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Important: Should we start anew?

Hey, everyone!

Okay, I've got some plans down the pipeline, especially with 1.8 coming out, and I want to get a consensus from the active players on what to do.  I implore ALL of you to read this and leave at least one comment to have your voice heard, as this is important to you and your creations on Eagleworld.

Eagleworld has been running for almost a year, and the game has changed drastically since we started on Minecraft Alpha.  The game has introduced many new items, and the map format has changed drastically.  Additionally, 1.8 is going to have a large change to the map structure, including a much higher ceiling.  So, suffice it to say a lot of the spawned area Eagleworld has is, well, outdated.

Also, in that year, the players have done a damn good job of pillaging the land for all the good stuff.  :-)  So, after a year, the map has many good creations, but has a lot of "exploited territory" laying in ruin as well.  As such, now might be a good time to start anew.

Start anew?  Does that mean I lose all my crap?

Not exactly.  I'd like to get a consensus from the players as to whether or not they are okay with this first.  Second, all your creations and hard work would not just disappear.  As most of you know, I don't settle for second-best with how I run this place, so it would be a lot better than just dumping everything and starting anew.

Here's what will stay the same:

  • All members would retain their ranks, and there would be no change to that system at all.
  • All players would retain their Talons, and the banking system would be the same.
  • I will create a new Global Shop and let players create new player shops as I did before.
  • Players will be allowed to bring all of their items over to the new map.

Here is what will change:

  • Once 1.8 comes out, Eagleworld will be updated as per the normal update procedure.
  • Once the server is on 1.8, I will create a new map called Eagleworld2 (note the server can support multiple maps).
  • The nether's map will be purged and be started fresh.
  • Townymod data will be purged completely and new towns will be allowed to form on the new map.
  • Players will start playing on the new map, forming towns again.
  • All players are allowed to use their resources from the old map on the new one, but are recommended to not destroy their old creations, as the old map will be kept around.
  • Not Guaranteed - With the help of WorldEdit, Admins will allow players to select one building/structure of their choice to be copied to the new world.  For example, in my case, I would "copy" my mansion and bring it over to the new world.
  • Once the transition is complete, the old Eagleworld map will be frozen and exist as a museum.  This way, we can start anew, but you can still show off all your hard work to other players.

Here's what will happen to the towns:

  • All the old Towny data will be removed.  All players and towns will start fresh.
  • I will lay claim to the new Capitol City and mark the land first (hey, my server guys :-))
  • I encourage ALL active players to have a town to join.  I would rather more structure than not inside towns.
  • The new towns can be based off of old ones, or completely new ones can be formed...it's all up to you.
  • In terms of claiming space, I will make sure towns have the ability to claim the land they need, as I am aware we had problems with this in the past.
  • I will accept applications for new towns, but those towns need to have a definitive citizen list, mayor, location, theme, etc.
  • Everyone can apply, but realize the more organized groups/mayors will have a better chance than less organized ones.
  • Once we get settled on the new map, I encourage more players to set up home base inside towns, not scattered in the wilderness.  Wilderness building is fine, of course, but I would rather see towns be more active than less active.

What I need from you people

I need to know what people think about this.  It is going to take a lot of work to do this, but I believe it will be worth it,  However, it'll only be worth it if everyone is on-board with the idea, and people will actually play on the server.  Note that once we transition to 1.8 and the map is reset, I will start promoting the server more aggressively to bring in new blood.  So, I ask every player on the server to make a comment to this post! Your opinion is very important, so please make sure your voice is heard.

Please note the following in your comment:

  • Are you for or against this move for Eagleworld?  Please explain why/why not.
  • How important is the ability to copy a structure from the old world to the new one to you?
  • Would this move make you play more or less on Eagleworld?
  • Do you like or dislike that players will retain their items/Talons?
  • Do you like how the Towny system will be handled?
  • Finally, any additional comments/suggestions are welcome.

Like I said before, I am NOT doing anything without first getting a voice from the players, so don't worry about the changes just yet.  They will not take place until the server is on 1.8 anyway, so we have time to deliberate.  I want to get a feeling from the players first, and from there I can get a more definitive plan.

On that note, I welcome your comments/suggestions!  Please make sure to respond, as it is highly important I hear from everyone!  Thanks!

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. My opinion has already been voiced, but I’ll restate just for clarity. I am completely on board with this and in fact, a little excited if it goes through. The world edit thing would be cool just so I could get my glass dome that I worked so hard on, but it’s not a game changer. And a new world means new shit to discover, so i will definitely play more, if that is even possible lol. But when you make your decision, can we get a time frame if possible? Just so I know how long I have to prepare, not being impatient. :)

    hmm.. for my own self I wouldn’t mind starting over. I think some people might be irritated but you have definitely tried to cover that with the museum/copy over ideas.

    Would be a nice possibility, a lot of people would prob take advantage of this. I think I’d just start everything over though. I am in the middle of building a few things, but some of them have been irritating me because I didn’t plan in the beginnng properly so I have thought of starting over anyways.

    more at first then prob the same. 1.8 might add/change a lot of things tho.

    very like. how would items be retained? anything in your inventory on the switch over gets switched over? could we designate some chests to take? I guess that could be like/with the structure copy over.

    sounds good. I think with a new map, towns should start over too. existing communities can always regroup. some mayors would prob like to copy over the whole town if it’s large. will you have limits on size for copy overs?

    Will there be gameplay related changes to the game because of 1.8? seems there are a lot of changes in it.
    I would like endermen to be around if you need to decide whether to enable them. :)

  3. something I’ve wondered about. I don’t know if something like this would have to be done with towny or if there are other plugins that could do this. is there any possibility of having something where people could claim an area? like you could claim an area for mining that would be sort of protected. or at least it would be easy for people to know someone claimed it.

    might be more trouble than it’s worth. just a thought that occurs to me everytime I dig into someone elses tunnel :)

  4. Here are some answers for Sanctus and ljdarten:

    Time frame: it will be soon after 1.8. I will install all the mods I need along with updating the server to 1.8. Actually creating the new world will not take long at all. The long part will be Users transferring their items and the structure copying, but the new world will be accessible the whole time.

    Item copying: users can simply transfer them themselves. Both new and old maps will be accessible at all times thanks to the /world command. You type /world eagleworld for the old world, or /world eagleworld2 for the new one. Also, warps and /home are smart enough to take you to the right world.

    Endermann: if he can happily exist without destroying everyone’s crap, he will come to eagleworld. Otherwise, towns will always be protected as usual, and the wilderness is what you have to worry about.

    Town blocks: I will work with the new mayors to make sure they get an appropriate amount of town blocks. I can give bonuses if needed. Also, now that we are starting fresh, players can buy plots that the mayors can sell for a price. Plots can be given extra protections by the resident that owns it.

    Let me know if you have more questions, as I will be happy to clarify anything.

  5. An idea! To encourage people to join towns, make creeper protection only inside towns? Maybe a little drastic but i think it would be beneficial.

    • I assume you mean building protection? that would suck. I would have lost a lot of stuff in wilderness without it. I guess that’s the point though.

      • I mean on the new map, so people will be more inclined to join towns and the towns can expand faster.

        • yeah but same thing going forward, I’ve gotten used to not losing buildings in wilderness due to creepers :)

          • thats not a town thing thats a serverwide thing, towns blank out creepers entirly.

          • Poast,

            He’s referring to the potential changes we were discussing. One suggestion was to remove creeper blast protection to encourage building of structures primarily in towns. I am toying with the idea, as it might make sense for wilderness structures to require fortification from creepers/endermen. I’m still undecided at this point, though.

    • I was actually considering this, but I really do have to find a better way to make towns more beneficial. Maybe creeper protection will persist, but enderman protection will not? I dunno. Either way, I will make sure towns can expand as necessary so there is less incentive to go out to the wilderness because of lack of town space.

  6. Oh so we can just strip all our valuables and such and take them over, cool.
    Also an idea! To encourage people to join towns, make creeper protection only inside towns? Maybe a little drastic but i think it would be beneficial.

    • Yes, you can loot your chests and bring all your stuff over. I would rather people NOT destroy their creations to harvest them for resources, though, just because the old map will not go away and I would like to have stuff to show off in the old world. While I wouldn’t stop anyone from doing it, it’d be a shame for a bunch of buildings to get destroyed just for resources.

      • Well I was mainly thinking of my temple in the nether, and really valuable stuff like diamond/gold/iron block, seeing as how all the stuff i have those on are unfinished.

  7. Change it! Doo eet nao!!!! Yea I don’t mind. I’m a little bored with what I’ve created and would only like to keep my windmill since it’s uber and the rest of my stuff is crap. I’ve been so stuck with my castle and my lamp that I’ve gotten bored. Change will be good tho and definitely beneficial to new and old alike.

  8. You heard some of my opinion but, I think this is a very good idea. I think it will bring more people and gives people a chance to start over. I’m a little confused at how the building copy will work, will the player pick a spot to place it? Will there be space limits to putting the buildings? As for the items go, I don’t really care much, its helpful but we could go without it. I think the towny system will be good, and there wont be like 10 towns that are full of people who left. I myself am probably going to be a lone wolf and build out in the wilderness far out from everyone. (not too far of course) Other than that, I am all for this. I think the old map as a museum will be a cool feature that will make the server somewhat unique.

    • As far as the building copy goes, I can’t say 100% on the process, as I haven’t personally used the mod. However, from what I’ve seen, you can select an area to copy (basically a 3d cube), and you can later paste whatever was in that cube somewhere else. I would allow a person to select the structure they want to keep, and would paste it in an area of their choice.

      For example, let’s pretend you were going to copy your old hotel into a new town. You would ask an admin to help you and advise you want that building copied over to a plot in your new town. The admin would first check with the mayor of the town if that is okay with them, and if so, the admin would do the copy-paste accordingly.

      Depending on where you’re copying from and to, there might be some terrain-leveling that needs to be done after the copy (so the ground from your structure matches up with the surrounding area), but that would be up to the user to do to get to get it how they want.

  9. I’m like the idea of a new world because then the towns can startover and become bigger. It’s very important to be able to copy structures because it takes alot of time and effort to build some of the structures. I like that players can retain talon. Yes. I think that 2 or 3 sructures should be allowed to be carried over.

  10. I think with the stuff they are releasing in 1.8 there would be no point to updating unless we started anew. The map would have to get crazy big to do any new exploring.

    I could care less about items or stuff i like starting fresh

    • that’s what I was thinking. specifically it seems there might be a lot of changes that only come up on map creation. of course I don’t know that that part matters with a custom server right now.

      • Basically, the new stuff would exist, but stuff that is in the earth (e.g. ores, like Lapis Lazuli), would not be in the areas of the map that were spawned before the update. That’s why, for example, tall grass isn’t easily found in Eagleworld, as most of the map was spawned before tall grass existed.

        Basically said, starting fresh will give us a much better leg to stand on, as the entire map would now be up to date…not just the freshly spawned outskirts.

  11. Well you know my opinion seeing i came to you with some rigid ideas about this i do like josh’s idea about only nerfing creepers in town.. and that to form an actual town it needs to be more planned out have a theme and so on. “In terms of claiming space, I will make sure towns have the ability to claim the land they need, as I am aware we had problems with this in the past.” made me laugh ;)

    • Yeah yeah yeah…but I think it will help to give towns the opportunity to expand more, as it will allow for mayors to not be as stingy with their real estate and encourage in-town building more than wilderness building.

  12. My opinion. Make a town show a design before founding. Use the plot feature to assign area to each player. Pay mayors a extra stipend per member in their town. give a free hat to the person with the most members.
    Copy paste into towns only.

  13. itd be nice to have the current map be a place people can go and things can be done like a home base to keep familiar whilst exploring the new frontier.
    i dont feel i’d need to copy a building if the old world was kept nice
    i would like a new place to build new things and have a direction i can walk without hitting someone elses stuff.
    im for this as long as all the chests and old world areas are still open to use.
    i think it would be nice to have some sort of radius around populated areas in the existing map and then use the resources outlying from there to build in the new world of course without making it look hideously mined out.
    i dont think itd be bad.

    • Well, I eventually want to freeze the old map to preserve it. I’d rather everyone eventually completely move off the old map. What I am hoping people do is build their homes, personal structures, workshops, etc. inside towns to use them as a home base. I would prefer the wilderness be used more for mines, farms, and basically resource gathering.

      Obviously there are going to be SOME structures and creations that belong outside towns (for example, Melany plans on building an entire amusement park), but I want to encourage people to build as much as possible inside towns. As a result, I will make sure towns are sufficiently spread apart to allow for large growth and will give mayors more flexibility in claiming space.

  14. I’m excited we’re considering starting over, and happy we will still have access to our old creations. I’m very happy about the ability to move things over, although I don’t have anything I really want to move at the time being, _Nod_ will be very happy to know that his big wilderness construction won’t be lost, his big concern with playing multiplayer was always that he is a very slow builder, and many servers wipe the slate every few months with no way of moving buildings or returning to visit old builds. I think we definitely need the space a new map would give to explore the new features rolling out with 1.8. I was feeling stuck and frustrated with the projects I have right now, a new map would bring new projects, new reasons to play and new things to explore. Not only 1.8 content, but the new space is going to get everyone building and creating which will give us that much more to explore.
    I don’t care whether we keep or lose our talons, but I would appreciate keeping access to my chests. I am content with the way Towny will be handled.
    I guess this means I need to hurry up and finish my unfinished stuff so it’s ready for the museum!

    • I’m glad you and Nod like the move as well. I believe restarting the map will give a lot of motivation for players to come back, too. After all, towns will need to be reformed and build back up from scratch. I know I will be working hard on the new Capitol City and making it far better than the old one. I also believe that if we have all active towns again it will promote town pride and create friendly rivalries to see which towns can be the best. Also, once we start promoting on the Minecraft Forum, there will be plenty of new blood to keep towns pumped with members.

      Also, on my end, I will do my best to try to keep towns active with at least one mayor/assistant that plays regularly and with at least some user base. I will not want too many towns right at the start of the refresh, but like I said, I will definitely give everyone a chance to apply for a town if they wish.

  15. I like the idea of starting fresh but also keeping the soon to be old world as a museum type world.

  16. I really like the idea of starting fresh and I don’t care about any of my stuff going over cause I don’t really have that cool of stuff anyway, and the reason I haven’t been able to play for some time now Is cause I am having the same problem that Sanctus had. I’m working on that with the tech people but anyway I’m down for anything you want to do with the server.

    • Thanks very much. I’m glad everyone is agreeing to this move so far. If you have no structures you wish to move over, that will help us out. However, I definitely encourage you to move all your items (e.g. in your chests) to the new map. It will give everyone a boost and make rebuilding in the new world a lot faster.

  17. ive also got a minor question, whats the seed going to be? can we vote on it?

  18. The Golden Age of Eagleworld shall end.

    The Dark Times of Renewal thus begin.

    • not to quote batman or anything, but the night is darkest just before dawn.

    • I can’t tell whether you like the move or not. Are you okay with the new map? Let me know, as I said everyone’s opinion counts. Thanks!

    • think of the golden age, its just some old ladies getting it on with old dudes. most of them are dead anyway. betty white is killing them for thier life energy.

      i find this to be more like taking over a foreign country that just happened to be uninhabited.

  19. hey this sounds cool im in i know i havent been on long or been around much as of late but that should be changing i hope as i finally get regular internet still it will be hard with work taking so much time and i only seem to get on late at night when no one else is around
    but perhaps some new blood will remedy that as well i havent built much but i would like an oppurtunity to finish my castle in the wild its not much right now but i planed on putting a elevator in and what not as much cool redstone things as i can question when it get turned into a museum will redstone still work would there be any things that may have to be redesigned like clocks needing rebooting yadda yadda anyway either way im in cant wait

  20. Eagleworld’s days have come to an end. After the war (anarchy mode), nothing was left. You wake up in a hospital with the memories of your previous days. You revisit the past in your dreams, exploring what you used to live in, but no longer exists. Everyone speaks of a nation rising up, but from where? They say this will be better, a new start. One night you go to bed, missing your old home, wishing it would be with you again, along with all your previous possessions, like the family painting, passed down from generations, and that house you lived in for so long… So you pray to the gods that if you could only have those things back, then you will be happy… As you wake up the next day, from revisiting your past in your dreams again, you step outside and smell the unfamiliar smell of new lands, because after all, you are. You pull out your walking stick and head over the hill, the sun has just risen and there are cows, sheep, and pigs grazing the land. In the distance you can make out a building, as you move closer you recognize the structure, it is your old home! Body rushing with happiness, you drop your stick and run inside. As soon as you make it inside, you immediately find that the painting passed down for so many generations is there, hanging on the wall, right where you had left it, and all your food, cloths, and even your pet dog wait inside your house, right as you remember. Your prayers were answered, and you are so happy. This IS better, they spoke of the truth! Your old home and possessions, and new lands to explore and conquer. This is the beginning of a new age, an age of new things, the plague of SNS has been nearly wiped out, but still exists without a cure. You make new friends, rid the beasts that once dominated the wilderness, but one night new creatures rise, exit the caves, and take back the wilderness that was once so peaceful… you take a look at one of the monsters, it is tall, with long arms, you watch as it picks up perfect blocks from the earth and grasps them in his hands. You decide to walk in and take a closer look, as you approach the monster turns to face you, you look straight into its eyes, immediately regretting doing so, you stay looking into his eyes, not daring to look away for he would most likely chase you down until your death… So you stand there watching, looking into his eyes. An explosion goes off behind you and you fly forward blacking out. You wake up in a hospital bed thinking “this seems familiar” they tell you this place is better, and I believe them, I have dreams of some other land, a land that once was… This, is the new beginning… of Eagleworld -Tim

  21. Can the seed for Eagleworld2 be GREATEST SEED EVER ?

  22. If we’re voting for seeds I would love to see what we as a group could do with the amazing gargamel seed

  23. I vote for a random seed.. I want to explore and not know whats ahead over the next hill

  24. I think Nick and Tim pose valid points. I change my vote to random seed.

  25. I think starting again makes sense. There’s some fantastic stuff on Eagleworld, but half the reason I’ve stopped playing on here is that I keep stumbling over other peoples’ mines and frustration with a lack of planning in my big building. The other half is real life stuff, but still.

    I think a new map would give me the incentive to start building again.

  26. sounds good. alot of the ores and materials have been mined or are too far to obtain (faaaar away)

  27. This sounds good, I am 75% for the move, and 25% against the move. Moving my 2 structures will be Extremely important to me because it’s the only 2 buildings I have since coming back.(+My farm) This would make me play play Eagleworld more often most likely because of the update. I would like to retain my items and talons because we all worked so hard for them and we could just have our items in a chets and go epxloring and make a new home if we want to start over. I would like the towny system as just like before in 1.7.3. I think I like how this update is going.

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