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Server Upgrade Status #5 (Almost There!)

Hellllo, everyone!

Well, I did in fact get crap done on Christmas as you might have seen on the Twitter feed...I also got a bit done today as well.  We are very close to a full release.  As you can see below, very little is holding us up at this point:

Server Upgrade Progress

Fully installed, configured, tested, and is 100% ready to go live:

  • Minecraft 1.0.1 with Bukkit 1.0.1-R1 (a.k.a. craftbukkit build 1597 for you astute readers out there)
  • Essentials 1.7.2 with GroupManager (Permissions plugin)
  • Multiworld 2.4.4
  • LWC 4.0.2.  Yes, all your chest protection is safe!
  • Hawkeye 1.0.5b (the replacement to BigBrother)
  • iConomy 6.0.8b (Celty)
  • Dynmap 0.27 (Base plugin, Towny addon, and map configuration)
  • EndReset 0.3 (plugin to reset The End after the Ender Dragon has been defeated)
  • WorldEdit 5.0 (plugin for admins to migrate users' structures from the old map to the new one)
  • CreativeStick 1.11 (Yes, mods, your happy tool is back!)
  • ServerLogSaver 2.0 (just to make my life easier so I don't have to configure log rotation on my own...)
  • Towny - Non-stable release, but actively updated so far...
  • GiantShop 1.6.2 - Installed/configured, but items have not yet been added.

Stuff on my to-do list before we go live:

  • Install a stable Towny build when available
  • Input all the Global Shop list/prices
  • Continue testing with Mods/Admins
  • Found the following pre-approved towns: Thrice, Ironforge
  • Purge all new maps and regenerate them fresh

Stuff that will NOT make it to the live server at launch:

  • Increased map height.  There is NO good answer at all for SMP.  Period.  If you know of one we can use, PLEASE let me know!
  • Player Shops - I will need time to set up the Capitol Mall anyway, so don't worry too much.  There ARE plugins out there, they are just not reliably updated yet.

Therefore, I think it's safe to say Eagleworld will be back before the new year!  By the way, if we get everything else done and Towny is still not stable, I am comfortable with going live without the stable build.  I'm done waiting, too.  Honestly, Towny IS working fairly well, and I am personally willing to redo Towny if necessary in case of massive mod explosion.  A little calculated risk never hurt no one (okay, it does, but regardless...).

Town Updates

Not much to say about town approvals other than what was said before.  No new town applications, no new pledges, everything is as it was before.

I am now letting mayors choose their starting location for their towns at this point, as promised.  Here's the status on these towns:

Capitol City is already founded and plots claimed.  I don't expect the Capitol to get much larger than it is, but I am of course reserving the option to expand it if needed (I have a feeling it will be, eventually...).

Thrice is almost ready to be founded and some plots claimed.  Runninghobo, SpaceNinja, and SanctusTerra (Mayor and assistants of Thrice) have found a suitable location roughly 5km south and 1.3km west of spawn (coords -1300,64,5000).  You'll know you found the place if you see the big "LOL" structure hovering above the ocean ;-).  Once they're ready to choose their home plot, I'll let them start claiming land (or, in their case, ocean :-)).

Ironforge still needs to find their location.  I just whitelisted Karaktar today and will allow him to explore the landscape at his leisure.  I will be out at points in time today, but please log in and I will attempt to monitor the server on my phone.  Also feel free to comment on the blog when you are available, as I get updates on my phone for those as well.  Thanks!

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    1. new stuff EVERY DAY SON!

    2. hey i just loggin in but its the same map from 1.9 pre did i miss somthing i have been gone for a bit trucking i have to day off was gonna find a site and start setting up

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