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Eagleworld is now on Tekkit.

It's about time, right?  The whitelist is off, the server is updated, time to par-tay!

I'm going to keep this post as short as possible, so we can all get to playing:

Here's the mods I went with:

  • Tekkit (ALL mods enabled!)
  • Essentials (for all the warps and stuff we're used to)
  • LWC (protect your chests)
  • CoreProtect (rollbacks and anti-griefing)
  • Dynmap (yes, we still have Dynmap! and this time, no chat spamming!)
  • EssentialsEco (not yet configured, but it's installed)
  • ChestShops (coming soon!)

Updates to the Rules/Policies

  • The rules are chopped down and simplified
  • The policies of the server are DRASTICALLY reduced and relaxed in the interest of fun
  • Server ranks still offer prestige and status, but now most features are available, even to Builders
  • There are no longer restriction on only building in towns, and TownyMod is no longer around.  We can do towns on our own without the plugin!

Changes to the Server Economy

  • iConomy is substituted for the more stable and updated EssentialsEco
  • Annoying commands are gone, in favor of ChestShops
  • The Global Shop no longer trades everything in favor of Equivalent Exchange
  • There will be a National Bank in Capitol City that trades metals, gems, etc.
  • Trading with the National Bank will only give you a slight penalty in value as opposed to before
  • Your Talons (basically your bank account) will now generate interest!
  • The economy plugins are NOT SET UP YET, but will be soon once the server is in full swing!

What you need to do to join:

  • Download and run the Technic Launcher at www.technicpack.net
  • Select "Tekkit" from the drop down, log in, and connect to the server at delorean.eagleworld.net
  • Get re-added by an admin (I will be on as much as I can, at least on the console)
  • Find a place to build (preferably away from spawn, as Capitol City will go there)
  • Use "/dynmap webregister" if you wish to be able to use the dynamic map
  • Have FUN!  There is a lot to do with Tekkit, so enjoy!

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. So are we actually live or still kind of in a test phase?

    and nothing transferred from last server right? talons, etc.

  2. Rome wasnt built in a day but Modor was built overnight.

    Modor holds a secret… something worth discovering…….

  3. is anyone else having trouble using tekkit on windows cause i cant get it to load up

  4. When I log in, for the past 12 hours, I fall into the void forever…I thought it might work again after server reset…but no joy :( Same thing is happening to Mel…

  5. Okay so I typed /home to try and get out of the void, got disconnected, kept trying until finally I could actually see my surroundings, and the minimap was loading up, kept trying, and eventually it’s playable again :D

  6. Ahem…..YAY!!

  7. Can’t log in now that ive put a void ring into an alchemy bag, hope theyre not related since i want to use its ability combo it throws me 503’s and i read that those are that mojangs being a tard so ill just try again later

  8. hey pete the servers not even showing as online in my tekkit

  9. Just a hunch but there were some wicked thunderstorms along the East Coast last night (hell there was a tornado in Queens) and I’m pretty sure Eagle is based out of NJ so he might have lost power. I’m sure it’ll be back up soon enough, no one panic :)

  10. well I’m sure that true the thing is this blog in on his server too so if its working as it is then something else is wrong i suppose it could be more mojang crap and believe me I’m not panicking yet lol though kinda sucks i finally get some days off and am at home and can put some real time in on the server and damn it if the damn place don’t go offline on me lol

    oh well thats just my crappy luck lol

  11. btw since i got nothing better to do anyone no how to change your avatar on here ?

  12. ok i think i got it using gravatar

  13. ok i think its time to start praying to the minecraft gods

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