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Pre-1.8 Preparations

Hey, everyone!

I am happy that so far everyone has unanimously approved of the map restart idea, so that is going to be what will happen to Eagleworld come 1.8.  I am already preparing for all the changes necessary once 1.8 is released.  Since I have a better idea of what's going to happen, I wanted to reiterate what I said in my last post with a bit more clarity, as well as provide a loose timeline of how this is going to roll out.

NOTE: I do apologize that this post is very long and verbose, but I'm putting all this information out there to ensure everyone is informed, and your questions are answered.  I'll update this post as more questions and need for clarifications arise.

Rollout Timeline

  1. Pre-1.8 Preparations
    • I am currently testing the pre-release 1.8 to see how the new features should be handled (new rules, necessary plugins/configs, etc.)
    • Users can finish up structures in the old world and gather resources or earn money to prepare for the new world
    • Users should consider what town they wish to join/found on the new map and prepare or help prepare the town applications
  2. Release-time changes
    • Once 1.8 is officially released, I will wait for a Bukkit release before I generate the new map, and ideally wait for Essentials to get updated as well (Essentials is vital to protecting against creepers/endermen/etc., and usually release the same day as Bukkit anyway)
    • Once Bukkit/Essentials are ready to go, I will implement these on the test server and select our chosen seed
    • I and Eagleworld Staff will help generate the new map as I install/configure all the new mods
    • While on the test server, no building will occur, except for me marking the location of the new Capitol City
    • Once the server is fully tested and ready for cut over, I will push out all the changes to production
    • I cannot guarantee a timeline for how long this will take, as it depends on Mojang, the Bukkit Team, and all our plugin developers, but I am hoping to get it done within a week of 1.8's release.  Again, however, a lot of this is dependent on other people, not me, so I can't give hard timelines.
  3. Migration to the new map
    • Towns will be officially selected and mayors will found their towns with my assistance
    • Members will move into their towns and help build town structures, as well as set up personal homes as well
    • Members will move all their items from the old world to the new, and select their structure to be moved, as well as the location (if possible)
  4. Building migration by Admins (if possible)

    • Users will select their structure to be migrated, and the location of the structure
    • If a structure is to be moved to a town, the mayor will need to approve of the location as well as the admins
    • Admins will then move the structure using WorldEdit as time allows (we are volunteers, after all)
    • Note that users that opt to move their structures into a town will get a bonus.
    • Additionally, users that opt to not move a structure at all will get an even larger bonus
    • I'll decide on the bonuses after I can determine whether or not this is even possible
  5. Lockdown of the old map and finalization of move
    • Once the active users are moved over to the new world, I will make the old one immutable, as to preserve it
    • I will ensure warps remain active (I might rename them for clarity purposes)
    • I will attempt to ensure things such as redstone, mine carts, and the like work in the world, but can't give a guarantee
    • If users come back after a while and wish to reclaim their items/building, I will deal with those on a case-by-case basis.

Rule/Policy Changes

As far as what's going to change/stay the same, here's what I have so far:

Inside Towns

  • Mayors will be responsible for controlling towns as usual, but assistants will need to be run by me in the future
  • Mayors will need to allow for me to put one highway and at least one subway station in their town (the width will be equal to one towny block (16 blocks), and leave the area above/below it for my use (signs, subways, etc.)
  • Mayors are strongly encouraged to use the town plot system to allow for residents to control their own buildings
  • Mayors are strongly encouraged to allow residents to build all their structures inside the town, as opposed to in the wilderness
  • Naturally, towns will have a large demand for space, and will be allowed to get much larger than on the old map
  • I will make it easy for towns to expand to fulfill their needs, as well as ensure towns are far enough apart to not feel cramped for space

The Wilderness

  • The wilderness will remain free to build, but all users are encouraged to build their structures primarily inside towns
  • I will encourage the wilderness to be used more for exploration and mining, or for special structures/creations that are not fitting for a town
  • Since Strongholds will be limited on maps (currently set to 3 according to Jeb's latest remarks), I will make sure Eagleworld's Strongholds are preserved for all users to see and explore (however, the person that finds it will be allowed to loot the chests inside for items)
  • Since chests will now spawn in places like mine shafts, dungeons, and strongholds, unlocked chests in the wilderness will be allowed to be free game (this does NOT apply to chests in towns, public LWC chests, or chests inside an obvious player building)
  • Assuming I can find a way to do this, I will periodically wipe out parts of the wilderness that are solely used for resource gathering and allow for areas to regenerate to keep resources available on the map

The Economy

  • The economy will largely remain unchanged, as users will retain their items and Talons, and salaries are unaffected
  • A new marketplace will be created in Capitol City where users can set up stores (I have not yet decided how it will look...I might even make a mall or a bazaar that users can make stores in or something)
  • Old stores will be deleted, and users will get their stocked items back
  • As before, all players regardless of rank will be allowed to make a store in Capitol City
  • I will hopefully get the worldwide global shop working again, but if I cannot, another physical store will be created, similar to Walmart.


  • The new Eagleworld map will be a random seed based on a string symbolic to Eagleworld
  • I will not release the seed string, to encourage fair play and not allow users to scout for locations/resources
  • The Dynamic Map will stay as usual, and it will show the new map, old map, and the nether
  • Warps from the old world will be preserved but preceded with a string to differentiate the old warps from the new ones
  • Warps as usual will be given out by admins, and warps outside of towns will be created very sparingly


  • I will revamp the New User and Server Info pages to simply them and include the updated information
  • Eagleworld will be promoted on both MC Server list and the Minecraft Forums to encourage new users to join
  • Users will still be tested to ensure trustworthy, mature players join the server
  • I will retain the referral system bonus for players
  • Users will still be promoted based on trustworthiness, maturity, and activeness on the server as usual (I am aware some of  you are overdue for promotions, but I will straighten that all out after 1.8 is out)

What I need from you

So far, everyone's been very good at voicing their opinions about this change, and I greatly appreciate your feedback so far.  If you have opinions or whatnot about this, please feel free to add a comment to this post.

I do have some other questions for everyone, and would appreciate you answering them:

  • How do you feel about the shift to building primarily in towns as opposed to the wilderness?
  • What would make you more willing to build in a town as opposed to sticking to the wilderness?
  • What is your opinion on creepers/endermen in the wilderness?
  • Do you have any concerns about 1.8 or the changes being made to Eagleworld?

Again, as before, I do take your opinions very seriously.  Also, your feedback has not just made decisions easier for me, but brought my attention to things I had not accounted on.  So please  speak up if you have something to say, as I want to ensure if we are going to make this huge change, I do it in the best way possible for everyone!

Thanks for your time!


Posted by EagleRock

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  1. I must say. on the joining towns thing. you may want to talk to me about join spaceninjas and mine. its gonna be very shnazzy. chat me next time you(anybody) sees me on skype or steam and i’ll be happy to show you the plans

  2. Q. How do you feel about the shift to building primarily in towns as opposed to the wilderness?
    A. I think this will make the map overall have a better appearance to it rather than things just scattered all about the map.

    Q.What would make you more willing to build in a town as opposed to sticking to the wilderness?
    A. Towns have a higher chance of someone seeing your stuff, so it makes a good place to show off your house.

    Q.What is your opinion on creepers/endermen in the wilderness?
    A. I think this will make people want to build in town more, since the endermen or creepers cant get them there. I also think it makes going into the wilderness a bit more of a challenge.

    Q.Do you have any concerns about 1.8 or the changes being made to Eagleworld?
    A. Not at the moment, everything so far sounds fair, reasonable, and well thought out.

  3. My only concern is that Jeb is now saying that they are going to work more on bioms in 1.9, seeing as there is currently no snow/ice among other things. Should we worry about this? Or just cut parts of the map off that aren’t towns when 1.9 is out?

    • I honestly have no idea what to do. I believe it won’t be a serious issue, only because the major changes (such as the height of the map) will be implemented. I’d appreciate more thoughts form others on this matter.

      • Then I’ll wait to submit my town application until 1.9 if that is alright. And that way I can see what other people come up with and learn from them, sense I’m not too experienced with running a town.

  4. what i’d like to know is what are the planned towns?
    how far apart will they be?
    a question ive asked myself a few times is would i like to join a town or make one?
    what do you have to have to qualify for creating a town?
    oh dude, i just got a great idea for a town, ill talk to you about it later.

    • There are no planned towns yet. I will accept applications for new towns when the server is updated. By the time people are allowed to log on the new map, only one town will be founded: Capitol City. After that, I will accept applications and found towns based on the best applications with the most backing.

      If you want to apply for a town, having some time on the server is a must (getting to Architect or higher is obviously a plus). I am looking for complete town designs with a name, theme, desired terrain, town layout planning, town policy planning, and a list of users on-board with the town if it becomes one. Once you got that, come to me and we can talk. :-)

  5. I like the idea if buildings only in towns because if you see a random building in the wilderness you will think that it is part of a town. I would rather build in a town where everyone can see the progress and mayors can check on your progress. Enderman only in the wild would be cool because if your building something and one kills you and makes you lose your stuff it sucks. Please try to fix the back command because on eagleworld right now it doesn’t work for me.

    • Well, no hostile mobs would be in towns, and I’d use Essentials to ensure Endermen are included in that list.

      As far as the /back command, it isn’t broken. It only teleports you back if it is safe to do so. That is by design. If you die in lava, it will not teleport you back into the lava to die again. It even says this right on the Help Page on the blog.

  6. I am honestly more of a wilderness guy. I like my peace and tranquility =)

    The changes sound great, nevertheless. Can’t wait for the race to find the strongholds lol.

  7. I don’t really have much to add. everything sounds great.

  8. This is a little off topic but…I’d like to have my mod color changed sometime.

  9. How do you feel about the shift to building primarily in towns as opposed to the wilderness?
    its cool long as there is plenty of space to build nothing is censored ie creativity is not stifled with in reason

    What would make you more willing to build in a town as opposed to sticking to the wilderness?
    lots of room and maybe possible ability to purchase more land so to speak

    What is your opinion on creepers/endermen in the wilderness?
    awesome makes it more adventures to go outside towns

    Do you have any concerns about 1.8 or the changes being made to Eagleworld?
    not really its out now and it looks awesome though i am wondering about 1.9 with snow being re added and what not but Im sure its no biggie

    on another note have you considered making a place here on the blog to town discussion where we can discuss our town ideas and gathers ppl who want to join our town as not everyone is in the same time zone this would facilitate equal opportunity for town creation iv been thinking it would be nice to create a town with a ravine running through it and bridges and cave dwellings and waterfalls and what not but i don’t know if anyone would want to live there and i don’t have everything hammered out like layout and theme though i guess it would be mining and and mountainous living like dwarfish and im a big fan of redstone now that i can use it without lagging (thanks Mac your the best) anyway as Im not on much when other ppl are i have no way other then here to really communicate it to others just an idea

    anyway really psyched about the new map and i decided i don’t want to move anything over just start fresh i do however want some more time to finish my house and store and castle not sure how much i need but i hate to leave them there half finished i know the store is done but my house sucks and the castle is only about 25% done i could just tear the castle down but then all that stone becomes cobble again not cool if maybe you could tear it down and preserve my stone for me that would be cool and the house in tundra well i could just tear it down but then i would have no home when i went to visit the old map lol

    anyway let me know your thoughts thanks

  10. I’ll be back!

    And all of the above looks fine with me.

  11. Thi is making me excited about restarting! I’ve been looking up castle designs on google, designed a massive one on Paint, and just spent a few hours mining out and cooking a load of stone to build with. I wonder how far 24 stacks of stone and 14 stacks of cobblestone will get me?

    • I’m sure it’ll get you pretty far. Don’t forget that the global shop will still be available, even though player shops will need to be re-established. You can still get a ton of cobblestone with your salary!

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