thanks for doing what you do to the server, I appreciate it and I wish people would stop bitching so much ( yes, i do it too occasionally. ) when you work your ass off, I start to get annoyed by people who are obviously bitching. I hope work goes well and you can enjoy playing on the server and take a break from working on it :) ( P.S. you work your ass off xD Take a break man :P )

  4. Wow, I really wish I could do something to help ease your frustration Pete, I really do. :( Truth be told, I just don’t like seeing my friends all pissed off. I really wish I knew how to do the things required to run a server and whatnot. Then I might be at least able to help you some of the time.

  5. Glad that its going smoother then last time
    or it seems like

  6. i didnt mean it in the way that i wasnt waiting around for you, i hate singleplayer. in my time there i did not see one wolf. im just really impatient and always want the new thing even if it isnt too good

    • Yeah, but I just made a backup so I could check out the wolves ( was awesome for an hour ) and then switched back to 1.3

  7. I don’t understand how anybody could possibly complain about Eagleworld…
    Pete does this for free – and he does a hell of a job.
    I’ve never seen a person be so generous with their time, or do so much for so little reward.

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