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Latest Tekkit trial updates

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Just another quick update to keep everyone in the loop.  I've been working on the server the last few days, trying out the various mods and plugins that are part of the Tekkit mod.  So far, I really like what I see.  I think this adds so much to the game that it really can't be ignored at this point.  So far, reception has been extremely positive.  However, I still need people to help test! The map we're using right now is not going to be saved, so there is no harm in playing around with the mods and seeing what's good and what is not.  If you want to join and have not been whitelisted yet, all you have to do is ask me!  You can do it however you like (AIM, Twitter, Facebook, a blog comment, etc.).

Latest Decisions

So I've decided what plugins we were used to have been staying/going so far:

Installed Plugins

  • Tekkit Mod Bundle (includes IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, ComputerCraft, RedPower, and more)
  • Esssentials (for warps, kits, protections, and all that fun stuff)
  • GroupManager (for permissions)
  • CoreProtect (for anti-griefing protection ala BigBrother or HawkEye)
  • LWC (for chest protection)

Plugins that will NOT be installed

  • TownyMod (no need for it anymore, really...if mobs become a huge issue I can use WorldGuard or just disable them entirely)
  • CreativeStick (new plugins and Creative Mode supercede its abilities)
  • MultiWorld (I'm sticking to one world for simplicity and lack of worry about updating)
  • WorldEdit (hell, with all this Tekkit crap, who needs it?)
  • iConomy (I am trying to avoid an economy this time, but Essentials has its own economy if needed)
  • BetterShop (Essentials provides chest shops if needed)
  • LocalShops (Essentials provides chest shops if needed)

Plugins I have not made judgement calls on yet:

  • Dynmap (I'd like to do this, but only if it's not too much of a pain in the ass...a Dynmap-free server is better than no server at all)
  • EssentialsEco (Essentials' Economy program - includes all we need for the economy, but I feel like the Tekkit mods provide what's needed for this...IndustrialCraft even has a recipe for coins!)

Things we need to test

The big thing I'm concerned about is the ability for the big four Tekkit plugins to work, now that I have GroupManager installed and locking down the server.  I do not know if I have configured it correctly to bypass the no-guest-build security.  Please test the following:

  • IndustrialCraft automining
  • ComputerCraft automining (especially the turtles)
  • BuildCraft's ability to move stuff around (especially with pipes)
  • RedPower

If there are problems, please let me know.  I may have to make these plugins have OP privileges to the server, which I would really like to avoid.  But, if necessary, I'll do it.

Anyway, keep up with the suggestion and comments...looking forward to what you have to offer to Eagleworld!


Eagleworld Redo Updates/Ideas

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

LONG POST WARNING: Sorry,  folks.  Got a lot to say, and want to keep everyone in the loop.  If you just want to get started testing to get ideas going, you can skip the "New Server Ideas" section, really.  It's just my rough ideas for the future.

So I listened to the ideas I got so far, and I'm glad I did so...I was directed to look at Tekkit by Runninghobo and EG_SpaceNinja, and so far I'm completely blown away.  I had no idea about this mod conglomeration, and I think it's a great direction to go.  Is it any wonder why I love my mods and admins? (If you're the idiot looking for a "no homo" after that, grow up...lol)

Testing out Tekkit

So, I've set up a temporary Tekkit server so I try out mods and test out configurations.  The server is located at delorean.eagleworld.net:25566.  It runs on an older version of minecraft (1.2.3 I think), but it uses its own launcher chock-full of goodies (mini maps, the successor to Too Many Items, etc.).  If you wanted to run the latest version of vanilla Minecraft, it can run side-by-side with Tekkit with absolutely NO conflict.  This will allow people to test out their new stuff and not screw around with their server experience!

The test server is currently whitelisted, but if you wish to join and test, just ask!  You can ask me pretty much anywhere: a comment on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, text message, any way you can get ahold of me.  If you were a former member of the server, and you're still reading this blog, that's pretty much all I need.  I will whitelist requests as I get them and let people play around.  To do so, however, you need the Technic Launcher, which you can get at http://www.technicpack.net/.  Just like Minecraft, it works on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and lets you play Minecraft in a whole new bunch of ways.  Just make sure to select "Tekkit" on the dropdown on the left before you put in your Minecraft credentials.

New Server Ideas

So, continuing on with all of the changes I'm making to Eagleworld, let's talk about the things I want to keep the same:

  • Hourly map backups for total rollback capabilities (my scripts still work fine).
  • Essentials Plugin for basic protections from creepers, and griefing
  • Some Big Brother/HawkEye - like plugin for admins/mods to use to protect against griefing
  • Some map plugin - maps are cool.
  • Some method to get all the items you want, whether it is by the economy or some other plugin

The good news is that Tekkit actually has built in ways to get all the stuff you want, but doesn't use an economy for it.  I'm debating putting the economy back in, but if I do, I might just end up using the built-in economy that Essentials provides (BOSEconomy), and using a chest-based shop, rather than a command-based one.

So what will be different?

  • Towny is most likely going away - I don't believe it's necessary anymore, save for in-town creature protections.  I'll try to find some other way to handle that that doesn't require such bloat.
  • Besides Tekkit, Essentials, and server protections, mods will be kept to a minimum to make upgrades easier.  That doesn't mean I don't want suggestions, though!  If I feel a plugin really will add to the server, I will most definitely add it.  But I am definitely going for server longevity here and ease of upgrade.

So what will the rules be like?

  • Server will still be admin-approval only.  I believe quality of users as opposed to quantity will help.  We will advertise, but requirements for joining will be high as always.
  • No-tolerance griefing will still be in effect.  Rather than have all these regulations and shit, one time fuck-up and you go.  Keeps everyone in line and nobody has to worry about their stuff.
  • Rules will be a lot simpler - I created a rule pretty much every time something bad happened, and it added up.  We'll make it simpler.
  • Ranks will still be around to give everyone a sense of accomplishment as they move forward on the server, but I will try to make it so everyone pretty much can do what they want, regardless of rank.  Thankfully, a lot of the stuff everyone want to do (like flying) can be done in Tekkit; it just requires some effort to do.  For example, you can fly now with Jet Packs...which is way more fun to me than using Creative Mode, anyway!
  • Other than that, the server will be pretty much free to do whatever, as long as it doesn't hurt someone else or isn't using common sense.  For example, building your shit next to someone else (unless they are okay with it) is being a dick, and not using common sense.  But rather than memorizing rules and all that, we'll take things case-by-case.

So what happens to towns?

  • Still build 'em if you want...or build by yourself.  Whatever.  No more rules and crap on that.  It made things very un-fun.
  • If you want to build a town, just space it away a little bit from other towns.  Leave room for expansion.  Common sense.
  • Just make sure you move away from Capitol a bit before you start.  I'm planning on building a lot there (for everyone on the server), so I'd like to have some space to grow.

Speaking of Capitol, I'm planning on letting everyone build something there...just let me have a say in what or where.  I want to plan on having districts again (so all the power plants and industry is in one place, all the high-rise towers in another, and the small homes in yet another, all with the spawn and government buildings in the center).  I want to have the first place everyone sees on the server to be large, organized, and impressive.

If I do it right this time, we will have a great spawn point, as less time will be spent screwing around with the server.  But, I want to make it fun and enjoyable for all...without excessive rules and all that.  I'm setting my goals lower in terms of player count.  I'd rather have 10 dedicated players that all fun to be around and enjoy themselves than try to get 50 players, half of whom rarely play and some of which can't be trusted.

More Ideas

I still want more ideas from you guys.  If you need to join the server and play around with Tekkit to get some, just ask!  Just remember the test server is in fact a test server...it will definitely go away.  Do with it what you want...but again, just be nice to others.  I'll keep everyone posted on how far I get with the build and all that.  Cheers!


It finally happened…Delorean went down.

Posted by EagleRock

So, it happened.  Eagleworld went down.  It was running for almost 700 days, but it fell victim to a power outage on July 31st.

Thankfully, not for long, though.  I was on vacation in South Carolina at the time, so I wasn't around to power the server back up.  The server shut down gracefully thanks to my UPS, and Delorean's data is 100% safe.

If you want more details on the server outage, check my main blog post here.

I don't want to start up the Minecraft server as yet, as I am still doing things with the OS to get everything copasetic (rebuilding disk arrays, performing stress tests, etc).  However, I really want to invest my time in working towards rebuilding my Minecraft server fresh.

Starting Over

So why did I stop working on the server so long?  Simple: it got too damn hard to do.  I had a lot of things going on in my life.  Between a divorce, medical issues, problems with my family, and a new girlfriend, time devoted to Minecraft was a minimum as it was.  And with Minecraft changing so much so quickly, and with the plugins Eagleworld uses falling into such disarray, it was damn near impossible to keep her running without investing way more time than I had, and honestly, way more time than I wanted to devote.

However, I do love Minecraft, and thanks to a lack of Internet connection when I was on vacation in South Carolina, I spent a good amount of time playing single-player Minecraft during my downtime.  Loved it, too.  It really reminded me of why I played Minecraft in the first place and motivated me to rebuild Eagleworld.

So, now what?

Well, if I'm going to start over, doing it completely seems the way to do it, and I really do mean completely.  The reason I stopped working on it in the first place was because my server's design was based on plugins back when Minecraft was still in Alpha Hey0's Mod was the server wrapper of choice.  If I'm going to rebuild it and be able to keep it going this time, I really have to change my plan up.

So, I'm going to restructure and rebuild a new Eagleworld based on the current release of Minecraft, with the current release of Minecraft in mind.  Change of rules, change of plugins, change of server focus...everything.  But if I'm going to do that, I need your help.


I want 'em, folks!  I want to know what it is that kept you coming to Eagleworld, and what it is you don't like.  I can tell you right now that I'm going to keep the goal of security and safety of all of your work.  I know that was what made Eagleworld work in the past, and I'm sure it will keep it going in the future.  I know the rules were extremely strict and they need to be changed and simplified, so I will want your help with that too.  I can tell you that getting divorced and starting my life over has sure has hell made me more laid back (and a hell of a lot happier, too), and I'm sure that'll be heavily reflected in how I run my server.  But I can't build a server community by myself.  That's where you come in.

So, I'd love to hear from you all!  I'll probably start up a basic vanilla server soon just to have a place to meet up and goof around, but I want to rebuild this thing properly, with all of your help.  And don't worry about all of your work...all the maps are safe and I'd like to do with them what everyone considers best, whether that is keeping it in-server, having another server completely, or just posting the map files, or whatever.  So let me know!  Thanks, everyone!


An Update Update Update (Update) Update

Posted by EagleRock

UPDATE 1:  Just a quick heads-up on the current status to keep everyone in the loop.  The test server is coming along nicely, with most major plugins updated fully.  I had a major bug with Towny which I believe is now resolved, but am still bugtesting.  I have finished configuring most of the plugins, but I am now going through permissions configuration (this is easily over 1,000 lines of permissions, so it'll take time).  I AM working on the server actively, and it WILL be updated.   I will be updating the Twitter feed constantly with the to-the-minute info, so check out @eagleworldnet for the latest!


Yes, yes, I'm still alive, folks (your comments crack me up, people...lol).

My sincere apologies for the massive delay in the update of the server.  I have been working on it since 1.2.5 came out, and thankfully, a LOT of issues I was having has been repaired.  For one, TownyMod, which was prior a serious thorn in my side due to not supporting MySQL (hence our  billions of town plots were written out in a billion files on my server), I am NOW able to migrate all of our Towny data to a real genuine database.  Thank GOD.

Additionally, other issues are not recurring (e.g. the issues I was having with LazyRoad), so my life is going to be a lot easier.  The majority of the major plugins are updated for 1.2.5, so things are definitely looking optimistic for me to get this done soon.  I don't want to make promises I can't keep, but I'm going to see how far I can get today on the test server.  Assuming the Towny migration to MySQL goes easily, everything else should just fall into place.
So far, the only troublemaker I can see right now is HawkEye, as that has not been updated for a while.  If anything, I might have to choose another plugin for monitoring server edits.  Something tells me this won't be the biggest deal in the universe if I have to pick another.

That's really all I can think of to say right now.  However, please feel free to ask questions with your comments, and I'll answer accordingly.


An Update Update

Posted by EagleRock

It's time to update you on the update.  Update.

So, 1.2 is now released, and it's as awesome as we wanted it to be!  Bukkit does not yet have a recommended build for 1.2 yet, unfortunately, but they do have a "beta build" which is one that is between their normal upstream builds and a stable recommended build.  It'll have to work for now.

Only issue...a lot of our plugins do not yet support 1.2.  Supposedly, a great amount of change has happened on the back end of craftbukkit to support 1.2, which breaks a lot of plugin functionality.  Nevertheless, I am going to start migrating to the latest build, using the new Beta Build of craftbukkit for now.  This will allow me to get a jump on the process.  If all of the important plugins support the Beta Build, we'll roll out with that.  I'm done waiting.  How about you?  :-)



Posted by EagleRock

Hey, guys!

Sorry for the huge delay in my posts here...I know most of you are probably wondering what the hell I'm doing here.  I haven't abandoned the server, I swear.  I'm going to keep running Eagleworld for a while.  People have put way too much effort into the server for me to just leave it be.  I'd never do that to you guys.

Anyway, why the hell haven't I updated to 1.1?  Honestly, I really gave it a good thought, and I really see no point.  I know people can't connect right now because they are upgraded, but I can help you with that.  I cannot share the download due to copyright laws, but if you PM me or e-mail me, I can try to help:

  • AIM: EagleRock1337
  • Skype: EagleRock
  • Email: peter.marks_AT_gmail.com

Anyway, I don't know about you guys, but I'm quite excited for 1.2.  When it releases stable, you'd better believe I'll be updating this mofo as soon as possible!  Additionally, once we hit 1.2, I'm thinking we should have the server re-established enough to make a big push for new members (e.g. on Minecraft Forums).  Anyway, any questions for me, please feel free to contact me...I'm here to help!

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Woah, hold on there, killer!

Posted by EagleRock

Well, we knew this time would come...Minecraft 1.1 has been released!  Frankly, the changelog is not very impressive, but it's nice that they are concentrating on bugfixes now and making the game more stable.  What is NOT nice is that Mojang still doesn't seem to give a rat's ass about breaking functionality with Bukkit, so naturally, we have to wait for Bukkit to get updated.

If you're interested in what the Bukkit team is doing about this, visit this blog post and take a look.

So, let's go over the usual questions everyone has for me after Minecraft gets updated:

Why isn't Eagleworld updated?

Because it isn't.  Eagleworld cannot run without Bukkit...it depends on too many plugins for everything to work.  If I were to update Minecraft, all Bukkit plugins would be lost, and we'd have about 10% of the functionality you're used to.

When is it going to get updated?

When it does.  I can't give a definite time, because I have to not only wait for Bukkit to get updated, but I also have to wait for all the plugins to get updated, and I also have to test them all and get it all to fit together nicely.  Granted, I do all the configuration work on a test server as the plugins get updated to minimize the time it takes, but it's still a lot of work on my part, the plugin developer's parts, and the Bukkit team's part.  I wish I could make it easier and faster, but I can't.

Well, can you give me the old minecraft jar?

No.  Trust me...I wish I could, but it is illegal for me to distribute Mojang's work.  They very explicitly state that nobody is allowed to distribute their work in the game's Terms of Service (which you can read here).

If you read the TOS, you can see that my hands are tied.  I wish I could help you all out for when you forget not to update, but I cannot.  If you DO manage to get the old version somehow, I will not ask questions, but please don't ask me to do something illegal.

This sucks.  How can you run a server like this?

The reason my server rarely goes down is because I've spent years learning how to maintain a server properly.  It's a lot more than just installing packages and copying files.  It takes hours to configure the Minecraft server just right, and I roll out all of the upgrades in 10 minutes or less once they're ready.  The only reason we come across this issue in the first place is because people are too infected with SNS Syndrome to realize that the key to a stable server is carefully prepared and executed upgrades.  Trust me on this one, guys: ten minutes of downtime is very short for a major application upgrade, and it's because I do it the right way.

So, to sum this whole thing up, please don't ask me to change the way I run my server.  Everyone expects the server to be running 23 hours and 59 minutes a day (one minute being the time it takes for the nightly refresh), and I can deliver that to you because of how I run it.  The only thing I ask you to do in return is remember NOT to upgrade immediately, and don't go insane when a new update comes along, especially when the changes are quite boring and are mostly bugfixes.  Thanks.

So what now?

What now?  It's time for the Wall of Shame!  I shall prepare for you a list of the geniuses that just can't fight that urge update and still try to log on my server:

The Wall Of Shame

  • SanctusTerra
  • Stained_Brown
  • EhonisAzn
  • Prometheis
  • radio998
  • Battle_Toads
  • LilBatesperu
  • Peturd
  • XmetroidfanX
  • Darkseeker
  • Toxictaco25

Yes, I'll keep updating this.  Why?  Because.  :-P

Anyway, I'll make sure to keep you all posted.  Happy mining!


Eagleworld is back.

Posted by EagleRock

Yes, yes, it's true. We're finally (finally (FINALLY)) back!

In lieu of celebration, here is a song from Guns N' Roses:

I have certainly worked my ass off to make the new Eagleworld as good as I could, so I hope everyone enjoys the server! Please read the entirety of this post, as it'll be important on how to get started on the new Eagleworld.  If you don't and you start asking questions, you'll just be referred right back here:

What's the new Eagleworld look like?

You might be wondering what exactly what has changed from the old Eagleworld to the new.  Well, here's all the changes in a nutshell:

Spoiler Inside: Changes to Eagleworld

The new towns of Eagleworld

Since wilderness building is heavily discouraged at this point, it behooves all members of Eagleworld to join a town.  Here is a synopsis of your options (and other potential options):

Spoiler Inside: Eagleworld Towns

What you need to know when you first log in

Since a lot has changed on Eagleworld, there will be some things you need to know the first time you log in.  Here's a quick checklist of things you should do:

  • Browse the Server Info page and familiarize yourself with the new rules/policies
  • Browse the list of towns above and figure out which one you wish to join (if you have not yet done so)
  • You may wish to look at the more detailed town applications in this blog post.
  • When you log in the first time, you need to request your rank to be restored.  This is for security purposes.
  • Upon first login, also ask for your back salary.
  • Once you have a house and chests, start transferring your items from the old map to the new one.
  • Select a structure from the old world to bring to the new one.  Electing to not bring one will give you a bonus in Talons.

What's the new features I should look out for?

Now that we have all these new fancy-schmancy plugins and stuffs, what does that mean for you?  I haven't had time to update the Help Page yet, but here's some info to get you started:

Spoiler Inside: New Eagleworld features


I hope the new Eagleworld is more enjoyable for all!  Please let me know if there are any issues with the server; I will resolve them as soon as my personal time allows.  As far as building migration, please be patient.  We will get to them as soon as possible.  Note we will be doing a lot of work rebuilding towns and the infrastructure, as well as handling server bugs, so we have to deal with building migration after all that is fixed.  Thanks for your understanding!

Now get to building!


Server Upgrade Status #5 (Almost There!)

Posted by EagleRock

Hellllo, everyone!

Well, I did in fact get crap done on Christmas as you might have seen on the Twitter feed...I also got a bit done today as well.  We are very close to a full release.  As you can see below, very little is holding us up at this point:

Server Upgrade Progress

Fully installed, configured, tested, and is 100% ready to go live:

  • Minecraft 1.0.1 with Bukkit 1.0.1-R1 (a.k.a. craftbukkit build 1597 for you astute readers out there)
  • Essentials 1.7.2 with GroupManager (Permissions plugin)
  • Multiworld 2.4.4
  • LWC 4.0.2.  Yes, all your chest protection is safe!
  • Hawkeye 1.0.5b (the replacement to BigBrother)
  • iConomy 6.0.8b (Celty)
  • Dynmap 0.27 (Base plugin, Towny addon, and map configuration)
  • EndReset 0.3 (plugin to reset The End after the Ender Dragon has been defeated)
  • WorldEdit 5.0 (plugin for admins to migrate users' structures from the old map to the new one)
  • CreativeStick 1.11 (Yes, mods, your happy tool is back!)
  • ServerLogSaver 2.0 (just to make my life easier so I don't have to configure log rotation on my own...)
  • Towny - Non-stable release, but actively updated so far...
  • GiantShop 1.6.2 - Installed/configured, but items have not yet been added.

Stuff on my to-do list before we go live:

  • Install a stable Towny build when available
  • Input all the Global Shop list/prices
  • Continue testing with Mods/Admins
  • Found the following pre-approved towns: Thrice, Ironforge
  • Purge all new maps and regenerate them fresh

Stuff that will NOT make it to the live server at launch:

  • Increased map height.  There is NO good answer at all for SMP.  Period.  If you know of one we can use, PLEASE let me know!
  • Player Shops - I will need time to set up the Capitol Mall anyway, so don't worry too much.  There ARE plugins out there, they are just not reliably updated yet.

Therefore, I think it's safe to say Eagleworld will be back before the new year!  By the way, if we get everything else done and Towny is still not stable, I am comfortable with going live without the stable build.  I'm done waiting, too.  Honestly, Towny IS working fairly well, and I am personally willing to redo Towny if necessary in case of massive mod explosion.  A little calculated risk never hurt no one (okay, it does, but regardless...).

Town Updates

Not much to say about town approvals other than what was said before.  No new town applications, no new pledges, everything is as it was before.

I am now letting mayors choose their starting location for their towns at this point, as promised.  Here's the status on these towns:

Capitol City is already founded and plots claimed.  I don't expect the Capitol to get much larger than it is, but I am of course reserving the option to expand it if needed (I have a feeling it will be, eventually...).

Thrice is almost ready to be founded and some plots claimed.  Runninghobo, SpaceNinja, and SanctusTerra (Mayor and assistants of Thrice) have found a suitable location roughly 5km south and 1.3km west of spawn (coords -1300,64,5000).  You'll know you found the place if you see the big "LOL" structure hovering above the ocean ;-).  Once they're ready to choose their home plot, I'll let them start claiming land (or, in their case, ocean :-)).

Ironforge still needs to find their location.  I just whitelisted Karaktar today and will allow him to explore the landscape at his leisure.  I will be out at points in time today, but please log in and I will attempt to monitor the server on my phone.  Also feel free to comment on the blog when you are available, as I get updates on my phone for those as well.  Thanks!


    Server Upgrade Status #4

    Posted by EagleRock

    Hey, everyone!

    I'd like to take a minute to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, and Happy whatever-the-hell-else-you-people-do-or-don't-celebrate-around-this-generic-time-of-the-year.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season so far, hasn't gotten run over by crazed last-minute shoppers, and all that other fun stuff.

    On that note, I'd like to get everyone up to date on what I've done since the last update.  We are very close to finishing Eagleworld's migration.  I believe that by December 26th (I'm not working on Christmas you ingrates ;-)) I will be ready for mayors to log in, help me generate the new map, and start choosing where towns will start their settlements.  After that, assuming all the plugins we need are fully updated, we will be ready to rock!


    Server Upgrade Progress

    Fully installed, configured, tested, and is 100% ready to go live:

    • Minecraft 1.0.1 with Bukkit 1.0.1-R1 (a.k.a. craftbukkit build 1597 for you astute readers out there)
    • Essentials 1.7.1 with GroupManager (Permissions plugin)
    • Multiworld 2.0
    • LWC 3.58.  Yes, all your chest protection is safe!
    • Hawkeye 1.0.5b (the replacement to BigBrother)
    • iConomy 6.0.8b (Celty)
    • Dynmap (Base plugin, Towny addon, and map configuration)
    • EndReset (plugin to reset The End after the Ender Dragon has been defeated)
    • WorldEdit (plugin for admins to migrate users' structures from the old map to the new one)
    • CreativeStick (Yes, mods, your happy tool is back!)
    • ServerLogSaver (just to make my life easier so I don't have to configure log rotation on my own...)

    The following has been partially impleted, but has work to do:

    • Townymod - No stable release yet.  A test version has been installed and configured.

    Stuff on my to-do list before we go live:

    • Install a GlobalShop plugin (there are options, so it should not be a dealbreaker)
    • Test Townymod throughly
    • Decide whether or not I want to install HeroicDeath (so we can have extra hilarious death notifications :-P)
    • Check all plugin versions and update any that need it (I know Essentials has updated since I installed it, for example)
    • Get a decent amount of testing done with my mods and admins (HINT HINT GUYS :-))

    Stuff that will probably NOT make it to the live server at launch:

    • Increased map height.  There is NO good answer at all for SMP.  Period.  If you know of one we can use, PLEASE let me know!
    • Player Shops - I will need time to set up the Capitol Mall anyway, so don't worry too much.  There ARE plugins out there, they are just not reliably updated yet.

    Town Approval Progress

    As I mentioned before, I have officially approved some towns as of the last blog post.  For quick reference, here is the list of towns and their approval status:

    Town pledges and status:

    • Capitol City - Approved - EagleRock1337, Melany23, Nephylim, BigX2021, rodtheworm, waynethegoblin
    • Thrice - Approved - Runninghobo, EG_SpaceNinja, SanctusTerra, PoastToasties
    • Ironforge - Approved - Karaktar, ljdarten, Archer665
    • Awkward Silence - Not Approved - Openminded
    • Xenturz - Not Approved - XmetroidfanX
    • Blaze - Not Approved - ZackBlaze164

    For more details on the status of towns on the server, please refer to the last post I made.  I am still accepting town applications and will pre-approve more towns before we go live, but your time is running out!

    Prepping for Eagleworld's Return

    Here's just a few quick pointers for everyone to note as we are getting ready to live once again:

    • Please please PLEASE re-read the Server Info page.  Many of the rules and regulations have changed, and it's important to know them when you return.
    • Note that you will have NOT have building rights upon first login.  This is being done to minimize the amount of people with building rights to the server to enhance protection.  Regaining your rank is as simple as asking an admin.
    • Please remember to ask for your salary as well once you return.
    • If you have not yet decided which town you wish to join, please look at the town list in the previous post.  If there is a town you have decided to join, pledge to it by making a comment on the blog.
    • Figure out what structure from the old map you wish to transfer.  Please note we will handle this as time allows.  Note that electing to not transfer a structure entitles you to a bonus.
    • If you are confused by any of this, PLEASE ask questions!  I am fully willing to clarify anything and explain anything you don't understand!

    I'll continue to keep everyone abreast of the latest updates.  Cheers, everyone!