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More EE Restrictions and Backup Changes

Hey, everyone.. I have two new topics to talk about today:

More Equivalent Exchange Restrictions

Well, we're not out of the woods yet, folks.  Apparently, even my own moderators can't resist the urge to kill the server economy with Energy Condensers.  I figured I could trust them to exercise judgment in using them, and being reasonable with how much EMC they generate.  Unfortunately, I was very wrong. Therefore, Energy Collectors are now banned to everyone except Admins. Even then, Admins are not allowed to use them except for specific server-wise purposes. Any admin I catch giving out shit-tons of items with collectors will be de-opped immediately.  I am seriously attempting to create a server economy again, and everyone is making it exceedingly difficult, because of the massive greed on the server.  I am seriously considering resetting the server, just because the damage seems completely irreparable at this point.

I'm going to attempt to do some kind of cleanup on all of the items and EMC people generated with collectors, but something tells me it's going to be exceedingly difficult.  I really don't want to force everyone to start over, so if you want to keep going with the map as-is, I'm going to need everyone to clean up their acts immediately.

It is vehemently disheartening to me that even the people I trust the most must find exploits on this server and use them to the fullest extent.  It is actions like this that destroy the fun of the server for everyone.  Doing this is delaying me from rolling out the economy even more, because now I have even more items to clean up.  I'm unwilling to give people the ability to generate Talons and sell items until I know that massive item generation is no longer rampant and that the stockpiles of EMC/items are gone.  Again, I assumed people could exercise some restraint, but obviously I can't just trust people...I have to strongarm these exploits, police the server, and evaluate literally thousands of items to figure out what people are going to exploit and what people are not.

I was hoping the latest rollout of the server would be less of a time hog to maintain...unfortunately was I ever wrong.  I had to spend literally hours scouring through the thousands of Tekkit items and restricting access item-by-item again.  If you're sitting there wondering why I haven't pushed out the economy yet, or why I haven't updated any of the plugins...that's the reason.  I spend most of my administration time closing loopholes that people just cannot resist exploiting to the fullest.  If you're waiting impatiently for the server economy to come around, do me a favor and thank everyone exploiting Equivalent Exchange for making the new economy a target forever moving farther away.

So now, here is the new EE item access from Alchemist up:

Alchemists: access to Anti-Matter Relays and Energy Condensers for automation.  You can charge up your klein stars using legitimate items and power your machinery with the stars.

Veterans: access to Red Matter Tools.

Moderators: access to the more powerful gems and rings, but not the Harvest Goddess Band.

Administrators: access is the same as before.

I really hate doing this, folks.  You know my policy is to keep things as open as possible.  Unfortunately, I am finding the concept of an open server to be utopian, never to be reached, no matter who I'm dealing with.  I'm just bracing myself to find the next exploit I have to restrict and clean up after.

Backup Changes

Despite working my ass off on the server permissions, I had some time to rewrite and refresh the backup scripts I use on the server.  I had to fix the script due to a bug that came up from updating Debian.  Turns out the server wasn't saving everything properly until I logged on the console screen after the restart.  As result, the Nether wasn't getting backed up at all, and several hours of backups were corrupt.  In the process of fixing the script, I took the time to perform a few optimizations as well.

My biggest concern with the script (besides it always working) is eliminating the lag that happens due to the massive file copy.  Eagleworld's map is about half a gig large (and growing), so it's not quick to copy, even on solid-state.  As the server veterans will remember, back in the day, the lag would last anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes long every hour. I managed to do a few optimizations back then to get the lag time down to under 15 seconds per backup.

With my latest optimizations, however, I managed to get the time the server actually lags down to under one second. This basically makes the user impact of the backups negligible.  Also, I am now backing up the nether again daily, so anything going on in there will be protected.  Just remember, though, I don't guarantee any stuff you build in the nether will stick around.

Oh yeah, I also changed how it alerts the users of the backup, so it's a bit more streamlined.  I use broadcast now, so you can tell when it's me talking or the backup script.  Hopefully this makes the hourly backup a bit easier to stomach!

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  1. i’ll do just fine with an alchemy tablet and a klein. i only really wanted a collecter to power my furnace but i can get coal easy enough.

  2. All this new stuff with tekkit is still kinda greek to me. as an engineer I should be able to use a philosophers stone right?

    I get permission errors when i try to use it. was able to use it before and if the blog says permissions were changed for it I missed it (or misunderstood).

  3. Lj, you can craft with the philosophers stone to create items such as the transmutation table. However, you cannot use the item to terraform the landscape. If you left or right click with it you will get those errors. Using it in the crafting window, however, is not an issue.

    • hmm.. i thought that might be the case with the terraforming part (and I understand why).

      but are there some recipes i shouldn’t be allowed to do? such as using it to turn 4 gold to a diamond? that also errorred on me.

    • nevermind. figured it out. need to use the crafting table you can access with the stone. it shows the result in a regular crafting table but gives a permission error if you try to do it there.

  4. hey just a heads up pete im in the middle of moving and renovating the new house so wont be on much for a while probably a couple weeks just so you dont think i quit or something and i will try to get on now and then but been pretty tired out each night between work and reno’s but getting closer to finished

  5. Ooh, shiny new stuff since I was last around! Just logged on but no one was about to reinstate me. Somehow mobs can get into the tower but I can’t get out, as I found when a creeper ran up to me behind masses of red text and caused me to respawn about 5 seconds after reaching the bottom.

    A few things about the newbie notes:
    Rule 5: lol
    Ninth floor “take precations” re: creepers and endermen. The irony…
    Runninghobo and SanctusTerra’s new status as veterans might need changing so they don’t get newbies asking them to give them build rights.

    Hope to see you all again soon!

  6. Hey, how you holdin up after the storm?

  7. i am assuming the server is down since i cant get on and no one else seems to be on either?

  8. Hi Pete,

    I’m not sure how best to contact you, so hopefully this is alright. Something a bit weird’s happening on the server, centred on my home point “seabed”. I was sitting there watching the quarry start going, then a creeper blew up next to me, and it now appears to be stuck in an endless explosion (meaning I die as soon as I warp to that home point, and all my stuff was lost there). I’ve switched off what I can so as not to load the server further, but I think a couple of engines down there are still on. They should go down after a while though, as their fuel supply has been turned off.

    I’m not sure what’s happened, but hopefully all the precautions and backups you take will pay off. It happened somewhere around 00.00-00.15 GMT. To avoid warping into the middle of it, warp to my home “refinery” and walk down the steps that run down next to the fuel line.

    ugonalose was on at the same time – I tped him over so he could see, he went down and also died (I did warn him.. :p), but he dced straight away before I could talk to him further. I’ll compensate him for anything he lost as a result – I have some diamond stored away that I can run through EE to replace it.

  9. Happened again this morning – the explosions had stopped, so I went to down to see if I could set the quarry running again and the same thing happened. I’m wondering if there’s some kind of interaction between creeper explosions and combustion engines that’s making this happen. Either way, I really can’t afford to investigate it any further – I’ve lost about 30 diamonds worth of stuff to this glitch now, so I’ll leave it to someone who can use god mode ;)

  10. This happened as well. Its an over load. Same thing happens when a chest if full. I sent nephy to check it out.

  11. We put lights up and killed all the mobs that were around. Once you restart it will eat those lights. We could not find the power switch though.

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