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Dynmap, Economy, and Donations!

Hey, everyone!

I have three quick announcements:

Dynmap Issues

I'm aware that the Dynmap is having trouble, and players are unable to log in.  It's actually a bug I ran across previously, but I had fixed it easily before.  Now, nothing I seem to do is getting it to work.  I am aware of the issue and still working on it, so bear with me!

Economy Trends Page

I've been able to add a page to the blog which details all of the recent price trends on the economy!  This should tremendously help shop owners or other traders determine a market to sell.  Remember, it always benefits you to buy from another player, as it will always be cheaper than the Global Shop.  Also, you'll be helping someone else get more Talons for their goods.  It's a simple win-win!

Anyways, check out the Current Price Trends page. It is very Spartan right now, but I will spruce it up soon.

Donations are Available!

Well, I know several of you were asking, and I'm happy to say that I've gotten the donations page up and ready!  You should see the links above under the Donations column.  Here are the new pages:

Donations - Donate to the server here, and see what donation perks are available!

Hall of Donors - A page where all donors will be recognized and thanked for their support of Eagleworld

New Server Fund - What the donations are all about.  See how we're doing and how far we have until we have a new server to play on!


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