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Hold your Horses!

Okay, that's a really bad title, but I couldn't resist...

As most of you know, the 1.6.1 update just came out this morning, dubbed the Horse Update.  We have plenty of great items to look forward to, including the new food mechanic (you farmers might actually get more Talons for your wares), Horses and complementary items (hay bales, leads, horse armor, etc.), Hardened Clay, Stained Clay (great for your pixel art and you people that like colored items), Carpets, Name Tags, and more fun!

But, as usual, it takes a long time for things to r0ll downhill on the Multiplayer side.  So, we're going to have to wait awhile for 1.6.1, but I will get it going as soon as possible.  So, in the meantime, Eagleworld.net will stay on 1.5.2 until further notice.  More info below on what needs to be done...

How the server will be upgraded

For the uninitiated, here's a quick rundown what I have to do between every update to make sure the server actually works on the new version:

  • Prepare the staging environment by duplicating the production server to staging
  • Wait for a somewhat usable build of Bukkit (preferably recommended, but beta and alpha builds might be needed)
  • Test which plugins do not work with the new build and wait for new builds of those
  • Develop a buglist and figure out what needs to be updated/fixed before we can go live
  • Keep updating Bukkit and the plugins until we get a somewhat usable server
  • Once we're ready to go live, roll out the plugin updates and config changes to production

This can take a while, depending on how long it takes for Bukkit to be made stable.  It can take as little as a week, as long as two months.  It is all depends on how fast Bukkit gets updated, and how well the plugin maintainers adapt to all of the changes.

Unfortunately, until Mojang gets off their asses and develops an official Minecraft API, we have to wait like this, because everything immediately breaks every time Minecraft gets updated.  I can't make it go faster without sacrificing the stability of the server.

What you need to do

The good news is that if you don't do anything, you'll still get to play on Eagleworld.  You cannot get 1.6.1 without updating to the latest launcher.  The other good news is the latest launcher allows you to select which version of Minecraft you want to play, so you can easily juggle the latest and greatest update with 1.5.2, so you can test out the Horses and stuff while still playing on Eagleworld.

However, I have heard of many issues with the latest launcher, and I am recommending that you do not use the latest launcher until Eagleworld gets updated.  If you wish to do so anyway, that's your choice, but problems with the latest launcher will not be supported until we're on 1.6.1.  As you might know by now, the latest updates of Minecraft usually have big issues that take time to get fixed, so I expect nothing else but more of the same with this launcher.  Even the Bukkit team doesn't try to play with Minecraft until they patch it a couple of times these days, so don't expect good stuff right off the bat.

Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted on the progress, but sit tight and I'll get us updated as soon as possible.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Didn’t even know there was an update, sounds pretty exciting though!

  2. Sounds good to me will wait to patch.

  3. Nay! Tis a scratch of a patch!

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