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Server Upgrade Status #2

EDIT: I'll be microblogging updates as I work on the server from now on.  I'll still make daily blog posts, but check "The Twitters" for up-to-the-minute updates.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter or just check the Twitter Feed on the right side of the blog.  If you're all as anxious as I am to get this done, I know you'll appreciate this!

Hey everyone!

Here's the latest updates on Eagleworld:

  • Minecraft 1.0.1 and Bukkit are fully installed/configured
  • Essentials plugin installed and fully configured
  • GroupManager (the permission plugin) fully configured
  • iConomy installed, configured, and balances imported
  • LWC installed, configured, and old database imported
  • CreativeStick installed and configured
  • BigBrother is no longer being updated.  Hawkeye, a similar plugin has been installed and configured

As you can see, plenty of progress has been made.  The next steps are to install Dynmap, Townymod, HeroicDeath (maybe), a Global Shop plugin, a Player Shop plugin, and FlatEarth or a similar plugin.

Here are the following official town pledges I have so far:

  • Capitol City - EagleRock, Melany23, Nephylim
  • Thrice - Runninghobo, EG_SpaceNinja, SanctusTerra, PoastToasties
  • Ironforge - Karaktar, ljdarten
  • Awkward Silence - Openminded
  • Xenturz - XmetroidfanX
  • Roman City (name still unknown :-/) - ZackBlaze164

I still need to hear more official town pledges from the other members of Eagleworld.  If you're not on the list above, please make a comment stating what town you are pledging to join.  Thanks!

To all the moderators and admins, I need assistance testing out the server and the plugins.  Please log on the test server and look around.  Note that I will NOT be saving map changes presently, so feel free to screw around with any of the maps, as I will restore them all when the server goes live.  Thanks!

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  1. Wow! Dynmap is awesome!

    • I am quite impressed with the latest version. The developer has done an excellent job, and I am very pleased with its current state. I am, however, displeased with the fact that I cannot remove the default maps from its auto-discovery. You’ll note “eagleworld2_the_end” is in the list, which I will not allow anyone to go to. Instead, for boss-raiding, we will use the “theend” level, to make our lives easier when typing /world. Oh, well. I’ll have to do more digging around and see if I can effectively remove it from Dynmap.

  2. You thought lightning was bad. Wait till I get going with the fireball! Thanks pete.

  3. I’ll join Capitol City, in The Heights district please. Woo!

  4. Hey Eagle,
    I was an artisian i know i have not been on in a while life caught up with me. I am sure you understand and i know the server was been reset in a manner of speaking but could you please reactivate my membership and rank my username was jcox26.

  5. Hi Pete,

    I keep getting some sort of “invalid server key” error when I try to join. I wait a few minutes and it usually clears right up.

    Also, sign me up for Ironforge as well, please!


    • Consider yourself signed-up. The invalid server key thing is just something I’m getting on the current transitional prod server. I don’t think you’ll have the same problem when we go full prod again.

      However, if it is what I think it is, occasionally the server will not authenticate a user if you attempt to log in multiple times too quickly (such as if you log in, crash, then log back in right away). It needs to fulfill a timeout window before you can log in again. In that case, just wait 2-3 minutes and try again.

  6. Ok im going to answer this for you but im not 100% sure im right. When you log on the server right now it is vanilla. You do not have a rank or anything. Until the server is back up to where it was you don’t need one.
    The server was set so people could test. When eagleworld is fully updated you will still have your rank.

    • Thanks for answering! This is correct, except that users will need to have their rank reassigned when you log in the first time. This will be for security reasons, as I have too many privileged users that are inactive. I want to only reassign users their rights on an as-requested basis.

      Note that NOBODY will lose their rank. In fact, a decent amount of you will probably see promotions when you log in the first time. This is only to lock down the server and keep security tip-top.

  7. yeah dude petes not just going to lose your shit, he’s not a middleschooler without any folders cramming his homework into a sack and crushing it with books.

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