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Hey, everyone!

So, I have updated the Server Info page with the new ranks and powers of the new ranks.  I've also redone the list of users and updated everything accordingly.  So, if you're looking for all of the updates with the new ranks and stuff, you can now check for it there.

And, as I promised, with the new ranks, it's time to handle long overdue promotions!  So, without further ado, here's who's getting bumped up:

Apprentice to Journeyman:

  • Minikimi90

Technician to Engineer:

  • Karaktar
  • pfleegore

We also have some changes in staff, too:

New Veterans:

  • Runninghobo
  • SanctusTerra

These two are valuable members of the server, but are unable to fulfill their duties right now (due to time obligations, personal reasons, etc.)  So, they will be given the revered status of Veteran as thanks for their hard work on the server.  Should they wish to come back to the staff of Eagleworld if/when their situations change, they will be gladly welcomed.

Note that there will be further changes in the Eagleworld Staff soon, so stay tuned!

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. Congrats to all you guys!

    Hey Pete, any chance engineers will get the /jump command? Got used to it under the VIP status.

  2. Congrats all!!

    from The New Guy(tm) ;)

  3. good job yall, ljd engineers get the flying ring so jump is kinda extra

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