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OS Upgrade Downtime and Promotions!

Hey, everyone!

Just two quick notes:

First off, I had to take down Delorean today to upgraded to the latest version of Debian Linux.  Debian updated about 1 month ago from version 6.0 ("Squeeze") to 7.0 ("Wheezy").  As such, it is high time that Delorean followed suit and got an upgrade to the latest and greatest.

The downtime was about two hours, from 4PM-6PM EDT.  While the upgrade took place while the system was live, the reboot took a very long time due to the fact that Delorean hasn't been rebooted for about 220 days.  As such, it took some time to scan all the disks to ensure there were no errors or other issues.

The upgrade is now complete, though, which should help the system run smoother, especially as most of its web services (phpBB, WordPress, Apache Web Server, etc.) have gotten a long overdue upgrade.


And now, time for promotions and new user announcements!

  • EG_SpaceNinJA has decided to step down as Moderator, and has such been given the venerable Veteran rank
  • pfleegore has been promoted as our first new VIP, for his extended help during the server setup
  • WayneTheGoblin, my friend in-real-life, has joined and been given the rank of Master
  • ZackBlaze164 has earned the rank of Master
  • Revith has recently joined and been granted the rank of Apprentice so far

Congratulations to everyone!

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