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Completed Spawn, New Reactor, More Plans!

Hey, everyone!

It's been just over two weeks since we went live with Tekkit, and I'm very happy to say that everything has been going well so far.  We have had a few small hiccups, but no dealbreakers.  I just wanted to give some updates on my plans for Eagleworld going forward, just to answer some of the questions/concerns that you might have.

Before I get into it, though, I'd like to just take a second to note that today is September 11th. I'm typing this from Jersey City, just across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center, and yes, it's rather somber over here.  We had a minute of silence here at 9:25AM, so I'd suggest to take a moment to remember the lives lost that day.

Tekkit Plugin Plans

So far, I'm rather glad with how everything is going.  I had major concerns about the viability of running a multiplayer server with some of the plugins (most notably, Equivalent Exchange and Dimensional Anchors), but so far, I see no need to disable any of the plugins as yet.  The only item I've banned so far are Nukes (there's no need for for it), and I don't believe I will ban any other items for now.  As long as people play nice like they have been already, we can keep as much of Tekkit open to the players as possible.

Only one thing I request from everyone: please be careful with Equivalent Exchange.  EE gives players OP-like abilities with some of the items.  While I'd like to let people be able to earn these powers and have fun, use them wisely.  I've had the server crash once or twice and even had to do a rollback related to EE.  I will have to disable EE if it becomes a constant problem with the server, and I'd rather not do that.  So, if everyone is a bit responsible, we can all have more fun!

Server Map Progress

As most players know already, I've created a nice spawn tower known as the Petros Tower.  New players will spawn on top of it and get a good view of Capitol City.  As they spiral down the stairs, they will get acquainted with the rules and policies, and will be given good tour spots and the like.  New players like to judge a server by its spawn, so I tried to make it a damn good one.

I have also completed the Eagle Point nuclear reactor located in the industrial district of Capitol City.  Eagle Point will provide free power to all citizens of Capitol City in their structures.  Everyone will get a LV Transformer to themselves, meaning every player will get a 32EU/tick feed (640EU/second).  You are free to do with it as you like, as long as you only use your allocated 32EU/tick.

Eagle Point can output as much as 2048EU/tick across the power infrastructure, meaning it can support 64 users at a time running power non-stop.  So, there's plenty of power to go around.  Note this isn't meant to fulfill all of your power needs...just get you started or augment your primary power sources.

On another note, I'm still laying out a lot of the city's structure so far.  I haven't really started with highways yet (there's nothing to go to out there....let's get working on some other towns, folks!).  The residential district is starting to flesh out nicely, and there is plenty more room left.  If you want to build in the city, just let me know what you want to build (residence, factory, office building, etc.), and I'll show you where it goes.  I can either point out an available plot to you, or make new ones if needed.

Economy Updates

Especially with Equivalent Exchange enabled, a server economy seems largely irrelevant on the server, but I would like one...eventually.  For now, I'm not actively preparing an economy plugin.  However, my plans are simple, and augment EE very well.

Item prices should now correlate to the EMC value of the item.  If an item does not have an EMC value, players can barter for the price.  If you want to upcharge or downcharge on the EMC value, that's all up to the trade per player.  I like the look of BOSEconomy, and will probably implement that.  I'll let player save their talons in a national bank, which will gain interest.  Trading with the bank will be done via ChestShops in a bank in Capitol City.  Trading will be done via core commodities (diamond, iron, gold, redstone, etc.).  Everything else can be made via Equivalent Exchange.

Simple enough, right?

Player Rank Updates

Due to Tekkit providing so much power to the players, a lot of the old perks from pre-Tekkit Eagleworld don't really apply much anymore.  So, I'm giving considerations to change around the perks for higher-ranked players.  One thing I would like to do, for example, is let higher-ranked players use more dimensional anchors.  However, getting that to work with the GroupManager plugin might be tricky.  I'll be considering these over the upcoming days and try to make things a bit more interesting for everybody.  As always, I'm glad to listen to suggestions you might have.

New Blood

I've heard players clamoring that the server needs new blood.  While I would be inclined to agree, ensuring that we get nothing but good players on Eagleworld becomes even more essential due to the powers of Tekkit.  The griefing potential is very high, so a great amount of trust is required from prospective members.  As such, I highly recommend referrals.  I'll consider advertising on certain sites in the near future (such as Minecraft Forums of the Tekkit site), but only after things are a bit more settled down, and once I have the change to explore more ways to lock down plugins to newer members.  I'll figure something out, though.


One last thing: if something goes wrong on the server, it's important to let me know.  We're still ironing out kinks, so if the server crashes or something, I'm not on it 24/7.  A blog comment, tweet, e-mail, whatever will do.  Just let me know and I can look into it.  And in the meantime, have fun!

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. Pete I’m a idiotic genius the act mk ll interfaces exclusivly with rp I’m driving atm but check out the wiki on it and I will most likely be on in 6 hrs or so I have one that I can test

    • Holy crap…I just realized I had initially tried to work with the MKII but I think I had the pipes in the wrong position, as it was not working. I switched to the original ACT thinking that would be better and eventually just went to Buildcraft. I’ll have to test around tonight. If that’s the case, this will make my life a lot easier!

  2. Oh and neph that’s why you keep losing your recipe in it

  3. Pete check out regulators too I think it will solve the problem of more containers then uranium production

  4. I’m not able to run Tekkit. Having a problem with a runtime error. I’ll get on as soon as I can.

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