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New Policies, Restrictions and Additions

EDIT 2: I am done reconfiguring the groups and the EE access.  I will provide a detailed update tomorrow morning about all of the changes, but I'm too tired to do it tonight, considering it's almost 5AM here.  Expect a nice detailed post tomorrow morning detailing everything.  Good night!

EDIT: I am performing major changes to what blocks are allowed and restricted right now.  Please not do complain about missing items.  I will provide updates later on what is going on and why.


Okay, folks...things are getting out of hand.

It's quite obvious that Equivalent Exchange is way too overpowered.  It is basically Creative Mode on a 2-day delay.  It completely kills any aspect of item generation from the game.  The powers that the items can give are also way too overpowered.  Even in good hands it causes great amounts of damage to the server.  So, a massive restriction is being done.

Items Being Banned from Equivalent Exchange

I'm now banning all of the following items in EE effective immediately:

  • Any and all destruction items (this includes Novas, Catalysts, and everything remotely similar)
  • Disruptive items like Mercurial Eyes, Lenses, Watch of Time, etc.
  • Gem Armor
  • ALL rings (with the exception of Swiftwolf's Rending Gale)
  • Antimatter Relays
  • Energy Condensers

The last two items are being banned, because you can generate way too much energy in a ridiculously short amount of time.  I am going to continue to allow Energy Collectors, so that you have some methods of generating free EMC.  However, you must use Klein Stars to transmit power to your Transmutation Table.  No free mass-generation of items anymore.  You CAN, however, with manual labor, still create plenty of EMC for use.

Depending on how much ramp that still allows, Energy Collectors might be banned as well.  It produces way too much power in very short time, and basically lets you play creative mode whenever you want.  This completely takes away from the gameplay.

What's still allowed in EE:

  • Energy Collectors (as above...you can still charge your klein stars and have some free items)
  • Divining Rods
  • Item Repairing
  • Alchemical Chests/Bags
  • Furnaces (Dark and Red Matter)
  • All Stones
  • Swiftwolf's Rending Gale
  • Pedestals (to work with the stones)
  • All Dark and Red Matter Tools
  • All Dark and Red Matter Armor (Except Gem Armor)
  • Klein Stars

Cleaning Up Banned Items

All of the items that are banned will need to be incinerated.  Also, to regain the balance of the game, I am going to be killing items that people have made using the incredible ramp of EE.  You know who you are.  If you have a warehouse of MKIII's going into chests full of diamonds, expect to lose some of your items.  This is the ONLY way I am going to stop short of a complete server reset.  Otherwise, any form of a server economy is completely broken.

You can elect to purge your own banned items and excessively spawned items if you wish.  If you do so, I'll probably be more lenient on what you get to keep.  Also, I am NOT removing people's structures (except for the banned items).  I'll handle everyone's items on a case-by-case basis.


I know that as soon as this gets taken into effect, quarries will be popping up everyone.  This is another item that must be addressed.  Quarries are very destructive to a server map.  Using a quarry on the surface is ridiculously irresponsible and destroys the server.  So, if you want to use a quarry, it is best to do so below the surface.  Also, it is best to fill in your quarry when you're done by using a Filler.  Simple dirt or stone is perfectly fine.  Quarries in active use are okay to be on the map, but when you are done, fill in the area.  Better yet, use the IndustrialCraft Miner, which does not destroy the landscape.  Instead, it simply pulls the ore out of the ground without getting all the dirt.

So, it is easy to be responsible with quarries.  Please ensure you do so from now on.  Using quarries irresponsibly will now be considered map griefing, and is subject to the griefing policy.


Since items will be more restricted from now on, the economy will probably be in much higher demand.  As such, I will work to push out the economy in shorter time.  I will allow Talons per month as I did before, and I will also allow accounts to generate interest to act as a boost to your items.  I will create a central bank that trades the core items (ores, redstone, etc). in exchange for talons.  The exchange rate back and forth between the bank will only make you incur small charges for depositing/withdrawing.

LWC Additions

Now for some good news...I've finally added additional protections for the new chests in LWC!  That includes all of the special chest mods (e.g. Iron Chests, Diamond Chests, Crystal Chests, etc.), and your Alchemical Chests.  You can also now protect all of your advanced appliances from IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft!  I'm going to want feedback on this, folks.  All of your stuff will default to private.  If you think it should not be, please let me know.  Also, if you want to protect your stuff that you already placed, you can pick it up and place it down again, or use /cprivate (to make a private chest/machine) or /cpublic (for a public machine).


I'll be working with everyone over the next couple of days to ensure everyone gets to a reasonable level and we can move forward.  Note that ALL other plugins are still 100% allowed (except for IC2 Nukes).  I still want everyone to have fun, but I also want the game to be somewhat fair and not just creative mode...thanks to everyone for their understanding!


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