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Eagleworld updated to 1.7.3

Hey, everyone!

This is just a quick note that Eagleworld is now on version 1.7.3 of Minecraft. Feel free to update and join! Thankfully, the update went through without any averse regressions or bugs that I can see. Here's a quick synopsis of what I did:

  1. Minecraft SMP is now on 1.7.3 and up-to-date.
  2. The Piston Bugs (and the resulting dupe bugs) should be resolved.
  3. Craftbukkit is temporarily on a non-canon version put out by Dinnerbone, one of the head developers.  Once the Bukkit Team fixes all of the dev cycle problems they had due to the delay of the 1.7.3 update, they will release a recommended build and I will update accordingly.
  4. Essentials has been updated to the latest version and appears stable.  New commands, too!
  5. LWC is an all-new version, but the functionality appears to be the same, so no new commands to learn.
  6. CreativeStick is updated as well.  Functionality is pretty much the same.
  7. BigBrother is updated and caught up to the latest MC functionality.  Server protection is the same as it always was
  8. Dynmap is a new version!  Also, I've installed the Landmarks plugin to allow us to label things on the server.  I'm working out the details more, but you can see two examples at the spawn point and The Capitol.
  9. iConomy, LocalShops, Townymod, and FlatEarth are unchanged.  No new version, still work 100%.

I still need to update the help page so you can get a view of all the latest commands.  It's going to take me a while to parse through the whole thing and update it.  Honestly, I'm really tired and can't do it right now.  If you're that desperate to find out (which I suspect), go to the Essentials Command Guide and figure it out yourself for now.

And for those of you that thinks this is easy, it's not.  If you're bitching about why I don't have any new mods or that it took longer than you wanted, take a small look at some of the stuff I have to configure every time we update:

Spoiler Inside: Permissions Config File for Eagleworld
Spoiler Inside: Essentials Config File for Eagleworld


And these are just two configs out of the whole list I have.  Just two.   These are also in YAML format, which makes it more difficult.  While YAML is not difficult syntax, if you accidentally put one thing out of order (e.g. one of the subitems in a group is just ONE SPACE OFF, or if I use a tab instead of 4 spaces), the whole plugin will crash and cause the server to crash.  If that happens, I get to scour the logs to figure out which plugin crashed, then I get to scour through this entire file to find the one damn thing that's off.  It doesn't help that sometimes a tab can be disguised as spaces if they line up in my text editor.

Also, when it comes to configuring each plugin, I have to scour through the whole list of permissions (This is iConomy's for example, and this is a small one) for every updated plugin.  If any permissions have changed at all, I have to go through and revalidate all of the permissions for that plugin to make sure functionality won't break when I update.  It's tedious and slow.  And this is all AFTER I manage to get all of the plugins to work on the latest Minecraft SMP and Bukkit build.

Now, I get the fun of translating that permissions file you saw above into something you can use on the Help Page.  Otherwise, I'll get nothing but complaints that you can't do what you want to do.  So even after I'm done, I still get 5-10 hours of work scouring through this crap making sure the blog is updated.

This latest update took roughly 10 hours to do so far.  And no, this is not fun.  It's tedious, boring, mind-numbing, and painful.  Testing new plugins and actually playing the game is fun.  Unfortunately, both of those activities as of late tend to give me more work to do on the server...

One last thing: You can expect some more promotions this weekend, so stay tuned!

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. sweeet!!! youre the best pete!

  2. Awesome!

    How long do you think it will take to integrate 1.8 when it comes out? I kid I kid don’t kill me! :P

    seriously though, great job, thank you for all the hard work you put in for us leeches.

  3. Thanks for all the hardwork Eagle!

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