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Update Updates, and Dynmap is back!

Hey, everyone!  Just a quick update to keep everyone in the loop...

Dynmap is Fixed!

So, I finally figured out the issue.  Turns out the /var filesystem was full on Delorean which was responsible for handling sessionIDs and cookies for the web data, so a quick purge and we're back in business.  However, for you to be able to chat again, you will need to re-register on Dynmap, otherwise you will be able to log in, but not chat nor see the extra maps.

To re-register, type /dynmap webregister in-game and put the code in the registration form on Dynmap login.  Feel free to use the same password.  Once you do that, you will be logged in and ready to chat and see your maps!

Horse Update Updates

So, as you probably are aware, Minecraft updated to 1.6.2, again throwing a monkey wrench into everything.  Thankfully, the Bukkit team just came out with a 1.6.2 development build, so I can start to work on updating again.  However, it's going to be very unstable, and I will probably have to wait before I'm comfortable with a golive.

If you're looking for to-the-minute updates on what's going on, I'm putting all my upgrade notes out in the open, this time, so you can see exactly where I am: Update Thread

To Eagleworld Staff

I will eventually need help testing some things on the 1.6.2 thread.  Please keep checking the thread above to make sure nothing is hanging on testing.  It will be far less intensive than when we rolled out the server, so it should be quick and relatively painless to test.  Thanks!

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  1. I can confirm the confirmation has been confirmed.

  2. Hi Pete,

    Just wondering if everything is still running? I’ve just got the bug to play a bit of Tekkit again, and saw my budding refinery was still there on the Dynmap. I’ve found the information to log into the Survival server (port 25565), but can’t refind the details for the Tekkit server anywhere. I tried registering on the forums too, but can’t post for some reason.

    While I’m on, another quick question – would the whole “blaze rod macerates into 5 powder, but only requires 2 to remake it” count as an exploit which is banned, or is that seen as a legitimate Tekkit process? I’m unclear on whether the economy stuff only applies to the Survival server or to both.



  3. what happened i know i dissapeared for a long time there but i didnt think the server would dissapear too
    im back was sick now not so sick and i miss you guys

  4. Yea, it’s been dead for a while. I keep checking in hopes that Pete will get a wild hair and get it going again. In the meantime, I’m over at Ecocity trying to build stuff.

    • you see pete you see we all still love you please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      oh and ecocity whats that like never heard of it

      im almost tempted to make eagleworld myself almost but i just dont think i could do it justice

  5. I dont think Pete will EVER be totally done with Eagleworld but he needed a break.

    As for Neph and I we have moved on to a new project. I still check in here now and then to see the old crowed though.

    • nice to see im not the only one just popped in for no real reason other then to see if it was still here and maybe up and running again

  6. hey pete cant seem to login to the forums so I hope you see this help

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