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Updated Rules and Beta 1.5 Updates

Hey everyone!

I've got two major things to cover here today, so I'll do them in one post:

Updated Rules/Blog Info

Please kick on over to the Server Info page and check out the new Server Rules.  I've also adjusted the Important Info under Server Settings.  I've made things a bit more concise and clear, as well as added a few rules.  No real surprises here...just stuff I've been enforcing for a while but weren't officially part of the rules.

I also changed around the New Players page a bit and made it a bit easier to read.  I trimmed some of the language and made it more concise and to the point.

Beta 1.5 Updates

Several of you have been bugging me about this, so let me give an update about where we stand.  Right now, there is no recommended build for Bukkit that works with Beta 1.5.  There IS a Bukkit version that will work with Beta 1.5, but it is untested and buggy.  Also, I did a quick scan to see which plugins were updated for 1.5...not many.  So, if I update now, we'll have a buggy Bukkit plugin, half support for the plugins that do work, and a bunch of plugins that don't.  Not what we want, is it?

If you want more info on this, the Bukkit team has a post on it: Link Here

For those of you too lazy to click the link, here's what the Bukkit team said about updating to 1.5:

"We have completed the update to Minecraft 1.5_02 (and have had it done for a while now) and are working out a few issues before we promote a recommended build. A TEST ONLY build is available but we highly recommend that you wait until we promote a Recommended Build before putting it on your production server."

In other words, Bukkit is not ready for production yet.  If you're still not convinced and are saying, "But Eagle, can't we just use a version that works?  They said they have a build, it's just not recommended."  Well, here's another statement regarding the Bukkit Team on non-recommended versions:

"Only Recommended Builds have gone through extensive testing. Anything else could result in unforeseen problems like Bukkit eating your cake or your world. You have been warned."

I'm not dealing with that.  So, we wait.  Might I remind you the server is working 100% with Beta 1.4.  Everything is functional, and we have no issues whatsoever.  The only issue on the server right now is a severe case of SNS Syndrome.

Speaking of SNS Syndrome, I will be making another post soon about how to back up your Minecraft Directory to test the new versions of Minecraft, yet keeping the old one so you can still play on Eagleworld.  Stay tuned!

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. SNS strikes again!!!

  2. There is a VERY easy solution if you are unable to deal with the idea of sticking with what works, and not waiting for 1.5 to lose the bugs.

    Place your PC in a padded box
    Label the box:
    Capitol Post office

    Place 1$ usd in postage on box.
    Let postal carrier pick it up.

    Wait 1 month for post office to return your computer stamped [Incorrect Postage]

    Log in, find eagleword is now 1.5 !


  3. Be advised, my previous comment was satire. Feel free to Google the word.

    Also the previous steps will remove any feelings of lonelyness you feel, as you will be placed on a special list the FBI maintains.. which will give you lots of new friends. ( not so much satire as you might hope here)

  4. I myself am actually rather glad I updated, as I needed a break from the server. And so far, my singleplayer map is fuckin’ awesome! Here’s the Seed for it if you want:


    Best place for a fun house building project, the coordinates are as follows:

    (29, 68, 314)


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