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Tons ‘o’ Updates

Okay, I got a bunch of changes I did today, so allow me to fill you all in:

Craftbukkit/Plugin Updates

A bunch of plugins got updated, along with Bukkit itself.  So far everything seems to be working nicely with no issues (at least no new ones...).  The big changes to the server involved Essentials and LWC.

Door Redstone Protection Added

Thanks to the latest version of LWC, you can now protect your locked doors against redstone circuitry!  Type /lwc flag redstone on and left-click a door to turn on redstone protection and disable an override of a locked door.  If you want to enable redstone again, type /lwc flag redstone off.

Note that all locked doors DO NOT have this protection by default.  So, if you have doors you want to disable redstone on, you must turn on the flag for each one. Do not assume the redstone lock is there.

New Essentials Commands

There are bunch of new commands thanks to the Essentials plugin!  Here's the list of them and who has access to them:

  • /whois - Builder - Now you can see player info at a glance!  Displays their username, any nicknames they are currently using, their account balance, their location, whether they are AFK or available, and their current health.  Very handy if you are trying to figure out who is using what nickname!
  • /clearinventory - Architects - Architects or higher can now clear their own inventories.  Clearing other people's inventories are still restricted to mods or above.
  • /ext - VIP - VIPs, Mods, and Admins can now extinguish a player on command!
  • /burn - Mods - Mods can do the opposite, too!
  • /jails - Mods - Since we can set multiple jails, use /jails to see the list of them when you want to jail a player.

Global Shop Additions

I am adding gunpowder to the Global Shop, as it is a highly requested item.  It's not cheap, but not too expensive, either.  TNT works out to be about 10tl each.  Note that buying gunpowder without access to use TNT doesn't let you place it.  You can also sell gunpowder to the store as well, if you have extra and are looking to make a few extra Talons.

If you can think of anything else that should be added to the store, let me know.  Note that I have no way of adding cocoa, so don't bother asking.  The plugin still does not support damage values (which is how dyes are differentiated), so there is no way for me to sell it.  I either have to wait for the plugin to support it or change plugins.  The latter option I could do, but it would take me time.

And that's about it.  Have fun with all the updates!

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  1. thank you SO MUCH for adding gun powder again
    hunting creepers is such a pain

  2. Yeah, I didn’t have a problem with it it just took a while. Thanks! You just made my life x2 easier :)

  3. Cool news. I gotta find some free time to get back on MC..:(

  4. just saying hi and here is some proof that I do read the blog :D I just don’t absorb all of it sometimes xD

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