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Server Upgrade Status #4

Hey, everyone!

I'd like to take a minute to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, and Happy whatever-the-hell-else-you-people-do-or-don't-celebrate-around-this-generic-time-of-the-year.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season so far, hasn't gotten run over by crazed last-minute shoppers, and all that other fun stuff.

On that note, I'd like to get everyone up to date on what I've done since the last update.  We are very close to finishing Eagleworld's migration.  I believe that by December 26th (I'm not working on Christmas you ingrates ;-)) I will be ready for mayors to log in, help me generate the new map, and start choosing where towns will start their settlements.  After that, assuming all the plugins we need are fully updated, we will be ready to rock!


Server Upgrade Progress

Fully installed, configured, tested, and is 100% ready to go live:

  • Minecraft 1.0.1 with Bukkit 1.0.1-R1 (a.k.a. craftbukkit build 1597 for you astute readers out there)
  • Essentials 1.7.1 with GroupManager (Permissions plugin)
  • Multiworld 2.0
  • LWC 3.58.  Yes, all your chest protection is safe!
  • Hawkeye 1.0.5b (the replacement to BigBrother)
  • iConomy 6.0.8b (Celty)
  • Dynmap (Base plugin, Towny addon, and map configuration)
  • EndReset (plugin to reset The End after the Ender Dragon has been defeated)
  • WorldEdit (plugin for admins to migrate users' structures from the old map to the new one)
  • CreativeStick (Yes, mods, your happy tool is back!)
  • ServerLogSaver (just to make my life easier so I don't have to configure log rotation on my own...)

The following has been partially impleted, but has work to do:

  • Townymod - No stable release yet.  A test version has been installed and configured.

Stuff on my to-do list before we go live:

  • Install a GlobalShop plugin (there are options, so it should not be a dealbreaker)
  • Test Townymod throughly
  • Decide whether or not I want to install HeroicDeath (so we can have extra hilarious death notifications :-P)
  • Check all plugin versions and update any that need it (I know Essentials has updated since I installed it, for example)
  • Get a decent amount of testing done with my mods and admins (HINT HINT GUYS :-))

Stuff that will probably NOT make it to the live server at launch:

  • Increased map height.  There is NO good answer at all for SMP.  Period.  If you know of one we can use, PLEASE let me know!
  • Player Shops - I will need time to set up the Capitol Mall anyway, so don't worry too much.  There ARE plugins out there, they are just not reliably updated yet.

Town Approval Progress

As I mentioned before, I have officially approved some towns as of the last blog post.  For quick reference, here is the list of towns and their approval status:

Town pledges and status:

  • Capitol City - Approved - EagleRock1337, Melany23, Nephylim, BigX2021, rodtheworm, waynethegoblin
  • Thrice - Approved - Runninghobo, EG_SpaceNinja, SanctusTerra, PoastToasties
  • Ironforge - Approved - Karaktar, ljdarten, Archer665
  • Awkward Silence - Not Approved - Openminded
  • Xenturz - Not Approved - XmetroidfanX
  • Blaze - Not Approved - ZackBlaze164

For more details on the status of towns on the server, please refer to the last post I made.  I am still accepting town applications and will pre-approve more towns before we go live, but your time is running out!

Prepping for Eagleworld's Return

Here's just a few quick pointers for everyone to note as we are getting ready to live once again:

  • Please please PLEASE re-read the Server Info page.  Many of the rules and regulations have changed, and it's important to know them when you return.
  • Note that you will have NOT have building rights upon first login.  This is being done to minimize the amount of people with building rights to the server to enhance protection.  Regaining your rank is as simple as asking an admin.
  • Please remember to ask for your salary as well once you return.
  • If you have not yet decided which town you wish to join, please look at the town list in the previous post.  If there is a town you have decided to join, pledge to it by making a comment on the blog.
  • Figure out what structure from the old map you wish to transfer.  Please note we will handle this as time allows.  Note that electing to not transfer a structure entitles you to a bonus.
  • If you are confused by any of this, PLEASE ask questions!  I am fully willing to clarify anything and explain anything you don't understand!

I'll continue to keep everyone abreast of the latest updates.  Cheers, everyone!

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. Just a FYI…. I am NOT above bribing people with free stuff to help my town grow….

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      I do believe the general populace should bow down to you in respect and awe of this unequivocal demonstration of your superior intelligence. I truly feel humbled to be on the same planet with someone that can be as linguistically adept as you.

  3. :) Merry Christmas

  4. Merry Christmas my fellow eagleworldians. I have a few days off Pete poke me when your free to test

  5. lol i opened this page and immediately saw #4 in the title and thought a song with the lyrics
    “fuckin’ yeah! yeah yeah yeah! fucking yeah! yeah! yeah!”

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