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Playing Admin

So I have something I would like to talk to ALL the players of the Delorean server about an issue I have with ALL of you,
I'm super sick of people "playing admin" when we get new players if you are not an admin DO NOT ask them to read the rules or go to the blog or what their age is! I cant stress this enough. we have our system we want to hear(see) how people react to the questions and be able to see if their ip logged to the webpage.. IF there is not an admin on you can try to get a hold of an admin, there are several ways to contact both Peter(Eaglerock1337) and I(Runninghobo) OR just tell them to come back later simple as that.

Now I would like to make a point that if I see anyone else playing admin from here on out there WILL be consequences to your actions.

Now thank you for reading this here little post, have a great night and a fun Easter tomorrow


Posted by runninghobo

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  1. Well put. We have a system that is more elaborate than the simple questions we ask. Asking this stuff for us throws everything off and makes our jobs harder. You might be trying to help, but you are doing the opposite. Thanks for your cooperation on this!

  2. I understand why for the stated reasons and all, but now the problem is I don’t know what I can say to someone when they come in. first day I was on, I became builder and then the same day got in trouble for doing this because I told someone to go the blog :).

    if I understand it’s mainly
    – don’t tell them go to the blog / read the rules / etc.
    – specifically do not ask their age.

    but can I tell them about the basic commands they have access to (warp), tell them about how things on the server work. basically is it mainly the two items above that are a problem or is it generally telling guests too much?

    • Definitely some valid questions. Allow me to briefly clarify:

      The reason we don’t want people “playing admin” is because I have many little things in place to see the kind of person they are. For example, the “please read the description” in the server title depicts to me whether or not the person is attentive enough to see a simple request. In the server description, it states the person MUST view the blog before joining.

      By you asking or referring to the blog, you are giving them a hint and that test doesn’t work anymore. While I as the head admin can scour web access logs and minecraft console history, someone like Nick, who is also an admin, cannot. By you saying such things, you are making it more difficult for us to evaluate people, as you are removing the tests we have in place. This basically applies to many more little tests I perform without people even knowing. For example, don’t tell someone about /rules, as they might read the 13-or-older rule and lie about their age if they are in fact under 13.

      The point is, you might inadvertently give a hint for a form of testing I perform that you didn’t even know about…so just be careful what you say.

      In regards to warping and helping out players with commands, that’s fine. Telling them that typing /warp gives a list of warps and giving them a server tour is actually a very good idea. Basically, anything they can find out while connected to the server itself is okay (except for the rules…let them discover that themselves).

      Let me know if this clarified the situation and if you have any more questions. I might update this post regarding this if need be.

  3. basically don’t tell them rules/guidelines because you want to see their reaction / answers directly. I think I understand it, I just have been wary of even talking to guest beyond saying hi in case I didn’t fully understand.

    since we’re talking about it, what if they start specifically asking for rules can we direct them somewhere? or just tell them to wait for someone? obviously they should have already seen the rules but asking is at least trying.

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