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Server Upgrade Status #3

Hey, everyone!

Why yes, I AM still alive!  Thanks for asking, everyone!  This post is a long one, I know, and I do apologize.  But I have a lot of info to cover today, so I appreciate your patience in reading it all.

I know my blog updates are not as abundant as we would all like, but I haven't had much to report on as of late.  As it were, I was performing the administrative equivalent of bashing my head against a wall over the past two days trying to get the multi-world setup going.  Thankfully, I've bypassed a huge roadblock, and the new and old Eagleworld maps are now happily residing together in blissful harmony, walking hand-in-hand jauntily down the street with "I'm Into Something Good" by Herman's Hermits playing in the background:

You get the idea.

Anwyay, progress HAS been made, yes.  We are ever inching closer to a full-on MC-fest over here.  Here's the status on all things Eagleworld:

Server Upgrade Progress

Fully installed, configured, tested, and is 100% ready to go live:

  • Minecraft 1.0.1 with Bukkit 1.0.1-R1 (a.k.a. craftbukkit build 1597 for you astute readers out there)
  • Essentials 1.7.1 with GroupManager (Permissions plugin)
  • LWC 3.58.  Yes, all your chest protection is safe!
  • Hawkeye 1.0.5b (the replacement to BigBrother)
  • iConomy 6.0.8b (Celty)
  • CreativeStick (Yes, mods, your happy tool is back!)
  • ServerLogSaver (just to make my life easier so I don't have to configure log rotation on my own...)

The following has been partially impleted, but has work to do:

  • Dynmap - 90% done, but I need to install the Towny addon to display towns/nations, and remove one map from the list (harder than it looks)
  • Townymod - No stable release yet.  I do have it installed and mostly configured, though!  I still need to perform a good amount of testing, though...
  • Multiworld 2.0 - Installed, and all maps are playing nice.  Still needs testing and tweaking, though.

Stuff on my to-do list before we go live:

  • Lock down the default "the_end" map to avoid confusion and annoyance
  • Install at least a GlobalShop plugin (there are options, so it should not be a dealbreaker)
  • Install WorldEdit (For admin use.  To facilitate moving your structures from the old map to the new one)
  • Install Dynmap-Towny addon
  • Figure out some way to reset the Ender Dragon on a regular basis (for you XP and enchanting whores out there)

Stuff that will probably NOT make it to the live server at launch:

  • Increased map height.  I've searched up and down, and there is NO good answer for this.  Kill me now.
  • Player Shops - I will need time to set up the Capitol Mall anyway, so don't worry too much.  There ARE plugins out there, they are just not reliably updated yet.

Town Approval Progress

I have at this point officially approved some of the towns in the list!  For those of you that don't feel like reading the huge details below, here's the short list of approvals and pledges:

Town pledges and status:

  • Capitol City - Approved - EagleRock1337, Melany23, Nephylim, BigX2021, rodtheworm, waynethegoblin
  • Thrice - Approved - Runninghobo, EG_SpaceNinja, SanctusTerra, PoastToasties
  • Ironforge - Approved - Karaktar, ljdarten, Archer665
  • Awkward Silence - Not Approved - Openminded
  • Xenturz - Not Approved - XmetroidfanX
  • Blaze - Not Approved - ZackBlaze164

For you town mayors to be (approved or not), make sure to read below!

To Eagleworld Members who are not in the above list:

Please please PLEASE make a pledge to a town if you have not yet done so!  Remember that I am highly discouraging wilderness building on the new map, and you will be expected to do the majority of your building in towns.  So, take a look at the list below and see where you want to go:

Spoiler Inside: Capitol City - EagleRock
Spoiler Inside: Thrice - Runninghobo
Spoiler Inside: Awkward Silence - Openminded
Spoiler Inside: Ironforge - Karaktar
Spoiler Inside: Xenturz - XmetroidfanX
Spoiler Inside: Blaze - ZackBlaze164

To all of you Town Mayors and Applicants

If your town has been approved:

First off, congratulations to you, Mayor! Since you are part of a pre-approved town, you get the right to choose your starting area before the server goes live!  You will be whitelisted on the server when the time comes and will be allowed to choose your starting plot and warp point!  This way, when everyone joins, you will be able to hit the ground running with your citizens!  Just as a note, you WILL be expected to truck your ass far out from Capitol City and other towns before you find a plot.  I expect towns to be way way away from one another.  Consider the distance between Tundra and Capitol City on the old map as a bare minimum distance.  We need room for future expansion, wilderness farms, mining zones, etc.

If your town has not been approved:

Do not panic! I am still pre-approving towns.  In your town description above, I explain what your town is pending for approval. Note that everyone one of you are pending pledges.  If you know of people that are in fact pledging for your town, you must get them to post on the blog as a sign that they are planning to be active and that they are pledging to join your town.  The only other way to get on the official pledge list is to speak to me in person, which isn't much of a choice for most of you out there...  ;-)  But yes, if you do get enough members and have satisfied any questions/concerns I have, you can still get pre-approval and pick out your town before we go live.

If you have not yet applied for a town but wish to do so:

Please do so! The list above is not the end-all-to-be-all list.  If you can get your application in to me before we go live, you can still get pre-approval status and choose your town location and warp before we go live.  I encourage all members to make an application.  The only requirement is that I can chat with you in some way (over Steam, AIM, Skype, etc.) to ask you questions if needed.  So, if you have an idea for a town, apply away!

Posted by EagleRock

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  1. woohoo! sounds great.

    do you think we are going to have to do all this over again when they roll out the official server plugin stuff? I know mojang has been meeting with bukkit so I imagine if and when there is official built-in support bukkit will move to that.

    • Based on prior experience, I’m going to assume that dealing with moving to the official API will not be that difficult. I am assuming the Bukkit team will simply be able to pare down their code and work with the official Mojang stuff, and that it will not affect the plugins that much. Here’s hoping!

  2. Super boooooo on the map height. Maybe sometime in the future?

  3. awkward silence sounds nice too but i like the idea of a big floating island, brink meets bioshock infinite type looking place, that im imagining thrice to be

    • I agree. I think it’s safe to assume we are all going to hit the ground running and kick the server into overdrive. Honestly, I am really looking forward to how we are going to outdo ourselves.

      I know in Capitol City’s situation, the town will really see some major improvement over how I ran the old Capitol. Granted, I’m completely and blatantly Bogarting some major US cities and how they are run (namely, New York City, Chicago, and Jersey City), I think it’ll make for a much better city overall. Those that are part of Capitol City will have much, much more opportunity than before. I’m preparing ahead of time how to let people build everything they want in the town and to make everyone’s lives a lot easier.

      I know in Hobo’s case, Thrice is going to be similar, as his experiences with Homeless Hill will teach him what will work better the next time around. Really, everything is going to get that. The subways, the highways, all the towns, and basically the way the whole server is run. We will get to enjoy the towns as they are meant to be enjoyed, as the place where we spend our time building. The wilderness will be the time we explore, mine, and earn our Talons.

      And in this way, using the new tools I’ll have at my disposal, the map will be able to be refreshed, as we can purge the wilderness from time to time, and have a fresh, untapped landscape instead of what we had on the old map.


  4. I will make candyland with or without your approval :P

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