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More Server Work – Help Page Updated

Hi, everyone!

I finally managed to get the Help Page updated to reflect the latest changes in the server commands.  There are a bunch of new commands out there and an adjustment of permissions across the board, so be sure to look at the commands for your rank and the ones below you to see what you now have the ability to do.

Just one note: The Mods have two commands listed that are not yet in the version of Essentials on Eagleworld: /nuke and /fireball.  These will be implemented in the 2.5 version of Essentials, which is not stable yet.  Once it is stable, I will be rolling it out to Eagleworld, and these commands will be available.

The next step on the server overhaul is redoing the global shop.  I know there are items missing from the shop (most notably slime), but I have to go over the whole list of items and balance out the prices.

Keep posted!

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  1. a new craftbukkit recommended build is out

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