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Minecraft Beta 1.5_02 Updates and Changes

Hey, everyone!

Well, the Bukkit team put out their recommended build yesterday for Beta 1.5_02.  For those of you still grumbling about it, the wait was warranted.  The team had a lot of work to do not just working on Beta 1.5, but restructuring their entire update process.  Let's remember they're not coding in Logo here...there's a lot of effort that goes into this.  Try to curb that immediate gut reaction of chagrin and show some appreciation for these guys.  They DO make Bukkit for free, after all.  :-)

Anyway, let me go over everything you need to know about Beta 1.5.  Yes, you need to read it.  Everyone's gonna complain about it, you might as well read the page of info I have for you regarding the updates.

Server Changes

Here's the quick view of what I actually had to update this release:

  • Minecraft - Now on Beta 1.5_02 (no, that's not a typo...the server is on 1.5_02)
  • Craftbukkit - Now on Build 733
  • BigBrother - Now on a development snapshot of 1.8
  • LWC - Now on 2.31

Nothing really outstanding here.  All other plugins seem to be working in a stable manner (or, at least as stable as they were in 1.4...).  Note that some of these plugins are not being actively developed, but seem to still work (such as SimpleShop and LocalShops).

Permission Changes and New Kits

I've tweaked some of the permissions in the game, and added a bunch of new kits!  Some of these were requested, some I came up with myself.  Here's the list:

  • /tptoggle - Guests now have access.  Now, you guys can use /tpa to show guests around.
  • /tpdeny - Guests now have access.  Allows guests to clear existing /tpa or /tpahere requests.
  • /kit bedtime - New Architect kit.  Gives you 1 bed to allow server-synchronized sleeping.
  • /kit armor - New Artisan kit.  Gives you a full set of leather armor.
  • /kit snowballs - New Artisan kit.  Gives you a full stack of snowballs.
  • /kit jewellry - New VIP kit.  Gives you 1 watch and 1 compass.
  • /kit doggie - New VIP kit.  Gives you 8 bones and 8 cooked pork for use in taming/healing wolves.
  • /kit cookie - New Mod kit.  Gives you 1 cookie.
  • /kit boobtasmic - Restricted to admins only (per Runninghobo's request).

Known Dynmap Issues

Currently, the Dynamic Server Map seems to have some problems on the new release.  The web page seems to work fine when in top-down view.  Chatting, user locations, and map scrolling works perfectly.  However, when you switch to isometic view, the web page crashes.  I have to look into this to see what is going wrong.  I might be able to fix this with a simple plugin reinstallation, but it could take me a while to fix.  Note that complaining about this to me will not fix the plugin.  Thanks.

Otherwise, Business as usual

Besides, the changes above, the server is the same as it was before.  Towny, iConomy, FlatEarth, and everything else you're used to is the same as usual.  I hope everyone enjoys Beta 1.5!

P.S. - I still owe you the jar backup tutorial...I'll post that this week.

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. Sweet! Thanks Pete! But it seems that this has only temporarily cured SNS syndrome. I can’t wait for the day when its actually cured. :P

  3. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the Artisans to get Iron Armor while the builders get the leather armor?

  4. wouldnt free diamonds make more sense?

  5. If Artisans get Iron armor then VIP and up should get diamond… Which is, totally not fair. at all.

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